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  • Video Watch 18 Minutes Of Nintendo Minute At This Year's E3

    A look behind the scenes

    To close the door on this year's E3, Nintendo Minute's Kit and Krysta have put together a video showing viewers what the annual video game conference looked like from their perspective. The series of clips mainly focuses on Nintendo's events, highlighting its tournaments and the games it announced during the week. At the 12...

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  • News Nintendo's E3 2018 Site Is Now Open For Business

    June is closing in fast

    E3 is the biggest gaming show on the planet, and is where companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft show off their biggest titles and make their most significant announcements. The show takes place between June 12th and June 14th this year, and Nintendo has just pushed its E3 2018 site live.  Details are a...

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  • News Nintendo Confirms Its E3 Plans for The Legend of Zelda

    A day of game footage, commentaries and more on 14th June

    Following the surprise recent announcement that The Legend of Zelda on Wii U will be the only playable Nintendo game at E3, the company has now outlined some slightly broader plans. It's confirmed that, from 9am Pacific / noon Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm CET on 14th June, there'll be a full day...

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  • News Activision Won't Have a Booth at E3 This Year

    Still intends to show off new COD footage at the event

    Activision is one of the most pivotal third party companies in the industry, with Skylanders and Call of Duty obviously being its most popular properties. While Call of Duty has a somewhat hit or miss history with Nintendo consoles, Skylanders still shows up year after year, with the most recent...

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  • Talking Point Prepare Yourselves - E3 Silly Season is Here

    There's no escape

    E3 is a peculiar beast, and comparisons to Christmas certainly work. In one sense it's "the most wonderful time of the year" - you can croon along to that line in your own head - but it's also a stressful nightmare. We may love the festive meals, jolly times and moments of relaxation at the end of the year, but they're bookended by...

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