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Tue 27th Apr 2010

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manleycartoonist commented on Review: MDK2 (WiiWare):

Is Rage of the Gladiator even close to the same thing as MDK2? No... From what I understand from the demo, you stand there and fight things that are in front of you. That sounds nothing like MDK2, MDK2 has worlds to explore, puzzles to solve and guns to shoot. I think these games shouldn't be compared.



manleycartoonist commented on MDK 2 Shoots for 1000 of Your Nintendo Points ...:

I am going to buy myself a points card for it this week, just to be ready. I've owned the Dreamcast version and the PC. This was one of the toughest Dreamcast games I owned.

Now if only they would bring Ooga Booga to Wiiware, with online multiplayer (already has it thanks to Seganet).



manleycartoonist commented on Jet Grind Radio:

Had this. Played just like the ol Tony Hawk Pro skater GBA games. But, really if you want to play this, play the Dreamcast version.



manleycartoonist commented on Nintendo Download: 15th November 2010 (North A...:

It would be pretty easy to make most people happy. Less Shovelware, more VC! How many people would buy Derby Duds if Mario Party 2 came out at the same time?.. better yet, how many people are actually going to buy Derby Dogs? And is anyone besides Carl Lewis interested in a Running sports title?



manleycartoonist commented on Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts T-Shirt Competition:

I had lawn jarts as a child and must say that all other outdoor sports suck by comparison. Frisbees? Crap! Horse Shoes? Junk! Nothing compared to taking those heavy spiked jarts and throwing them as high and far as you could!

@2: I'm not sure if they were made illegal, just too dangerous for kids. and guns aren't marketed as a children's toy... lawn jarts was.