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Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?

Posted by James Newton

Console's heyday is over

Nintendo's DS has had unprecedented success at retail, becoming the world's biggest-selling handheld and shifting millions of copies of unusual titles including Nintendogs, Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? and the Professor Layton series. Now, however, with the 3DS on the horizon it looks like the machine's headed to pasture, with major retailers ignoring high-profile titles and diminishing store display space.

As with every other popular console, the rush to develop cheap games resulted in a flood of mediocre titles, with Ubisoft's Imagine series proving one of the most popular and hard-wearing (Ubi recently announced the series will make the leap to 3DS.) In amongst the sea of poor games, the quality third-party titles sank without trace, never selling well enough to justify second print runs: this seeming lack of interest then justified the retailer's own apathy, making them less likely to stock similar titles again. The DS was on a downward slope, and now sits firmly at the bottom.

Inazuma Eleven is a good example of what went wrong: a football RPG from Level-5, developers of the Professor Layton games, it released in Europe this week but has been all but ignored by retailers. Internet giants Amazon and don't appear to be selling the game directly, with only Games Basement appearing to sell the game from within the UK. At first it appeared the game was imported from Germany, where the game seems widely available, but we were informed this stock came from Nintendo UK.

Marketing for the title has been non-existent, with no sign of it in any magazine, on TV or online, seemingly condemning the title to the void into which too many other DS titles have fallen over the years.

It's not just Inazuma Eleven that's suffering from retailer apathy: Capcom's upcoming Okamiden will also be missing from major retailer Gamestation's shelves after the company decided only to stock the title online. Despite plenty of coverage for the title in gaming media, plus the Okami name that many gamers love, you won't be able to find one of the DS's most promising third-party titles in any of Gamestation's 250+ stores.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the long-awaited third entry in Camelot's RPG series, was so poorly supported by retailers it failed to chart in the UK Top 40 in its first week of release, only managing a frankly terrible 28th place in the DS-specific chart.

It's certainly not that the DS lacks an audience for traditional Japanese RPGs, as the success of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies proves, racking up over 1 million sales worldwide since its launch in July 2010.

However, the success of Dragon Quest IX is surely the exception to the rule. On the whole, retailers have simply lost interest in Japanese-developed DS games that don't feature Mario, Link or Pokémon, while gamers hungrily await the next quirky release that delivers on the promise Nintendo made before the console launched: innovative games from the world's greatest designers.

Locating the best DS titles has always proved difficult – many gamers can tell tales of searching high and low for Chrono Trigger, Phoenix Wright or Castlevania – but with worldwide sales in the region of 145 million consoles you'd think retailers would be keen to stick with the console for as long as companies continue to publish games for it.

If this is, indeed, the end of days for the console, what is its legacy to gamers? How will it be remembered?

While the pre-owned shelves of retailers will continue to creak under the weight of I Did It Mum! and its ilk for years to come, the collections of true gamers gleam with gaming gems. The console has excelled in many genres, but it's likely to be immortalised as a format on which the RPG truly flourished: innovative titles such as The World Ends With You rub shoulders with classic fare like Final Fantasy IV, and the upcoming Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation should cement its position as the favourite machine of many RPG fans.

Of course, the limited print runs of many games generally results in one outcome: increasing prices over time. While bricks and mortar retailers may be losing interest in DS games ahead of the impending 3DS gold rush, make the most of the console's enormous back catalogue: our DS game reviews will help you decide what to pick up, with links to retailers to help you find it cheaply too. Of course, there's also our Top DS Toilet Timewasters article to help you enjoy some latrine leisure time.

The DS has had a good run: six years, 145 million consoles sold and some of the greatest handheld games ever, but the machine's run of overwhelming dominance is at an end.

How do you think the DS will be remembered in years to come? Will its catalogue of copycat kids games be at the forefront of your mind, or will you look back happily at the hours spent exploring exciting new worlds? Join the debate in the comments below.

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Junkface said:

Its a shame to see the Ds go the way of the dinosaur but it had a really great run. Hopefully we will see game developers push the systems limits on the new 3DS. Hopefully the 3DS will be as successful as its predecessors.



Oregano said:

It's a horrible trend across the whole industry. Publishers and Retailers are concentrating on "AAA" games to the detriment of everything else and it is killing them.



drdark said:

Actually, Inazuma Eleven was a really bad example. Why? Even hardcore online fans weren't sure whether it was actually coming out or not!

That's an extreme example, but the case is somewhat repeated for all the titles you mentioned. They had a ridiculous LACK of marketing. Even online, the Okamiden trailers I've seen have been boring and lacking anything which fires up the excitement for it. Golden Sun is still "on my list", but similarly they seem to have counted on nostalgia rather than marketing to new players.

There's one other thing which is affecting sales of these games in particular. A lot of wii gamers also own a DS, and the Wii had a really good 2010 itself, which I believe resulted in people having to make a choice which device to spend money on. With most of the games costing the same, or in some cases LESS on the Wii (!), many people opted for the home console. I noted myself recently that my Wii game collection has actually surpassed DS despite me buying the handheld 2 years prior.

So it seems in some ways Nintendo is a victim of its own success.



Slapshot said:

All great console will eventually see things drop off and move into the next big thing.

The DS will always be remembered. The vast amount of fantastic titles available on the system are overwhelming. Amazing third party support from Atlus, and the open region protection made the handheld a must for import fanatics. Jump Super Stars, Ouendan and Slide Adventures Magkid are a few of my absolute favorite games for the system.

The DS may be slowly trickling to and end with 3DS just months away, but the DS Legacy will never be forgotten!



justinr said:

I agree with the above comment by Oregano that it's an industry-wide trend, that doesn't just effect the DS, it effects every console. That indicates dysfunctional marketing strategies across the board, which is not surprising since we see it in other areas of life as well. How are we supposed to know when a great game comes out if nobody talks it up upon release?



OldBoy said:

Awesome console and one of my favorites ever. Its had a good run but I do think the time was right to launch a new handheld.
Regarding hard to find games ,having only ever owned a 'Phat' this has not been a problem for me as importing is easy and often cheaper than shopping in the UK.This is one of the reasons I'm dissapointed in the region locking of the 3DS.
I also think software sales were hit hard by R4 cards. Nearly everyone I know with a DS has one (not me BTW!) many of them parents, pirating games for their kids who see nothing wrong with it! Hopefully Nintendo has done a better job with regards to piracy prevention on the 3DS.
I'll always keep my trusty 'Phat' though, its kept me thouroughly entertained while on the move and at home for the past six years.LOVE YOU DS



J-Forest-Esq said:

It's a shame that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn did so badly, I'm playing through it now and it has inspired me to buy the previous two in the series. It's also a tad worrying that Okamiden hasn't got much pre-release support. That's one of my most anticipated DS games in it's lifetime. I have to say though, I did rather think this would happen. Despite the promises from Nintendo saying they would continue the DS into the 3DS' lifetime it doesn't make a difference if shops and suchlike won't sell its games. It's a bit early to cook up a line of memeberance for the DS as I think it has still got a year left to perfect its back catalogue, so I'll save that for later.



Omenapoika said:

Castlevania and Phoenix Wright... Thank you DS! Not to mention the hundreds of pokemon hours.
But it feels funny to think that DS days are over, since 3DS can play the games and isn't "that" different of a console. And I still use my GBC and GBA SP because some games just play better on those consoles (and you never know when you stumble upon a retro bargain).
I believe I won't be parting with my DSi, as I did with DS and lite, since the value drops so much with the 3DS coming. It's more valuable as a spare console than as a thin wad of bucks :j



FonistofCruxis said:

The DS is a great console and it's a shame that so many unique games are ignored by retailers but it's the same with unique games on other consoles and also because of lack of marketing. I still buy GBA and gamecube games sometimes and there are still many DS and DSiware games that I need to get so I'll deefinetley still get DS and DSiware games after the release of the 3ds along with many 3ds, virtual handheld and 3dsware games.



TKOWL said:

Don't worry, when Pokemon Black and White hit store shelves, they'll start to sell again.



Slapshot said:

@Omenapoika.... I don't know about in Finland, but in the US there are some great DSi trade-up deals to 3DS. Seeing as I had multiple DS systems, trading in my DSi was very easy Lol.



Denkou said:

It's sad to see the DS dying. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had when I first got the world ends with you. I still pick it up every now and then and every time I remember just how awesome it truly is.



Spoony_Tech said:

Nintendo should punish those retail store that are doing this by not giving them any 3ds systems or games. I'm sure they have a say in who gets what. Its stupid not to at least stock a couple of copies of every game just to see if they will sell.



Moco_Loco said:

I love my DS. Although I mostly play quick games on my phone during the week, on the weekends I can sit down and relax with a good DS game. It's nice to have a good handheld gaming system when I can barely ever get on the TV to play my Wii!

The DS back catalogue is one of the most impressive for any system ever. Yes, you have to sort through tons of kids' games, some of which are shovelware, but there are tons of gaming gems that can be unearthed when you do.

It's interesting to me that the software is on the decline while the hardware continues to move surprisingly robust numbers for a system on its way out. Maybe it's piracy or maybe it's all the used games available now. Probably a combination of those, plus the fact that some people might have decided to focus on the DSiWare offerings.



Incognito_D said:

The DS certainly isn't dead for me - I've already bough Ghost Trick this month and will be picking up Okamiden and Pokemon White in March.
I think the last time I picked up 3 DS games in 1 year was back in 2007!
It's annoying that Gamestation won't be stocking Okamiden though because I have some store credit that I need to use.
Finally, Inazuma 11 is a strange one. The problem I have with it is that it's too wacky looking and I'd rather just play a normal football game, while gamers who are into JRPGs often tend not to like football (sorry for stereotyping but...) so they will ignore it too.



NintyMan said:

It should get a last boost with Pokemon Black and White Versions, but like any system, its time will come to an end. It was a good run though, and the games, both first and thrid party, were a treat to play. Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Kirby Super Star Ultra, the two Mario & Luigi games, they really gave me a good time. And I find it silly that retailers would snub these recent DS games just to prepare for the 3DS. Would that make them lose revenue by dismissing potential products customers would pay for? That's not how to treat the end of a good handheld.



LuWiiGi said:

This always makes me cry. Why do GAME never have the DS games I want? Why?



danschemen said:

and it seems that a bunch of good games are just now coming! they should of made them 3DS games instead so they would last longer



sfog said:

I suspect the DS will continue to receive support through at least 2012 if the GBA was any indication, but high-profile titles are basically done for once the 3DS hits, aside from perhaps a few late first party localization efforts, much like the GBA's 2006/2007 and GBC's late 2001/2002.



Sonic1994CD said:

Maybe DS games should be cheaper now, there are games that are still $34.99 like the Pokemon games.



skywake said:

I doubt I'll go back to the games I missed when the 3DS is out. It's like when I got my DS and was interested in the GBA gen I missed and the same with the Wii and GC games. There are too many present shinies and the stores empty themselves of legacy systems entirely within the first year of lots of new shinies.

I almost got Wind Waker in late '07 but by then there was Metriod and Galaxy........ besides, Wind Waker isn't in 16x9 just like Okamiden won't be in 16x9 3D.




Its been one of the greatest consoles I've ever played in so many ways. I think I may have played a total of 70 games (obviously not owned that many at once). I still have some unfinished business with the legendary console namely: Pokemon Black, Mario v DK 4 Mini-land Mayhem, Prof Layton Spectre's Flute, Okamiden and possubly the new Kirby DS game. BUT I have culled my collection in my annual November to January sale on e-bay. I can see my not buying anymore DS games once the 3DS comes despite its superb back catalogue (I've played so many of them)...



J-Forest-Esq said:

GAME is always dissapointing. Despite the success of the DS it seems to cater more for the other consoles, with only the "shovelware" type stuff making it to the DS section. At least in my local branch.



CanisWolfred said:

The DS will continue to love on so long as it remains cheap and easy to develop for! Unlike the 3DS...

Seriously, the DS is one of the best products Nintendo has ever produced. It's not gonna fall so easily.



spzero15 said:

I dont think the DS is as close to dying as they say, They sold tons of them over christmas, i think developers will still support it for a few more years, just like the GBA. It lasted another 2 years after DS came out.



1080ike said:

I think retailers are morons for decreasing the shelf space of a console that's sold almost as many systems as the PS2. Besides, I doubt that it'll die for another few years; the GBA had games made for it up until 2006, two years after the DS was introduced.



PSICOffee said:

Whatever, I expected it to end. Every nintendo console has an average lifespan of 5-8 years. The NES and original gameboy were the longest so I expected this gen to end at this time years ago. At least it wasn't like the GBC lasting barely 3 years. >.>



JohnDoe123 said:

Nintendo said they were going to help third parties succeed with the 3DS. I hope this means making good games easy to find.
There are some good DS titles I've missed, partly because you can't find some easily. I hope to pick some up in five years for $10.



Hardy83 said:

Retailers stock the games that sell, and unfortunately because the market Nintendo went for (well it wasn't unfortunate for them) that market made the "traditional" gamer a minority.

Games like Castlevania and Okami will never sell as well as Ubisofts Imagine no matter what the quality difference is.

There's more money in the mass market, but it's always at the cost of quality.



LunarJade said:

I've still got plenty of DS games to work through. I've certainly bought more DS games over this last year than before.
Besides Okamiden, Pokemon B/W, and Radiant Historia are still coming out.
And I suspect there will still be a couple more DS games on the way. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is just coming out in Japan shortly (and hopefully over here) and I can't see them remaking that into a 3DS game.

Then there's also the fourth Professor Layton game that we haven't gotten yet. The fifth one is a 3DS title and I suppose they could go back and redo the fourth for 3DS but I don't see why they would.

After all the 3DS will still run DS games so I expect when they eventually release other DS games that haven't made their way over here yet they won't be converting them since they'll still play on the system.



MARl0 said:

The same thing is happening in the US as well. Ghost Trick is only carried at Gamestop around here. All other retailers, including Best Buy, refuse to carry the game in store, and only sell it online. Although in Best Buy's case, they won't even stock Ghost Trick at their online store either. To Best Buy, Ghost Trick doesn't even exist, despite receiving rave reviews and a lot of coverage among the gaming press.



LunarJade said:

I also had a hard time finding Ghost Trick. I don't know about Best Buy but when I was checking out and looking at ordering it off there (the game had been released for about a week by this point) they were selling it as a preorder that said they estimated that it would come out March 15th!

In fact I just checked now and they still say that.

I checked GS on the release day and they didn't have it in until a few days after that, but at least I was able to snag a copy.



armoredghor said:

I don't what you guys are talking about. In America, You still vastly see the good games outnumber the bad at gamestop. And if you think It will be remembered poorly, didn't we see a news announcement a few weeks ago saying it had reached the milestone of bestselling handheld of all time?!



komicturtle said:

Can't believe it's been 6 years already haha

I'm never going to sell my DS Phat, DS Lite or my DSi. The DS series has been my favorite handheld next to the Gameboy. Pokemon White version is really going to be one of the last games I'll play on my DSi until my 3DS comes in. Pokemon Heart Gold is one of the few games on DS that I played the whole day without turning my DSi off, followed by Dragon Quest IX and Pokemon Pearl (DSlite wise).

I'm also looking forward to Dragon Quest VI, as I sadly missed out on IV and V

Also, for those who didn't know, if you pre-order DQVI, you get a Slime plushie @ Gamestop!



Objection said:

Assuming it gets support through spring or so (it might even last a little longer than that) the DS will have had a lifespan of ~6.5 years, which is pretty good. Consoles and handhelds often only last 4-5 years.



KingMike said:

Chrono Trigger? Rare?
Must just be Europe. I recall in the US, Best Buy, for example, was seemingly well stocked with copies that weren't selling even after being dropped to $20. (though it's been awhile since I last went there)
(and yet people will still happily pay much more than that for the SNES version)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@KingMike: My Best Buy had three copies I counted while sorting through the bargain bins a couple of weeks ago. Other than Best Buy, though, I haven't seen it new at any retail store in quite a while. It also depends on WHERE in America you are, as different demographics result in different games languishing on the shelf.

I've been making a point to get the DS games I wanted at launch for a few years now, simply because of the lack of reprints so many of them have. It's a sad situation, but it was indeed difficult to avoid when it came to games that just didn't sell very well, despite them being excellent.

I haven't noticed any stores around here lowering shelf space for the system, though. I expect that will come by 3DS launch, simply because they have to put the new stuff SOMEWHERE, and they obviously don't have infinite space to work with.

I hadn't heard that Ghost Trick was hard to find...I just went with Amazon. They had a preorder bonus for a free download of the game soundtrack, so it was an easy choice to make.

Sure, Okamiden hasn't had much marketing, but neither did Okami itself, really. Neither version of the game sold very well, so I still think it's amazing that it's getting a sequel AT ALL. Well, I'm most likely going to preorder it so I'll have it handy, even though I've never gotten around to playing through the first.



outrun2sp said:

The gameboy advance is a better console anyway. I think its still the ultimate retro handheld console.

GBA is like the PS2, any category of games that you like there is a title out on it.

I went on a mad spending spree and the game prices are going up recently be warned.



Mayhem said:

Ghost Trick and Okami-den will probably be the last two hurrahs on the DS for myself. Yes, the format is slowing down in readiness for the 3DS. At least the games are still compatible, meaning retailers won't have to worry about shelf space that much, and will slowly wean the old DS titles out like what occurred with the Gamecube.

I am surprised about the lack of availability for Ghost Trick though. Might explain why VG+ in Canada has it listed for $10 more than the RRP, when usually its titles are about the same price as in the US.



Tasuki said:

Its not really that surprising this always happens when the next gen console comes out. Look at what happened to the NES when the SNES came out, what happened to the SNES when N64 came out etc. Its just a cycle nothing more.



LordJumpMad said:

Wouldn't it be better to Start selling DS games cheaper,
then to get rid of them?

There still DS games I would like to get, and for half the prices



FluttershyGuy said:

I just noticed at one of the many local Wal-Marts (they spread like cancer) the other day what a glut of sub-par, shovelware-looking titles they had. About had to get a magnifying glass to find quality third-party and even Nintendo titles! Between inside the casing and on the bargain shelf, just a sea of the kind of games a mom or dad who know nothing about quality games would get their kid. Not near being at, say, KB Toys around the time of the Great Video Game Crash of the early 80s, but still pretty bad.

Sadly, I'm one of the ones that usually sticks to the same third-party game makers I know and trust (Square-Enix, Capcom, Konami, etc.), because with a lot of other companies, you just don't know what to expect. So, it's safer to stick with companies you know will produce quality titles, especially in this economy.

The trends mentioned in this article, and the wasteland of .99 cent games at Apple App Store does makes me worry about the future. Not just of the DS, but of gaming as a whole.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Noooooo! I wanted them to port Sands of Destruction to Europe before the DS has it's last swan songs of games.



motang said:

Considering how many units are out there, it won't die out so fast and will actually sell well all this year and then some.



WaveBoy said:

Well what's going on with the new Kirby for the DS? Are they still planning to release it?



Zach said:

@WaveBoy Like Ni No Kuni, there has been no confirmation of plans to bring it out of Japan, but hopefully there will be. Heck, it's Kirby!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

The DS will continue to sell through AT LEAST the rest of this year. Even with the 3DS right around the corner, it's sales are still up there with those of the Wii. Also, the PS2 sold for years after the PS3 was released. Heck, it's still selling, though not all that much.



Incognito_D said:

I just realised it's almost 6 years since the DS came out. ;_; I can still remember going into Game when it had just come out and having the sales guy ask me if I was interested. I also remember thinking games like Polarium looked cool!



Radixxs said:

I plan on buying 4 DS games before the 3DS, if I can ever get the cash. And they're all new releases. Theoretically, DS games shouldn't die, considering that the 3DS is back-compatible. But the excitement surrounding the 3DS and its games will drown out the remaining DS releases, which is quite sad considering some of the unique and great titles just now being released including Ghost Trick and Radiant Historia. I'll continue to support the DS as long as creative, unique games are released.



Tops said:

I'm trying to stock up on as many good DS games as i can find. I just got Chrono Trigger and it's awesome. I hope they don't stop making DS games right away because there are still games i want like Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, which if following the pattern of the previous installments won't be released until September.



Kid_A said:

How do you think the DS will be remembered in years to come? Will its catalogue of copycat kids games be at the forefront of your mind, or will you look back happily at the hours spent exploring exciting new worlds?

Obviously the latter. The NES isn't remembered for the insane amount of broken shovelware that somehow made it to store shelves: it's remembered fondly for its wide array of genre-defining classics and other quirky gems. The same goes for the PS2: tons of crap released for it, but gamers will always remember it for Shadow of the Colossus, Grand Theft Auto III/Vice City, God of War, ICO and Metal Gear Solid 2. Any top-selling console with a huge install base is going to get flooded with garbage, and when its successor arrives, it's inevitably going to run out of steam. That it's happening to the Nintendo DS is neither surprising nor newsworthy: it's all just part of the cycle.

The Nintendo DS has one of the most diverse and all-around impressive game libraries ever. In 10 years, I won't be thinking about all the copies of Petz: Gopherz that dominated the shelves: I'll be thinking about all the amazing titles that have been released in its incredible 6 year life span.



Vinsanity said:

I don't think it's dead, but the problem with promotion is a huge one. And if Nintendo Europe is as stupid as NOA here in the 'states, then an ad campaign is simply not in the cards. Or, even worse - whenever they bust out an ad, it's for a game 3 years old+ that already sold over a million units. They'll get a celebrity who clearly never plays games to appear in a spot playing Nintendogs or Mario Kart DS or something. That's insulting.

It's a wonder why Nintendo gets any third party support at all. I would not be surprised at all to see them eventually follow Sega and go the way of a (reluctant) third party. It's what they get for screwing over third parties for generations.

The other problem are gamers, who largely just don't seem to care about handheld titles. Your typical future college drop out mainstream gamer only plays games that Gamestop ads cover - the big guns from EA, Activision, Ubi Soft, etc. If it's not Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed or Battlefield, they don't buy it. It's insulting that they gave themselves the title of "hardcore gamer" when they don't seem to know sh** about games. My girlfriend knows about more games than your typical Xbox Live fanboy, since I got her hooked on the DS. She bought her own, and is now constantly on the hunt for games as great, original and charming as Henry Hatsworth, Starfy, Prof.Layton and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. She just picked up Ghost Trick and is loving it. Although we both just buy DS games online at Amazon; screw hunting for any of these great titles in a store.

But the fact is, Nintendo seriously needs to stop depending on the goodwill of their fanboys to drum up sales and start getting behind the great games for their systems. Both the Wii and the DS. If the DS is "dying" at retail, than it's seriously about 95% Nintendo's fault. I realize Nintendo of Japan calls the shots worldwide, which means all the local branches only have two things to do - one, localize games for release (and I know for SURE Nintendo of Europe does a better job of this than NOA. Disaster: Day of Crisis says hello) and ADVERTISE GAMES FOR THEIR PLATFORM. WTF?



Fuzzy said:

I've only had my DS for a year, but it was a good year. Playing catch up meant that I played a lot of games, and still have more that I would like to try out. Seems that it's gonna be too hard with all the new games coming out.

The stores I've been to still have large DS displays, but most of the games don't look like ones I would play. Hopefully a couple of gems are released after the 3DS is released.



eddypikachu said:

man, I cant believe its life is almost over, it was as if just yesterday my friend was showing off his ds phat to everyone at school, ahh good times



Noire said:

The DS will never die. They make stop making games for it, but it will never die.

It will live on, in my heart!



Rapenzie said:

You have backward compatibility so I guess people will remember DS games, like they did with DS/GBA.

I was talking with a friend last week and he said he likes RPG and I said: If you really like RPG, go for PS3 and DS combo!



Bassman_Q said:

Man, I remember back in 2005-ish when my friend had a DS and brought it to school and everyone in class wanted a chance to play it. I remember wanting it so badly, and how the 3D graphics looked amazing compared to the GBA's 2D. Those were good times.

It's also a sad thing to think that there will be a lot of people who will remember the DS for being a kids-only system for its hundreds of shovelware titles (like the Imagine series), but I know that there will be another group of people (including me) who'll remember it for those gems on the system, from Animal Crossing to Mario & Luigi to Pokemon and WarioWare. I do, however, still lay my GBA SP occasionally, so I don't expect to totally stop playing my DSi until years after the 3DS is released. And I will never get rid of my DSi.



Sylverstone said:

Truly, I believe the last game that will have a lasting impact on the DS is PKMN Black and White.



Oscarsome said:

I wonder how the Pokemon: Black and White will do....
There may be people thinking "So, the 3DS is coming out this month and they want me to buy a DS game this month? No way. 3DS is the future." And end up not buying Pokemon. Though those people might not be good fans, but I'm sure Nintendo would love to get more people on board the Pokemon train.



EdEN said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I won't get a 3DS until summer 2012 at the earliest, maybe holiday 2012 is more likely. My DSi still has a lot of life ahead since I've got 25 DS games in my drawer I've yet to start, I'll probably spend another $100 on DSiware (at least) and there's 10+ games launching in 2011 I'll be buying, along with 10+ games from 2010 I couldn't buy for one reason or another.

DS ain't dead at retail. Problem is most people are picky.



zionich said:

While I never could get into Pokomon, even though I love rpgs, there will still be some DS games ill be playing on the 3DS. Lets face it, the 3DS will have its own shovelware and dry spells. Game creators would be foolish to cancel any current projects.



X-145 said:

I can see it now. The DS, on its deathbed, his son, 3DS holding his hand, listening to his dying wish...

"I won't fail you Father, I won't let you down."


But from a SERIOUS stand point, the DS won't give out that easily. The DS has strong fanbase, and others don't want to pay so much for the 3DS (I'm willing to pay the extra money). The 3DS has backwards compadibility with DS games anyway.
I'd give it about another year and a half (IMO).



Gerry-Rich said:

James Newton you must have looked at some old data, the DS is sitting at 145 Million rather than 130M Nintendo reported they shipped 144.59M as of December 2010 so it's over 145M at least as of 31st Jan 2011.



Betagam7 said:

I just wish DS Lights would hit rock bottom so I can replace my old Phat with its broken hinge.



RedYoshi999 said:

This song is ending... But the story never ends. Yes I couldn't resist this quote from Doctor Who.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I still love the DS, but now I guess I will be playing the games on the 3DS instead, thanks to backwards compatibility.
Why should I keep the old system when I can play the same games on the newer system?
It's like having a GC, but you play the games on the Wii instead.
Anyways, the DS was an amazing system that paved the way for the future of handhelds.
Plus, there are still new DS games coming out at the moment, it's not going to be ignored all at once just because a new system is on the way.



Dorkvader said:

The DS will be remembered for me as the first Nintendo hand-held i played the most. I own all the Game Boys but they never had so many games i enjoyed. And it's the first game system my Mom ever wanted for Christmas and she plays it ALOT



cheapogamer4life said:

Kinda strange seeing a bunch of used DS carts behind the counter at my local GS. I remember when that section was filled with GBA and GBC games. :/



XCWarrior said:

The system is selling well in the US still, but maybe outside of the US its dying fast. The US I wonder if it still selling games wise.



Nintendoftw said:

I am really hoping that Okamiden doesn't get released on the DS and instead ported over to the 3DS...



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah sure DS games may not be on store shelves for much longer but that means nothing to me, I still have my DSi XL & I have a "ton" of DS games & many which simply add on to my already large backlog. So just because retailers may or may not be supporting DS games anymore, that doesn't mean we as gamers have to follow suit. Just like the Wii & it's support for GameCube games, the 3DS is fully capable of playing DS games & hence the DS & its games will not only be remembered but enjoyed for years to come (at least, that's what I'll be doing).



MasterGraveheart said:

The DS isn't dead... it's just getting an upgrade to 3DS, much like the Game Boy got the upgrade to Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance.

I still await a day that the Game Boy name will return... Game Boy 3DS?



X-145 said:

Wishful thinking, MasterGraveheart. As cool as that would be, Nintendo wouldn't bring back the Game Boy, a dead system. Ex: Nintendo just sold their last Wii,
So do you think they'll come out with the SNES 2 (To put it out of proportion)?
The Game Boy family paved the way for the greatest handheld on the market, the DS. And, who knows, the DS could lead to something even greater.



artofmana said:

It seems like Okami had a similar beginning as what is expected for its sequel what with being released late in a console's life span and being overlooked as a result. My hope is that the backwards comparability of the 3DS and the cult status of Okami will help drive sales of Okamiden but I wonder if we will see a 3DS update of the game come out?

Oh and I certainly plan on buying lots more DS titles including the spectacular Ghost Trick and Batman: The Brave and the Bold!



retro_player_22 said:

It's not too sad, the 3DS coming out means that there will be more cheaper DSi, DSi XL, and DS lite. It also means those who haven't bought one can finally buy it and play all the great games of the DS generation plus new ones that are stilll coming like Pokemon Black and White, Dragon Quest VI, Shining Legend, and Ninokuni: The Another World.



Token_Girl said:

There are definitely a few more big hitters on DS left, that have already been mentioned here. It will take a while for 3DS uptake to be so strong that it's pointless to make games only for that market. However, I think there won't really be any must-haves for DS coming out after this year. It will go the way of the PS2 with some watered down ports leading eventually into only games for young children who's parents can't justify buying an expensive, top of the line system to play Dora the Explorer.

Between my backlog, Okamiden, the new Kirby, and Professor Layton games (not Pokemon, holding out for Gray, which will probably be on the 3DS), I don't see any need to rush to upgrade.



Capt_N said:

Now's a time to buy replacement parts to fix mine. Sending it in to N is not something I wanna do, as I have a feeling the repairmen/women have now been given the green light to do very poor quality repair(just "enough" to get the system working, & make it appear to be almost like new).



28greg said:

When I get a 3DS yhis year I'm mostly going to buy DS games because I got my DSI only a year and a half a go and the DS has a huge library also, right now none of the 3ds games really spark my interest exept for Paper Mario3D and TLOZ:OOT3D which arent coming until at least fall of this year. And I'm also wondering will the price of DS games go down because no one wants them and are buying 3DS games, or will DS game prices go up because they become rare?



JakobG said:

The commercial hate towards JRPGS here is almost ridiculous.
DS-games of the genre plummet to under 10€ within weeks.



brandonbwii said:

Depends on how you look at it. Personally making a game for Wii seems like beating a dead horse and there is less to look forward to, at least 3rd party wise on that platform. From a pure software standpoint, DS has a bit of legs left. I'm interested in Monster Tale, Okamiden, Ni no Kuni, Ace Attorney Investigations 2. There is also the possibility of a new Fossil Fighters, Kirby DS, and Last Window if they get localized. We already got the steller 999 and Ghost Trick adventure games in the past couple months.

So software wise the DS is not quite dead. The bad thing is if all of these titles are released they won't sell nearly as well as they should.



SyFyTy said:

My concern is will the servers that allow the online multi player, like on Advance Wars or Civilization Revolution and such be maintained, kept up or will they be taken down once the 3DS comes around. This will have a profound affect on the DSi multi-player games prices.I have enough games to continue playing my DSi & Dsi Xl for about another 10 years literally. really I have almost 45 strategy and even more rpgs, not to mention the great puzzles like Picross 3d.. And there are other people out there with far more games than I.. I think the prices will stabilize around $20. USD used for most games, both new and otherwise. A recent trip to a few retail department stores support that observation. I for one would have been fine with the 3ds being held at least another year or two before easing out the DSi.

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