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drdark commented on Guide: Using Miiverse And The Nintendo Network...:

"Can I opt out of the Nintendo Network ID system on my 3DS?
It would appear not. You are asked to create (or register) a Nintendo Network ID on your 3DS even if you're just downloading free content. It would appear that Nintendo wants every 3DS and Wii U owners to have an ID — which is a positive thing, as it means moving forward it will be easier to introduce more improvements to the online service, such as accounts which remember your purchases, and so on."

Fairly sure during the Nintendo Direct when they announced it, Iwata/Shibata mentioned you needed a NNID to get free games/demos but NOT to buy stuff. The "get free stuff" is incentive to get an ID, but you'll still be able to just purchase a game on the eShop without registering an ID.

Best look into that one again.



drdark commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

Just a note to add: let's not forget the 3DS has access to the entire DSiWare library as well. Which is not as devoid of gems as some would like us to believe.
In fact, this very website is one of the best ways to look them up.



drdark commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

I'm not sure there's any point in the comparison in the first place. It should be obvious to all that the App Store is bloated with shovelware and crap. More so than any other digital marketplace.

I was amused that only last year, "celebrated" 500 games on the service. I'm pretty sure Steam "only" has somewhere in the region of 2500 or fewer. I think that's self-explanatory. I've never seen anyone complain about the "low" game counts there.

As for the pricing, the App Store fights for the lowest price due to the sheer amount of devices out there, so they can afford to, just because statistically they're likely to have more sales. This isn't guaranteed success though (just look at Gunman Clive). It creates a devaluation of all products when they're all priced the same. Quality ends up mattering less.

There are decent games on the App Store, but you have to go searching review sites to find out what they are, meaning the whole point of the portable store front is to make it easier to take money off you, not provide you with entertainment. So I /enjoy/ browsing the eShop more (especially as I can watch trailers).

P.S. I saw a report well over a year ago that there were around 17,500 fart apps alone on the App Store... if anyone wants to try arguing the "quantity & choice" with me in future, I shall fart in their mouth.



drdark commented on Talking Point: The Problem With 'Old' Wii U Ports:

All the ports should've been £29.99
I've just got Darksiders 2 (off Zavvi for £15)
No way I would've paid more than £24.99 at launch.

It's just stupid.

And I've seen the rumours PS4 games will be $70? And they want to compete with Apple & mobile gaming? Some of these publishers need a reality check.



drdark commented on GPU Images Reveal Wii U Graphical Power:

@Lan If that's the same NotEnoughShaders article I read weeks ago, a lot of the findings were already dispelled in the comments for the article, since it was pointed out the "Source" research the article was based on was incorrect [this added to my earlier annoying that one of their conculsions was "this information is from a trusted website so we don't need to look into it" #lolwhut #journalismisdead ].

So yeah, no time for me to read through it all again, but my advice to anyone reading that is -contrary to most advice about internet articles- READ THE COMMENTS!

P.S. The petty graphics squabbles of console gamers just amuse PC gamers. Let's talking about gaaaames.



drdark commented on Nintendo Hints At An Additional Platform In Th...:

My only thought is "I already had these thoughts from when Iwata started talking about Miiverse." Go watch the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct again.

I still don't have any thoughts on what the specific platform could be though.
And sorry, but haven't had time to read other comments on this story yet.



drdark commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's View - Wii U Direct:

Next 3DS one HAS to come soon, and have news of 3DS GBA VC and MiiVerse [Iwata's already mentioned how fun Animal Crossing + MiiVerse will be, so it can't be THAT far off.]

This presentation was good. I love Yoshi .



drdark commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Fire Emblem: Awak...:

@TheHunter I got the White 3DSXL with MK7 installed, you just use the System Transfer Tool normally and everything appears licensed correctly on the new device. I even swapped my old device's SD card in [since it was a 32GB one I bought] and could just download MK7 again from my account's downloads on the eShop.



drdark commented on Simple Workaround Allows You To Play Wii U Gam...:

@19Robb92 and @Lan
There's no point getting into a slinging match, but just to lay down some facts:

  • Yes, there's no logical reason why it shouldn't work, if you're used to using USB sticks and SD cards with PCs. Some people aren't and that's fine.
  • Another thing to consider is why Nintendo doesn't want people saving their large(r) Wii U stuff to SD cards. There are a variety of 'Class' specifications out there which specify the speed of these cards.
  • For the same reason Nintendo doesn't recommend running games off USB-only powered HDDs or USB Memory Sticks, relying solely on SD cards would probably be a bad idea. Any temporary loss of power [or a faulty card reader] could corrupt the memory.
  • Given the size of HD stuff, any loss of data would be way more of a headache than it was in the days of the Wii.

P.S. Having said all that, the 3DS uses the SD slot [I have a 32GB Class10 in mine] and that works fine, but I expect the overall system architecture is very different, and the majority of games are unlikely to be over 4GB.



drdark commented on Nnooo: Let us "Browse, Buy and Gift Content Ou...:

@LavaTwilight You hear a game's out, you purchase from phone/office PC and are able to kick off the download on your Wii U remotely [through WiiConnect24/Sleep Mode]; thus saving the time of a several gig download by the time you get home.
That be the practical difference.



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

Well, I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying they can only name 4 enjoyable DSiWare titles. I mean on this site alone, a quick look shows over 100 titles with a 7/10 or better score. Does that mean they're enjoyable? Obviously not for everyone, but I'm pretty sure I can name at least 20 which I really enjoy.

I'm thankful the DSi isn't overrun with 100,000 games quite frankly. Despite which the likes of a flashlight app (or Fireplace on WiiWare) turn up. These days, Nintendo lets stuff through if it complies with all their terms (and thankfully, there are no fart apps so far...) but it's not like they go and ASK developers to make shovelware, so I'm not sure either why people seem to be blaming Nintendo for the content devs submit.

Similarly, Nintendo has a proper submission process, with proper procedures and strict size restrictions, etc. This may initially put iPhone devs off I suppose if they're used to the AppStore with its mockery of submission rules. Literally any old crap can turn up on there, and quite often does. Not to mention plagiarised, copyrighted materials.

The other price issue here is addressable audience. Nintendo's digital software prices may be higher, but they're also not supposed to be the main gaming medium of the device. By that I mean, Nintendo still expect to make the majority of sales from physical game sales (which is fair enough; after all, gaming - expect on PC - isn't quite ready for full digital yet). So the DSiWare store is an "extra", a place to try new stuff perhaps, or indeed put stuff which they didn't think would qualify as a full release. And since it is optional (and not main revenue generator), not everyone is connected to it. I can't remember the figures, but due to the fact Nintendo's consoles in general don't require any online account for most of the features, I think percentage-wise fewer people are online (hence all those ambassador programs).

So, what was I talking about? ... Oh yes, addressable audience. I can't remember specific DSi numbers, but let's say for the sake of argument that out of all the DSi owners worldwide, only 3million are regularly using the connected features. That's the audience that developers need to address, and even then their games won't appeal to everyone. Contrast that to the AppStore. Just taking the iPhone4 as an example, I think Apple sold 14mil in 2010. Since the AppStore is the MAIN outlet for any content on the device, and it's instantly connected, you have an addressable audience of 14mil straight away.

Thus the odds of selling more are (clearly) higher, and it's easy to adopt the lower price-point model. Nintendo simply can't guarantee the same numbers, so I would think they advise the developers on a suitable price-point based on market research, etc.

Obviously both cases have their pros and cons. The AppStore's connected nature does drive down prices, however it's "accept anything and everything" stance means it's so swamped that you can't guarantee success. The DSiWare store has lower visibility and a more complex development and submission process, but if done correctly, will yield more revenue from fewer unit sales.

Right, I don't think anyone's still awake so... c ya.



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

@The Fox: Do you even know the meaning of the word abysmal? There's more decent (and exclusive) DSiWare titles out there than there are PSPGo Minis, which given Sony's resources is pretty disgraceful. I'll hand you the phrase "poorer than Xbox and PS3 offerings". But abysmal... pshh.

@HugoSmits: That's my (and Reggie's) point. When you devalue games so much, they become throwaways. Not entertainment, but distractions. The AppStore model also means though one studio can have a hit with one game, there's next to no guarantee that their next game will achieve similar success.

Similarly, this "devaluation" point is why I was strongly against supermarkets charging £26 for the likes of FIFA and Modern Warfare. If you out in people's minds that these hyped up titles are only worth that price, anything that comes after will be forced to match or be lower in price, otherwise suffer a loss in sales.

People also totally forget publisher costs and other costs associated with physical products when they start comparing everything against the AppStore.



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

I didn't know putting things in asterisks made the text go bold, so the jaw-dropping thing was supposed to be a simulated action...

@Swerd_Murd (interesting name!)
I was a bit surprised to, I expected it to do better. Perhaps timing and "no multiplayer" affected it. There was also something about the graphics engine and main character that didn't quite grab people in the same way as whatsername from Heavenly Sword.



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

Oh, and to everyone being negative about the Wii. I recently looked through a selection of used PS2 games and that had at least as much shovelware (I'm being polite - it probably had loads more).

Also, Enslaved, which garnered critical acclaim from many corners, and was released on both "HD" platforms, sold under 500K copies. Not sure why people are acting shocked about that; yes, it DOES happen on other platforms let's jaw drop in mock fashion.

And finally, the Wii has so far had more first-party support than either the N64 or GameCube, yet someone gets loads of hate for "abandoning the hardcore".

[Sorry, I seem to be in snarky mode again... not a good day...]



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

@Sylverstone: Indeed. And that isn't a new viewpoint, many were feeling the same over a year ago (including me - but I seem to remember a well-written gizmodo article floating about which may be worth tracking down). In fact the effects can be felt already. Some companies are naturally blaming piracy for their newer games not selling (that's everyone's favourite excuse - see: Ubisoft).



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

@Zach: Thanks. Sorry for coming on a bit strongly there.
I agree there's need for debate on purely digital download prices. I just didn't feel that was being referred to here.

But as slapshot82 just mentioned too, Nintendo's other problem has been a lack of promoting their digital stuff and no sales, etc.

Plus of course, the ridiculous size limit which they kept, even after adding the SD Menu and allowing SDHC cards.



drdark commented on Reggie Defends High Download Price Point:

How did this get attributed to Eurogamer? It was said during and interview on GT.TV (go to AND they were comparing the appstore prices to Nintendo's boxed games, not DSiWare. Please amend, as the headline itself is also misleading.

Tut tut, and all that.



drdark commented on First Impressions: 3DS Operating System and Bu...:

@WiiLovePeace: They'll just literally be a card with a symbol on. AR tech on phones works in a similar fashion, recognising specific symbols. Usually you can just print them out off a website using your PC then download the software to your phone and have its camera look at the symbol.



drdark commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

Actually, Inazuma Eleven was a really bad example. Why? Even hardcore online fans weren't sure whether it was actually coming out or not!

That's an extreme example, but the case is somewhat repeated for all the titles you mentioned. They had a ridiculous LACK of marketing. Even online, the Okamiden trailers I've seen have been boring and lacking anything which fires up the excitement for it. Golden Sun is still "on my list", but similarly they seem to have counted on nostalgia rather than marketing to new players.

There's one other thing which is affecting sales of these games in particular. A lot of wii gamers also own a DS, and the Wii had a really good 2010 itself, which I believe resulted in people having to make a choice which device to spend money on. With most of the games costing the same, or in some cases LESS on the Wii (!), many people opted for the home console. I noted myself recently that my Wii game collection has actually surpassed DS despite me buying the handheld 2 years prior.

So it seems in some ways Nintendo is a victim of its own success.



drdark commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

It's not like they've kept the same SKU out there at the same price. They added WiiSportsResort and a MotionPlus peripheral last year and newer ones will start shipping with a WiiRemotePlus. Meanwhile, there are bundles like the Black Wii MarioKart bundle or the Red Wii NSMB bundle which seem to be around the regular price (and there's a somewhat more expensive Black Wii WiiFit bundle). So it's not like they're just sitting back going "nah, we don't want to offer customers better value".

As for the 3rd party issue: he just sounds like he's whining again. EA can more than afford to do their own marketing and publicity. The Apple comparison is invalid. I keep saying you can't compare a purely digital marketplace with a physical-media or mixed one. And as for Apple's "support", what's he talking about? The fact their controls are so lax that they'll let anything onto the AppStore unless there's full frontal nudity involved?

P.S. Oh, and his argument fell apart when he brought up the SNES.



drdark commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey (Wii):

Oh I'm not saying the camera in Crystal Bearers was its only problem, but it was a big one. It almost never gave me a comfortable viewing angle and I constantly had to adjust it using the directional pad which was also uncomfortable because it seemed to take ages to move.
By contrast, Epic Mickey's sensitivity when it comes to directional pad adjustments feels just right. It's just the auto camera chooses (or forces) bad angles sometimes.

@Bulbasaurus Rex
See above .
Apart from the directional pad movement being quite smooth, you can tap 'c' to quickly set the camera behind Mickey a la Zelda games. And tapping '1' puts you into first-person view for a better look at your environment.



drdark commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey (Wii):

@Kirk: It requires approximately 2-3 hours before you 'get' what it's about. I started to feel bored too with all the boats but it improves drastically.
Same with MonsterHunterTri: you had to spend 4-5 hours playing offline to get familiar with stuff. Then the constant gathering/grinding starts to feel tedious. Then you jump online for 2 hours and it becomes the best co-op game ever made.



drdark commented on Ready Your Guns for The Westerner on Monday:

My, that's a terrible trailer. This is actually the sequel to a very old (and mostly ignored, but loved by some) PC adventure game called "3 Skulls of The Toltecs".

This sequel was released some time around 2003 or 2004, and had similar mixed reviews. But why this trailer makes it out to be more of a minigame collection rather than an adventure game I do not know...

Anyway, I'd say don't knock it off the radar entirely until some reviews for this version come in.




drdark commented on Review: Fire Panic (DSiWare):

@WaveBoy: 90%? That's way too harsh. As KDR_11k has already pointed out, there are a number of good titles on there. There are quite a few mediocre ones, but I blame the iPhone for that (bringing the quality of downloadable games way down).

Oh, as for this game, I think it remains interesting due to the price-point, which is much more reasonable than the ridiculous 500 for Flight Control (an iPhone game which costs 0.59p).



drdark commented on First Pokémon Black and White Screens Captured:

@skywake: I was wondering along those same lines so tried to view those images stereoscopically (duplicated, side-by-side), but didn't really discern any 3D effect, so either this won't be running on 3DS or they're using some different technique entirely to achieve a 3D effect. I still expected to be able to perceive some kind of depth of field, but didn't.

And of course, it could just be that my eyes are wonky .



drdark commented on Review: Mortal Kombat II (Game Boy):

Now you're REALLY making me feel nostalgic, as this was the first game I ever wrote a review of!
I expect it's still in the back of a notebook somewhere... must fine it one day...



drdark commented on Flashlight:

Oh F*** (pardon my French), it's the invasion of iPhone SH*Tware...