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North American Club Nintendo Year Coming to an End Next Week

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Might want to hurry up with that Gold or Platinum status

How's your Club Nintendo account looking, North Americans? Did you register enough Nintendo Product™ since last July to qualify for a neat-o Gold or Platinum badge? If not, you might want to scrape your game collection for stray Coins as the second Club Nintendo year winds down on June 30 to ensure your reward.

To qualify for Gold status you'll need to have accumulated at least 300 Coins since July 1, 2009; Platinum status requires a minimum of 600. This doesn't mean you need to have that many Coins in your account balance by then, only that you must have earned that many during the year – you're free to spend them all you'd like without affecting your status.

Last year, Platinum members were posed with a Sophie's Choice between having a Mario hat sent to their home or the Club-exclusive WiiWare game Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! sent to their console. The decision for Gold members was much simpler, as a 2010 calendar was the only reward up for grabs.

The rewards for this year haven't been announced yet, but expect to hear more on that sometime in July.

Eligible (i.e. Nintendo-published) retail Wii games net you 50 coins plus an additional 10 when you fill out its Post-Play Survey, DS games grant 30 coins and 10 more with the survey, and if your console is tied to your account then anything downloaded via Virtual Console, WiiWare and DSiWare can land you 10 coins if you fill out their survey.

Maybe now you'll wade through those dozens of surveys you've been putting off. If you don't feel like it, well, hey, Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies is out on June 27!

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Cheezy said:

OH SNAP! I just realized that I hope I have enough time and redemption slips!



SuperPeach said:

I hope there are some good rewards this year. I made platinum and completely filled my bar.



ejamer said:

Just squeaked over Platinum status due to some bonus surveys from Nintendo, and figured it was better to save any other points until next year. Interested to see what the prizes are this year... will Nintendo make an announcement right away or wait to see how many people "made the cut" before committing?



turtlelink said:

Finally I have been waiting since February! I'm saving all the other surveys for next year like smg2



warioswoods said:

I've stopped doing my surveys -- and registering my latest games -- until the year is over, because I'm already well into Platinum and I might as well put all these towards next year, just in case I don't buy quite as much crap in the future.



TLink9 said:

Ah only 200 coins this year. Hmmm I have not registered SMG2 and Pokemon soulsilver. That will be enough for gold.



Simon_Deku said:

I hope they have something good this year for platinum status. A free game & watch collection would be nice!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

For some reason I can't link my stupid Wii Shop Channel account! I filled in the stuff on my Wii, but my Club Nintendo won't pay attention!



Kidpit said:

Hit Platnium months ago, saving my unregistered games for the next Club Nintendo year. Can't wait to see what the rewards are this time.



MasterGraveheart said:

I hope the hat returns... with something I can pass on... I wan't that hat... (I took Doc Louis' Punch-Out last year and I don't regret it one bit)



Objection said:

Good lord, Odnetnin.

As for me, looks like I'm stuck at Gold. Hope it won't be as lame as last year.



JulioMorataya said:

I've got Platinum Status, like last year, I got the Mario Hat then... I'm looking forward to the Game & Watch Japanese reward they gave...



SSBbrawler08 said:

Wait, if I kept all my coins from last year (I had platinum status) am I eligible to win the new platinum prize this year?



nothankyou said:

I got the Mario hat last year, it's awesome.
I alredy have gold; I'm close to platinum though.



siavm said:

I have been platinum for a while. And still have enough surveys to make me gold come next month. I hope this one is good. Like a controller or something.



UNC5052 said:

I got my platinum for this year last July and I have many codes to enter and surveys to do for this year that I have been saving.



edofthe209 said:

I've been sitting at platinum since Feb. I'd be happpy if they just decided to give away the hanafuda cards, as I've been saving up for them and am still 150 coins away from that. Though a new controller would be nifty, especially a classic styled one!



Edwin said:

I've been saving coins since club nintendo first started. When will they all reset?



EdEN said:

I'm platinum already and have enough codes to make it again for two years straight... and that isn't even counting my DSiware, VC and Wiiware purchases. Love me some Nintendo. Easier to get Platinum at Club Nintendo than it is over at the Members program for Square Enix. Still a bronze after registering 5 games.



ToastyYogurt said:

I have Platinum Status
My brother is going to sign up for Club Nintendo soon, hopefully I can urge him to ear all of his coins before the end of the week, where he would get gold status.



Megumi said:

They never really give NA anything great, so I kinda forgot all about this...wish they at least give out soundtracks like Japan. (I want Galaxy 2! lol)



James said:

@Eggmiester I'd love to hear your theory of how Nintendo's Vice President doesn't give a fig about Nintendo, or even how he's responsible for Club Nintendo's contents.



Toon_Link said:

I've had Platinum status since last Christmas. They better have the Mario hat back this year. Or I'm gonna hurt some people.



fishman100 said:

i just remembered tat.. thanks so much!!! but i can't beleive i forgot to say that i was "intending to buy" Sin and Punishment 2; i preordered it yesterday!!



AVahne said:

I'm finally at Platinum status, had to get a few codes from friends, but FINALLY at Platinum. I hope this year's prize is awesome!



theblackdragon said:

how the hell do you find the time for all those surveys, corbs? i need to force myself to get through all the rest of mine so i hit platinum this CN year... :/



GammaGames said:

hey Corbie, can i borrow your account to buy some prizes? XD jk. I got platinum this year, first time, and maybe I hope (but probably not, actually, i REALLY doubt it) a gold prize will be a 3DS to try out? for more feedback from consumers who couldnt make it to E3!



Egg_miester said:

@Prosody reggie is the president of noa and he really doesn't care about games only making money they only bought culb nintendo over because the players demanded it



Megumi said:

@theblackdragon: Surveys are easy if you think about it, I remember putting in the same answer for all of them...some of them turned out hilarious. XD



Chunky_Droid said:

I've got gold status, and I don't live in N/A, so I either have to be generous to one of you guys if it's your birthday coming up or get someone to send it to me from over there lol



morphballer said:

Too bad Other M got delayed or I might have a chance.

I can still get coins for Sin and Punishment?



TrevorTheChan said:

@Egg_miester: Do you also hate adverts and think the modern world with its various industries are better off without them? Wait a minute, I think I've just worked something else out. We didn't go to the moon.



NintendoGamer said:

I haven't purchased a video game since New Super Mario Bros Wii first came out. I haven't had time to buy or play any new games since I work almost every day and I'm saving my money for college. I guess no Club Nintendo reward for me this year. =(



HappyHappy said:

Just finished answering a bunch of surveys and registered some games yesterday and I am pleased to say that I have reached platinum status.



20thPaul said:

I just got to platinum status today!!!! And this is my first year with club nintendo!

I also have a couple hundred unregistered points worth (I'm estimating) plus if I buy a 3DS this next year and some games I may get to platinum status again next year!!!!!

What kind of prizes are they supposed to be offering this year? When is the announcement coming???



Egg_miester said:

@TrevorTheChan well the moon thing may have been faked i wouldn't know as modern world with its various industries as long as they do not ruin the earth i am fine with it i am all about making everything go green



y2josh said:

UMMTURTLE Family Coin Balance 610
Elite Status Coins for 2010 560

What's the difference?



Durabull said:

I see you can pick up extra codes from Ebay, for anyone who is close. Just search for "Club Nintendo Coins". They arn't cheap, but could be very worth it!



King_Elemento said:

Tingle's Balloon Fight... Please, Tingle's Balloon Fight. =D
No, I'm serious. I want to import that thing in a language I can read. =P



DKmania said:

I currently have 580 points, and I'm hoping to obtain Platinum status. Problem is, I haven't any more games to register, so I'm waiting for the Post-Play survey to appear. Fortunately, I registered my games today, so according to the seven day wait period for the surveys, I should be able to fill them out. My question is: will I still be able to fill them out on June 30 (the last day), or will my Elite Status reset the morning of June 30? Thanks!



Zsxdflip said:

@king element that's what I want too, but I wouldn't get my hopes up, since none of the tingle games have been released here (stupid ign)

TIP: I got 90 percent of my coins ( more than 2000) from game codes from blockbuster and gamestop



Deviant_Mugen said:

I've been at Platinum status for a while now; I just hope this year's prizes are better than last year's...



grumblegrumble said:

I've been at Platinum for awhile now, too, thanks to DSiWare I've downloaded (and mostly feel hrmph about) but I stopped doing surveys today since anything over the Platinum amount (600 coins) you are just wasting... Year accumulated points are wiped out after next week, right? (But you can still spend your coins you've accumulated.)



XCWarrior said:

I have exactly 300 right now, with 300 pts easy to get me to Platinum status. Must do that tomorrow night.



zionich said:

This will be my first year doing it and im happy I got to platinum. I regret not doing it last year, would have liked the Punch-Out extra.



NintenFreak said:

i have 1600ish coins and still didn't register SMG2, Pokemon SS Wario ware d.i.y and 13 surveys



WeeGee said:

I haven't been buying Wii games but I have enough surveys for 100 coins so I'll save those for next year.



Feld0 said:

I demand the SMG2 soundtrack as my platinum reward!
I did make my own rip of it (I have ways...) but there's nothing quite like having an official collectible CD of it with the cover and everything!

BTW, last year, I went for the Mario hat. It sits beside the nine yoshi plushies, two Mario Bros. figures, and countless Pokemon statuettes I brought back from my field trip to Japan. Makes for a pretty awesome bedroom when you add in the three CN Mario posters.



castlezelda said:

I only have 350 coins, but when does the gold & platinum rewards go online? I so wanted the Doc punchout game last yr but didnt have enuff, hope big n puts it on the list for people who hadn't had a chance to get it-i highly doubt it though.



plankton88 said:

My points from 2 years ago will expire after June 30th. I have been saving them in case something good pops up. I guess I'll have to settle for Game and Watch 1 & 2. Hey, I can always sell'em.



Alphack3r said:

sigh I would care but...I don't maybe if they had cooler rewards, like maybe a levitating Triforce! HINT HINT



castlezelda said:

Does anyone know when Nintendo is doing the Gold or Platinum status rewards, been waiting all day today (June 30) haven't seen anything.



greenellow said:

me too, i believe it might be in a day or two but this is my first year in the club so idk.



wiiman2012 said:

Club nintendo calendar for me. I guess I can live with that. Wouldve like a controller or something though.

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