The true dream fight will now be a reality!

Live in North America? Registered a bunch of Nintendo games and/or systems before June 30th? Then you should've gotten an email a few weeks ago saying that you achieved platinum (Or gold) membership status. Nintendo of America has now revealed what rewards this will get you.

If you've only achieved gold status prepare for disappointment - All you'll be getting is a calendar for 2010, with each month being dedicated to one game. Japan gets these every year, so it was to be expected, really!

If you've achieved platinum status though, you can pick one of two rewards. You can either go for another prize Japan has also gotten, an official real-life Mario hat, or you can opt to receive a code to download something awesome from the Wii Shop - An exclusive special WiiWare version of Punch-Out!! which lets you fight Little Mac's mentor, Doc Louis.

Entitled Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!, we assume this will be just like the retail game, just with one fight (That's what the description makes it sound like, anyway!). Nintendo also specifically states you do NOT need to own the retail game to download and play this one.

If you held off on registering games and now suddenly decide that you want one of these rewards, you're out of luck - Anything you register now will count towards prizes to be given out in 2010.

Nintendo of America has also sent out an email containing the prizes and descriptions. Here's the Punch-Out!! one:


You can view all rewards here. Keep in mind that none of them will be sent out until November 1st!