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Tue 1st Sep 2009

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20thPaul commented on Review: Super Mario Land (Game Boy):

Super Mario Land is an amazing game!!!! And it's difficult too! Although the "Restore Point" feature they added in to this Virtual Console version does make the game a lot easier than it was to play on the game boy... Still a great game though!!!! =)



20thPaul commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge:

The bonus is that you get some extra coins (100 I think?) which can be used for spending in shops for supplies etc. (kind of like in rpgs). It's not necessary but it can be helpful.



20thPaul commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (Europe):

OMG OMG OMG Europe is sooo lucky!!! They get one WiiWare game and Listen to this!!! Not zero - but ONE Virtual Console game!!!! 1 + 1 = A whole bunch of awesomeness!!!!!!!! And the DSiWare games??? OMG don't even get me started on all of the must have's on DSiWare!!!!



20thPaul commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

OMG!!!!! A dating game?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG I Europeans are so freakin lucky today!!!! Oh I can't wait until that game is released in NoA!!!!! And if that wasn't awesomely enough, they get flowers, music and SOLITAIRE!!!!! Ooooh my God, the only thing that could make this download better would be more Sudoku, I can never have enough Sudoku!!!!!



20thPaul commented on North American Club Nintendo Year Coming to an...:

I just got to platinum status today!!!! And this is my first year with club nintendo!

I also have a couple hundred unregistered points worth (I'm estimating) plus if I buy a 3DS this next year and some games I may get to platinum status again next year!!!!!

What kind of prizes are they supposed to be offering this year? When is the announcement coming???



20thPaul commented on E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS:


where did you hear that it doesn't support ds carts? It's supposed to be backwards compatible to the ds and dsi, so to play ds games it would need to be able to use the carts!



20thPaul commented on Nintendo Download: 7th June 2010 (North America):

Nothing good this week?!?!?!?!?!!!?!!!?!!?!?!?! I am so shocked beyond reason!!!! How could Nintendo do this to me?

At least since I'm barely downloading anything from DSiWare/WiiWare, I'll be more likely to have enough money for when the "3DS" comes out!



20thPaul commented on Flipper:

When is this game going to come out already?!?!
We've been waiting for months and months!!!!!



20thPaul commented on Dark Void Zero:

I just read that this game is announced as a January release... I suppose we can expect this game to come around March then lol!



20thPaul commented on Dark Void Zero:

Then buy a DSi!!!!!!!
Seriously, I bought my dsi last June (after Nintendo announced mario vs. dk 3 and I found out that it wasn't just another demo but an all new game) and honestly I wasn't very satisfied with the service at all... one game a week and mostly shovelware... but now with games like Shantae sequels and Dark Void Zero, what more reason do you need to buy a DSi?!?!?!?!



20thPaul commented on DSi LL Shifts 100K Units In Japan:

Well, nintendo anything will sell in Japan! I just got a dsi last summer, so I won't be getting this one. Personally I think that both nintendo and sony are releasing too many revisions of their handhelds....



20thPaul commented on AiRace:

good to see more racing games coming to dsiware! Hopefully this is a good one!



20thPaul commented on Review: Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favori...:

HOly crap!!
I thought that I downloaded a lot of dsiware games and I only have 8. You have about a third of the whole shop though.
the titles I have are: MFC, MvDK Mini's march again, Asphalt 4, Art Style: Aquia, Pop & Solo, Dr. Mario Express, the Internet Browser, and Flipnote Studio.



20thPaul commented on Review: Oscar in Toyland (DSiWare):

hmmm just a 6. May still try this one, depends on what else comes out in the next few weeks that may prompt me to use my last 1100 points from my most recent points card.