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Thu 4th Jun 2009

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NintendoGamer commented on Feature: Looking at the 3DS Revolution on its ...:

Just gotta say that I love my Black 3DS XL. I purchased it back in August so I've had it for roughly 7 months. After day one of owning it all my doubts and hesitations disappeared immediately. Before purchasing the 3DS I only owned the first original DS so I obviously was in need of an upgrade and I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase a 3DS. To this day whenever I use it I always think to myself "This was such a great purchase". That kind of feeling is something I expect and want when I decide to spend my hard earned money on something. I wanna be able to look back after a few months and still feel completely satisfied with my purchase and that's exactly what I got with the 3DS. So Happy Birthday 3DS. You have provided me with a fun 7 months of gaming and I'm sure the fun won't be ending anytime soon. =)



NintendoGamer commented on Nintendo Confirms Club Nintendo Promotion for ...:

Wow. This is really really really great. Ever since the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing I've been thinking about buying either Pokemon X or Y. I haven't played Pokemon in years and I've been hesitant about purchasing X or Y but now I can get it for free. I also haven't used my Club Nintendo account in a few years so this gives me an excuse to log back in and use it again. This is such great news.



NintendoGamer commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition:

I ordered two copies of it from Target a few days ago and they are arriving today. I cannot wait. I ordered one copy for myself and a second as a Christmas present for my cousin. Can't wait until Christmas when she opens it up and sees what it is. I already own the games on the Wii, but I couldn't resist buying it. Damn you Nintendo and your irresistible merchandise.



NintendoGamer commented on North American Club Nintendo Year Coming to an...:

I haven't purchased a video game since New Super Mario Bros Wii first came out. I haven't had time to buy or play any new games since I work almost every day and I'm saving my money for college. I guess no Club Nintendo reward for me this year. =(



NintendoGamer commented on DSi XL Brightens Up with Three New Colours:

What, no red one? This reminds me of the Gameboy Pocket when it was first released and came in various colors. I still remember wanting a blue or red one and getting stuck with a silver one because it was the only color KB Toys had left. I'm glad they went out of business now. They totally ruined my 10 year old life with that event. XD



NintendoGamer commented on Nintendo Brings Black Wii to North America on ...:

I want a black Wii, but I don't feel like sending the consoles to Nintendo just so they can transfer all my data to the black Wii. That's a little ridiculous. It's too bad for Nintendo because I know a lot of people who would buy a black Wii, but they won't because there's no way for them to transfer the downloadable content themselves.



NintendoGamer commented on Black Wii Could Hit North America in May:

I would love to get a black Wii, but what about all the VC titles downloaded on my white Wii? I would want an easy way to transfer them from one console to the other. Nintendo needs to figure out a way to address this. I'm tired of always worrying about what will happen to my VC games.



NintendoGamer commented on Nintendo's Room Migration Kit Makes it Even Ea...:

If component cables were included then I might have considered buying this if it ever came to the US. We have a 40" HDTV in our den and I've always wanted to hook the Wii console up to it. Would have been convenient because then I could have had the option of hooking it up in the den whenever I felt like it, but could also take it back into my room without the hassle of moving my television and plugging in all the cables and setting everything up again.



NintendoGamer commented on Might The Next Zelda Sense Your Vitality?:

I remember playing Ocarina of Time when I was younger and the Fire Temple music with the chanting always creeped me out. If a vitality sensor device had existed back then I don't think I would have ever made it past the Fire Temple.



NintendoGamer commented on Guides: How to Get Your Wii Online:

I remember when my launch Wii got fried. It was a very sad day for me. Ever since then I always make sure the standby connection is off, but I leave the Wii Connect 24 on. One time I decided to turn the standby connection on and after a few minutes I noticed the console was starting to get hot. I know a few people who leave the standby connection on and their Wii systems always feel warm/hot. It can't be safe and I try to tell them that, but they refuse to listen.



NintendoGamer commented on Review: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Virtual Cons...:

I'm going to download it either tomorrow or Saturday. I remember playing ZAMN all the time with my step brothers when I was younger. It was such a fun game, but I always got stuck being the girl. >.< If it wasn't for college and all the assignments I get stuck with I would have downloaded this on Monday and played all night long. I never beat the game when I was younger. Hopefully I'll be able to get through it now that I'm older.



NintendoGamer commented on Nintendo Download: Zombies, Ghosts, Monkeys, A...:

I've been waiting for Zombies Ate My Neighbors to be released since I got my Nintendo Wii in 2006. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of my all time favorite Super Nintendo Games. Now I know what I'll be doing for Halloween. Eating candy thats meant for the trick-or-treaters and playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors lol



NintendoGamer commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

I would upgrade to an Xbox 360 before ever upgrading to a PS3. When I do eventually buy an Xbox 360 it doesn't mean I am going to get rid of my Nintendo Wii or stop using it. I don't see myself buying a Sony console this gaming cycle. The PS3 just isn't what I want.



NintendoGamer commented on Club Nintendo Japan offers limited edition Wii...:

I wonder what the special reward will be at the end of this month. I'm afraid to get my hopes up because I have a feeling it probably won't be anything that great. I wish we had better rewards. I haven't used any of my coins yet because there's nothing I really want. I would probably get the Mario-print face towel if it was available for the North America Club Nintendo. I wouldn't use it though. I would probably hang it on the wall in my room or something. XD



NintendoGamer commented on Oh No, There's a Zombie Panic in Wonderland:

Hopefully this game won't be too short. If it has enough levels then I'll definitely download it. Then I can use my Perfect Shot Nyko Gun to kill the zombies. I love games where I can shoot things. Especially zombies. Who doesn't enjoy killing zombies???



NintendoGamer commented on Classic Controller Pro Heading West?:

I prefer the placement of the z buttons on this new Classic Controller, but I don't know if I will purchase it when it comes out. I have a WaveBird Wireless GameCube Controller that I am happy with and use a lot and a Classic Controller, which I use for some games. I'd definitely get it if I didn't have a Classic Controller already.



NintendoGamer commented on New Console Colours to Hit Japan:

@JimLad, I agree. Nintendo should offer a trade-in system for people who bought the console in the first year. I would have definitely bought a black Nintendo Wii if it had been available at launch.

I would buy a new black Nintendo Wii when it comes out in North America, but what about all the VC and WiiWare games I have spent money on and downloaded onto my Wii already??? There's no way I'd ever buy another Nintendo Wii if I had to repay for all those games. That would be ridiculous. I wish there was a way to transfer games or somehow re-download the games from the Shop Channel onto a different Wii console without having to pay for them all over again. =/