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Tue 17th Jun 2008

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crashnutter commented on Mega Man 9:

Yeah, so I remember this - being handed my arse on a plate 30 seconds into loading up the game. Now this is more like it!!! None of this namby-pamby walking around on spiked floor. One hit kills is the way foward! Ow. Ow. F***ing hell. Ow. It doesn't half hurt.

I LOVE this game - nice false sense of security... "You've been playing games for the best part of 23 years, this is old skool, you know this like the back of your hand" ... and then... "you really haven't been practicing as much as you should have been have you?"

The music is spot on, takes me right back; controls are nigh on perfect (sometimes seems a bit of a delay, but I think thats the Bluetooth remote, rather than anything to do with the game - maybe my batteries are low - I should check); premise is pretty much where my brain is at right now, IE: run, jump, shoot, die, rinse, repeat

I got the error on the downloadable content page too, but its because the download stuff isn't available yet.

Yay, 1,000 points well spent. I'm living in the 80's again



crashnutter commented on Mega Man 9 - New Video, Online Leaderboards, N...:

Oh my god, I'm eleven again! I've always loved MM (up until it went all RPG-ey anyway), and that brings back memories of sliding the long grey cartridge into the slot, clicking it down, pressing power, pressing start and then dying 4 times in a row 30 seconds later!

The music is spot on - even my missus, who isn't a great games fan, said "isn't that the music of the little blue dude", the action looks suitably frantic and evil, graphics fit perfectly.

The only thing I think will spoil it - or at least shorten its lifespan - will be the hibernate feature of wiiware. I'm not saying that not giving a save option is a way to increase longevity, but 'back in the day' that's how it had to be, and the only the hardest of the core would get to see a games proper ending

1000 points isn't unreasonable (that's only 3 packets of Tesco honey roast ham since the price hike they just had! 57p overnight!!!! Gah!) and I'm liking the idea of this "New Retro" thing - although I'm racking my brains and can't immediately think of any other games that would make me foam at the mouth like a rabid animal if they got a "requel" (retro-sequel; see what I did there? Collins Oxford-English, here I come). Anyone got any suggestions?



crashnutter commented on Fischer Completes Spectacular U-Turn On Wii St...:

I don't reckon we'll be able to play games from SD card because wouldn't that mean that you'll be able to (god forbid) take your SD card round a mates and then play it on their machine? Or maybe the encryption that means you can't copy it off would still apply?

At the very least, being able to load savegames from the SD card would give back at least 50% of storage space? And that wouldn't interfere with taking cards round to friends houses.

Only problem I can foresee is if you had a savegame on both the Wii memory and the memory card, might make games go a bit wibbly.