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Wed 11th Jun 2008

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Vortex99 commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

Well, I still have the original DS, and I thought the DS Lite was a waste of money. You'll probably think you'll know where this is going, but you're wrong. My console is about to break down, and the new features on the DSi seem fantastic. Getting one, for sure.



Vortex99 commented on Tetris Party:

@ Outrunner - Not exactly sure. I don't even know if Tetris Party actually does have infinite spin; but, in the trailer, I did see the words 'T-Spin Bonus' come up.

I'll test it when it comes to Europe this Friday.



Vortex99 commented on Tetris Party:

@ Outrunner - I think Tetris Party also has Infinite Spin...

Getting this on Friday!



Vortex99 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Midnight Bowling and Potpou...:

@ Mr. Cheek (I thought that name would be appropiate) -
Congratulations, now an entire continent hates you 'cause you made fun of them, and you seem immature to the rest.

Anyway, downloaded Proto Man DLC. After a few minutes using him, the air was so blue...



Vortex99 commented on Tetris Party:

Online Multiplayer
Balance Board Compatible
Online Rankings
Classic Tetris Action
Only £8.40/$12

This is FULL of WIN.
I'm getting this, for sure.



Vortex99 commented on My Aquarium:

@ Bass X0 - I read that too. 21%? OUCH!

I don't think I'll be downloading this. After all, it's not really a game, is it?



Vortex99 commented on Wii Chess Comes to WiiWare in Japan:

@ 1080BOMBER (Comment 11) - It already has, in the form of a Wii game called Wii Chess...

As I said in my earlier post, I own the retail version of the game, and was hoping for the WiiWare version to be released in Europe as part of my plan. But now, scrash that - I have realized that I actually got it by a Chess addict who was so nice he bought the game for me. Plus, I kinda like the game boxed - it saves my Wii Memory...

And by the way, I noticed loads of negitave comments here. Let me explain why Wii Chess is so good:

1. Fantastic AI
Some people here are not expecting the AI to be good at all, so let me prove them wrong. Wii Chess uses the Loop Chess engine, which ranked 3rd in the World Computer Chess Championship in Amsterdam. I've tried it too - and I can say myself the AI is very good too..

2. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Oh come on, every game with Nintendo WFC has to be good! And Wii Chess is no different. The Online play is superb, with zilch lag and a clear design. Okay, so there are countless websites that do the same thing for free, but this feels much more...clean. Oh - and don't forget Friend Codes!

3. Analysis
If you've finished a game, you can actually replay every move so you can figure out how you managed to take them out or go wrong. Plus, in the games you can activate a black box which tells you all of the moves in chess algebra.



Vortex99 commented on Wii Chess Comes to WiiWare in Japan:

Okay, so now Nintendo tell me i've wasted at least £13 by buying Wii Chess?

Please, Nintendo - bring this over here, so I can trade in my copy of Wii Chess and download this instead. Man, i'm so ripped off...



Vortex99 commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

@ Mr. Cheez

Actually, I really don't get the point of Tetris. I played a demo of it on the Nintendo Channel and I was just itching about what to do. Plus, it does randomly dump unbreakable blocks on you, which is why for me Tetris is out of my leauge right now.

That's the whole point why I like Dr Mario actually - simple to understand, hard to beat. Plus, the Wi-Fi mode is REALLY addictive.

WiiWare World's score should be lifted one more. ONM's score is just right at 82%, but NGamer's 4/10? WAY OFF THE SCALE!



Vortex99 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (30th July):

Pong toss at 14?! Some Americans have no brain for making that crud go to No. 14!

As for the top of the chart, all i can say is this:
"C'mon Dr. Mario, you can exterminate those lousy monsters at number one!"



Vortex99 commented on Defend Your Castle Coming To Europe Next Week:

To Demon212:

Reasons why you'll like this version:

4 Player Defend Your Castle!
Better Frame Rate
Themed Graphics
Foes easier to pick up with the Wii Remote
More organized managing of upgrades

Oh, and if you play the flash game on the internet channel the frame rate really sucks...



Vortex99 commented on Wild West Guns Coming To Europe This Friday:

The Limit is 2 releases in one day, so now that the developers have announced them, here are the games released in Europe this Friday:

Defend Your Castle (XGen Studios) - 500 points
Wild West Guns (Gameloft) - 1000 points



Vortex99 commented on Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner:

@ Objection_Blaster
Cause 5 episodes = $50 then

AKA £35 GBP for where I live...
Anyway, I found out that i'm thinking it might cost 900 points, as here in the UK the Sam and Max episodes cost £6.30 GBP each ($9 where you live)



Vortex99 commented on Defend Your Castle Coming To Europe Next Week:

@ DEMON212

You do realise that you actually get more value with the WiiWare version, right? Okay, so it might cost 500 points, but remember that the Internet Channel costs 500 points aswell (which is what you would use to play the flash game on Wii) and the WiiWare version has more features. So you're actually getting more value...



Vortex99 commented on Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner:

'This game was recently rated by the ESRB as T. It was in the new trailer'

And, it' s just been rated 12+ by the PEGI. If you go to and search 'Homestar', it'll come up with the rating for Homestar Ruiner - 12+



Vortex99 commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

7/10? This really deserves another mark. It's the best in the series, because aswell as having the addictive Dr Mario gameplay you all know and love, Wi-Fi has been thrown in and the excellent Germ Buster game features aswell. Definitely underrated - 8/10