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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Bland_Boy commented on Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (Wii):

That was a good review.
Just picked it up today, haven't played yet,
but with all those features and great motionplus integration, I'm having a hard time seeing how when I do play it being disappointed.



Bland_Boy commented on LostWinds:

I'm baffled as to why this game scores 9/10, while obviously having little or no replay value.
and it's short, damned short.
and the puzzles, even near the end of the game are far too simple.



Bland_Boy commented on Mega Man 9:

quotes Who Knew, because they want to steal more of our hard-paid-for points.
Mega Man 9 is only worth as much as 1/2, but they make us pay twice as much...
Can it really be THAT expensive or hard to make an 8-bit NES game in this day and age.



Bland_Boy commented on LostWinds:

Sure I got it, but it was far too short and was far too easy.
Made me kinda want at least half my money back after beating it.



Bland_Boy commented on World of Goo:

quotes grimor, if World Of Goo is 1300point game,
what is mega man 9 or super mario bros 3?
300 100?
we need to know your scales to know the weight of your words.

quotes MexicanJonny10, game is not overrated.
One of the top5 games released in 2008.
It might be overrated to somebody who doesn't understand or care for "Lemmings" or "other puzzlers from the late-eighties and early nineties* but then you wouldn't be a true-gamer. You'd be a sychophantic love-all-new hate-all-old-school kind of gamer.
you sir are a disgrace to gaming.



Bland_Boy commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (4th Mar):

Swedes have the best taste in WiiWare games so-far I see...
How can Tetris Party be top of the charts?
So many bad games topping the lists.
Why don't people research just a little before buying WiiWare.

World Of Goo IMO should be #1 every week if quality was a prerequisite for sales on the WiiWare service.



Bland_Boy commented on Review: Shining Force (MD):

Playing this game right now.
Could've sworn it was 114 blocks though...

Also, it seems to be incredibly slow-developing, what with all the turn-based battling.
It takes forever...
I'm only on my third battle and it feels like I've played for an hour or two...



Bland_Boy commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

"16. Bonesaw" said that the marketed amount was 3 per week.

Maybe that's an "on-average" amount.
Cause, in Australia the average amount per week at the moment
is sitting at around 3.2.
Even though, as of late we've only been getting around 1 crappy game.

EDIT: Still waiting on some more of the "good" games to be released though.
When are games like "It Came From The Desert" and "Universe" and "waxworks",
coming to the VC?



Bland_Boy commented on Street Fighter II: The World Warrior:

Compared to SSFII: TNC, this game is very slow and the low amount of fighters to pick from is almost laughable.

World Warrior. I don't believe I can recommend this game.
I can however recommend SSFII: TNC.



Bland_Boy commented on ActRaiser:

People say this game is non-linear. This is a lie. It's pretty linear experience, but a great one!

This game even on normal-mode is quite hard(especially compared to todays games), some of the bosses are just impossible to devise a strategy to beat, unless you use magic(which is compulsory to beat some of these bosses).

I wonder how much harder it could be on "hard-mode" ? ;-0

Still, I'm loving this game so far...

One save file sucks though, as it means My brothers have to wait till I beat the game before they can play.