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Tue 29th Apr 2008

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Forsooth_and_Pi commented on Review: Dragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy):

@Ricardo: A little late I suppose, but this game is certainly NOT a Pokemon ripoff.

I avoided this game at first for primarily that reason, when I saw it at the video rental store, but I eventually decided to give it a try and was completely hooked. I think I can easily say that this was my favorite GBC game, and quite possibly my favorite RPG game of all time (that claim is a little more dubious, after playing both Final Fantasy 9 and Persona 4 recently). Unlike Pokemon, the real emphasis in DWM isn't really catching monsters but rather breeding them, and the breeding system is so simple yet devious; you could literally breed ANY monster from the monsters you get in the first couple worlds. I would replay this game, seeing how many "legendaries" I could get as early as possible. Catching stronger monsters later on in the game helped mitigate the time necessary for breeding, but the game nonetheless places breeding at the forefront of team building strategy.



Forsooth_and_Pi commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

I thought 7 was a bit low myself, but I can't argue with the final statement:

"The only real reasons to download it are out of nostalgia, or if you've never played a Super Smash Bros. game and simply want to start from the beginning. It's still a good game, it just feels incredibly basic after its two jam-packed sequels."

I downloaded the game out of nostalgia, and am having great fun with it. Just seeing the old Saffron City and Hyrule Castle stage makes it all worth the money, and the controls on GCN controllers aren't that bad. Granted, Melee and Brawl offer a lot more in terms of content, and playing with such limited stages and characters did feel a bit underwhelming, but as others have said the gameplay is very different here, and I wouldn't consider it any worse than the others. It's still a blast to play with friends, and notwithstanding the sequels I'd say it held up to time pretty well.

Actually one of my pettier complaints about the original is lack of stage music; each stage only has one song, and I think some musical diversity makes replaying stages more fun.



Forsooth_and_Pi commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

I downloaded the game yesterday, making it the first WiiWare title I ever purchased, and I must say I am very satisfied with the game. The game seems to focus more on the rhythm of the motion rather than the direction, so keeping up with the beat seems to be the most important factor. Either way, even without calibrating the wiimote(s) the controls worked fine, and following the robot is easier and more fun than trying to trick the game into accepting a similar, though different, move.

My only problem with the game so far is that a lot of the songs sound the same, but perhaps that means that I haven't played them enough to notice the nuanced differences between them.



Forsooth_and_Pi commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

I had never heard of this game until today, and I wanted to get it as soon as I saw it; the fact that it received a great score just makes me want it more.

I've been cautious about downloading WiiWare games, partly because I found none of them that interesting, but mostly because I've been growing bored with the direction of most platformers and shooters, as most hot games seem to be at this point. For the past year I've been playing more rhythm games than anything else, so I'm sure that I'll find something in here that is worth the music. Especially since I'm a fan of trance.

Heck, I paid $13 for Elite Beat Agents, and I thought it stunk, so I'd gladly pay $10 for this, even if it's mediocre.



Forsooth_and_Pi commented on Mega Man 9:

This is the first WiiWare game I'm actually anticipating before its release. I've only played the original Mega Man titles through the Anniversary Collection, but I've grown to love the series. Personally, I don't see what's wrong with the updated 16 or 32 bit Mega Man sprites, but the mere fact that Capcom is willing to go retro for a completely new game, and not just a rehash, foreshadows future greatness. Long live Mega Man 9!

If only one of Dueling Analog's "Rejected Mega Man Villains" robot masters were included. Then this game would not only be retro, but have insider jokes and references too.