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Thu 24th Jul 2008

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Foamyfan231 commented on Family & Friends Party:

GGGGGRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTTT ANOTHER MINIGAME COMPLIATION!!!!! I am tired of these stupid mini games its getting frigging old. I am going to use my wii points to get Onslaught, I am staying as far away as possible from this one



Foamyfan231 commented on Hudson Not Abandoning Virtual Console After All?:

Super Bonk 1 & 2, Mario Party 1, 2 & 3, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, and 1941: Counter Attack. I would appreciate those games and if they are on the VC, I would happily shut up about the complaining about the VC games here



Foamyfan231 commented on Secret of Mana:

Amazing game. I want this game so bad. I LOVE MULTIIPLAYER COOP ON THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of Square's ultimate classics



Foamyfan231 commented on Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools:

This game didn't get the respect it derserved. I recently played this game on an emulator and I LOVE IT!!!!! its charm makes the game nice, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is awesome as well and the bosses are kick ass. I am getting some wii points soon. I will download this game, I WON"T UPSET YOU Masato Maegawa!!!!!!!!!!!!



Foamyfan231 commented on Tetris Party - Japanese Trailer:

Such an addicting game, I remember me and my Dad would play Tetris Worlds on Xbox for numbers of hours. Now we can have that again!!! THANK YOU WIIWARE!!!! I just wish the Tetris Worlds music was in this but I just want the game!!!



Foamyfan231 commented on Mega Man 9:

ITS SO WONDERFUL T_T!!!! finally capcom will stop abusing Mega Man and finally treat him with respect by making us relive the glory days of NES. I hope they make Mega Man X games too!!!



Foamyfan231 commented on Potpourri Coming To US WiiWare Next Monday!:

Okay this is getting annoying. I love puzzle games but this I am getting sick of puzzle games now, I only want tetris but what about Mega Man 9? Animals De La Muetre? BOMBERMAN FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!! sorry, I am tired of the puzzles and want more action. Maybe a little more comedy from Strong badia the free



Foamyfan231 commented on Tetris Party - New Game Play Video!:

I can't wait for this game. I know people already have Tetris DS but I can't wait to get my hands on 18 game modes. I just hope they don't suck. for 18 modes and online multiplayer 1000 wii points is worth the cost



Foamyfan231 commented on Mega Man:

Kick ass game. I am not going to get these since I own Mega Man anniversary on the gamecube. I am waiting for Mega Man 9 to come out! But if you release Mega Man X 1 through 3 maybe we will talk turkey



Foamyfan231 commented on Tetris Party To Support The Balance Board:

I can't wait for this, I don't have Tetris DS but this will help me with my addiction for tetris. I can't wait to play tetris online. WHO WANTS TO FACE ME???!!!!! I face you in Dr.Mario. I don't understand why they need the balance board for this.



Foamyfan231 commented on EarthBound:

A great RPG indeed. Great game and good story in my opinon. I wish that they put Final Fantasy II and III on the Virtual Console cause those games were awesome!



Foamyfan231 commented on Earthworm Jim:

Great and wacky game, my parents would always ask me what the *&%$ are you playing, but she would never understand the game. I heard on (Internet Movie Data Base) that there is going to be a full length movie of Earthworm Jim!!! Go to the website and type in Earthworm Jim and look for Earthworm Jim (2010)



Foamyfan231 commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

This game KICKS ASS! I love the music, the game is well played and the graphics are AWESOME!!! I heard that a sequel may be made for the DS but with more Final Fantasy Characters.......SWEET! They had better put Geno in there, I know they will if they make it. I really can't wait for this game to come out, I need wii points NOW!



Foamyfan231 commented on Where In The World Is Strong Bad?:

SON OF A @$#@@@$%$&$%Y&&&$##@$#@!$!@#$&(&((*$$#@@@@$#^# MOTHER @#$@$!@#$# SON OF A @@$T!#$!@#$ I QRQ$@#$@#$%$j HATE YOU@#T@#$%!#@$#@##$##$ AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! grrrrrr....... if you cancel it again I am gonna go crazy