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Tue 16th Sep 2008

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Devastator commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Turns Twenty:

I liked this alot. I downloaded it as soon as it came out for the VC. My only problem is that after Nintendo made this Super Mario, they started limting the amount of power-ups mario could get in the later games. There has been some new items they have come up with that were cool, but only having 2 or 3 in one game. That sucks. My favorite power-ups have been the Hammer brother suit, that bear who could turn to stone, and the propeler hat in New super mario brothers wii.



Devastator commented on New GoldenEye Title in Development?:

The next GoldenEye could be as good as the first. If it has; lots of weapons, several multiplayer maps, villians from previous Bond films, gadgets from the films that are not all the same as the first game, and good movement when controlling the player. I have a N64 and GoldenEye, which I am going to set up now.



Devastator commented on Fast Draw Showdown Coming to WiiWare:

Nintendo should have Rockstar release the first Red Dead Revolver on the Wii. It was a great game on the ps2, and they could make the graphics better. The multiplayer games were great in it.



Devastator commented on You're Gonna Need Wii MotionPlus To Enjoy Red ...:

I think it would make sence if Nintendo sent out the Wii motion plus add-on to all the companies who make games for them. They would know what to expect from it, and know the limitations if it has any. I think a really gorey game where you can cut limbs off should be developed for the Wii. It could be set in the past before guns were used.



Devastator commented on Sony to Reveal Copycat Motion Controller at E3?:

I have a PS3, and the sixaxis works somewhat for Heavenly Sword and MotorStorm. The PS3 would have to come out with a sensor bar like the Wii to accomplish what Nintendo has done. When does E3 start? I know it is coming up soon.



Devastator commented on Nobunaga's Ambition:

Several weeks ago, alot of people were saying we were getting Super Smash Brothers for this day. What the hell happened to that Nintendo.



Devastator commented on Namco Announces Upcoming Arcade Games:

I have to disagree with you Bass on your #19 comment about Mortal Kombat series. I think Mortal Kombat vs DC was good, along with Deadly Alliance and Deception. I was not too big on Armagedon, because they limited each characters' fighting styles and create your own fatalities sucked.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the B...:

Since were talking about some old games. I liked that hologram thing sega was doing in the arcades years ago. It had some sphere which made holograms in the center of the set up to play games. With technology nowadays, I don't know why this type of gaming has not resurfaced. For $600 the game better be made of gold. Also, I hope Resident Evil 5 will be out for Christmas for the Wii.



Devastator commented on EU VC Update: Mario Golf and Wonder Boy in Mon...:

I got a N64 for Christmas, and I have been playing the hell out of Turok 2 and WCW vs NWO. I have never played Donkey Kong 64. Is it any good. I would like to see the first Dragon Warrior and Contra come out by this summer. That Dead Rising game looks like a good buy next month.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:

I liked this game alot when I was younger. When Nintendo sees how many people download this game, they should get Konami to make a Castlevania 5 for WiiWare. Alot of people downloaded Mega Man 9, so it is worth doing in my opinion.



Devastator commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

I recently got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I was going to buy one myself because I wanted some of the old games, which I knew would take a long time to be released on the VC. The system only cost $25. So if people want some of the older games and don't want to wait, just buy the older system at the local pawn shop or on the internet. If you just wanted one specific game for a certain system then my idea would be a bad one.



Devastator commented on Super Smash Bros.:

People can say whatever they want about this game being old, but it is an instant download from me.



Devastator commented on Sonic Chaos:

This game looks so lame. I like Sonic games, but this just sucks as far as fun factor goes.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

I just got a Nintendo 64. When I tried to find a expansion pack online, amazon also showed a Nintendo 64 RAM extender. What is the difference between the two, and which one is better.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

I just got a Nintendo 64 as an early Christmas present from my girlfriend. I am going to a local pawn shop to get me some games to tide me over till Nintendo starts releasing some more good games (In my opinion) for the VC. I already have Turok 2 and Golden Eye.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

I was just at the Xbox arcade site, and they have the first Contra and other Nintendo games the VC doesn't have. I think that is crap that the Xbox Arcade can have Nintendo games which the VC should have also too. I will probably catch hell for this comment, but it does not seem fair to me.



Devastator commented on USA VC Update: Boogerman:

Christmas is coming up. Nintendo needs to start rolling out so more good games. I think for December, Nintendo should have three games a week. A RPG, action/adventure, and a shooter (not some space shooter which the VC has too many of already) game could come out each week to have a variety for people to choose from.