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United States

Sun 3rd Aug 2008

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SirToasty commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (20th August):

Toki Tori fell off the chart?! NOOO!!!!!!! It dosnt make sense of how Pong Toss is still up there and Toki Tori is a awesome game and fell off the chart!?But im still happy that Strong Bad and Wild West Guns is doing well



SirToasty commented on Mega Man 9:

This game seems awesum i cant wait till it comes out ill totally buy this



SirToasty commented on Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive Peo...:

I downloaded this game...and i pressed the save button in the menu, and right before it was gonna save, it froze and made a weird "bzzzzzz" sound, and i had too unplug my Nintendo Wii, and had too start back too the previous save![the save before the save where it froze]. I was really MAD...