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United States

Thu 24th Jul 2008

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Matt_Walker commented on Mega Man 9:

Although I have no interest in Mega Man (I always like Metroid better. ) this is a great, fantastic idea on the developer's part. 8-bit graphics and music!? Super cheap to make! 8-bit graphics and Music? Super fun to play, and appeals to all the classic gamers, which, is a majority.

I predict this game will make a super amount of money; much more then was spent to make it.

As for Mega Man... I just never really liked it. Maybe becuase I was traumatized by Mega Man 64; the first title of the series I played.



Matt_Walker commented on Review: LostWinds:

This definatly will be my first Wiiware purchase. It looks like it's great, and you all have spoken so highly of it, plus it got a 9 or 10. Is that the highest rating here on the entire webstie?

Anyway, can't wait to get it. Very original sounding.