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Good and evil battle for a young warrior’s heart. There is one force in the universe that keeps good and evil in perfect balance. It is called the tree of Mana. But a magic sword has tricked a young warrior into upsetting this balance, spreading evil throughout the land. Thus, the warrior must undertake a dangerous journey to find the seeds of the Mana tree, which have been hidden for centuries.

Only then can perfect harmony be restored. In this incredible adventure, things are not as they seem. Magic swords release evil as well as fight it. Treasure chests hold booby traps. Monsters are friends and friends are enemies. Potions give power, black magic takes it away. Dragons fly, weapons change. It’s a world turned upside down that you must help the warrior make right. And the only way to succeed is to solve the Secret of Mana.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Good and evil battle for a young warrior’s heart. There is one force in the universe that keeps good and evil in perfect balance.

As action rpgs started to gain in popularity during the 16-bit era, many game companies began cashing in on this new trend. Some were good, and some not so good. Enix had already created a hit with their action rpg Soul Blazer and it seemed only natural...

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User Comments (184)



Bass_X0 said:

what did you call your characters? I originally named mine Jago (boy), Cammy (girl) and Sprite (sprite). But later settled on Heero (boy), Ally (girl) and Sprite (sprite).



KeeperBvK said:

Yay, so we can expect lots more S-E games in the future. This is a great beginning. =)



Terra said:

Maybe Square Enix are part of Nintendo's plan of not releasing loads of AAA Titles at once. Now this has been announced, i will download this in an instant.

Personally, i think one of the few reasons game companies are re-releasing there games on the VC is to squeeze more money out of them. Anyone agree?



hansolo350 said:

Terranigma I thought that was the only reason companies put games onto the service.



Terra said:

Well it probably is. Unless there are companies who aren't thinking of the money but of the customers. Haven't seen one of those for awhile



Sage_Joch said:

@croomz: back in the days you could actually play this game with up to three people, but for that to happen you had to have the snes multitap cord (of what else it was called). Sweet memories playing nights on end with my brother, one of the first games to really touch me.
here's to hoping it will be released in the west very soon!



Ian_Daemon said:

@Bass XO:
I have no idea... That was a loooong time ago.

This is an early standard for multi-player!

@Sage Joch:
Good memory. It was called the Super Nintendo Multitap (in the U.S. anyway) I still have mine. It's in the original box if you can believe it...



CuzinMike said:

Didn't they cut out a large portion of the original story to this game and cd quality music when super-nintendo CD failed? I wonder if that means that while we'll get the snes port on the VC, perhaps Nintendo will remake this game as it should have been for the DS. If that happens then i'd def invest in a DS. Imagine multiplayer co-op on different DS's?!



CuzinMike said:

Its funny after playing Ys Book I and II, the one boss looks just like the Mantis boss of Mana!



CanisWolfred said:

Personally, I prefer Secrets of Evermore, but Secrets of Mana was alright too. For 8 bucks, I'll pick it up.

Still waiting on news of Secrets of Evermore though...



slangman said:

Can't wait for this to come. Hopefuly this will come to europe. No need to buy the cart for 40 + quid now.



Chipmunk777 said:


I think when I first played the game when I was like 10 or 11, I named them Eric (boy, my name), Jac (girl, my sister's name), and Midget (sprite). Ahhh man, such good memories. Me and my sister used to play this all the time when we first got it. The two player co-op was the best! Occasionally, we will still pick up the cart and play it together

Also, I greatly prefer SoM to SoE. I wasn't a big fan of SoE's magic system (well I kind of liked it, but I like SoM's traditional system better), and SoE just seemed kind of unpolished to me. In the sound effects, graphics, all that kind of stuff. I still like the game, just not as much as SoM. Maybe I'm just partial



Jazzem said:

I'll be honest, I was pretty disappointed with this when I finally got a copy a few years back. I thought the combat was pretty weak (And hated how you couldn't avoid spells), the comrade AI terrible and didn't like how you had to be so close to the end of the screen to make it scroll.

But you know what? I have this nagging feeling that I need to give it another chance, especially since it's such a nice looking and sounding game. So maybe I'll rebuy it via the VC and enjoy it as much as others have done



Iggy said:

If this comes to US i would defentally get it i always wanted to play the one for the GBA.



Adamant said:

The characters' official names are Randi (boy), Purim (girl) and Popoie (sprite).



Decus_Q said:

this game was by far the best in the Mana series. however my only complaint was the lack of direction at times. there are scenario situations which you are oblivious to until you read someone elses cheat guide. and throughout most of the game the translated dialogue is a bit dry at times. but more than once it hit a chord of sorrow for the personal journey of the characters and where the road leads them.



Corbs said:

While I still prefer Seiken Densetsu 3, this was one outstanding action-rpg and a great addition to the Virtual Console. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with more Square-Enix games popping up on the Virtual Console.



Loooca said:

Oh dear, the starting screen with SquareSoft's logo got a whimper from me. It surely brings back so many memories

@Jazzem: Honestly? Those are some weak protests you've got there. At that time, the things Secret of Mana offered us no other RPG at that time, on the SNES, dreamed to offer. It sets it self apart from other RPGs at that time, and that's what made it so special.



WittyManOfStyle said:

You know what guys, I always hear about how Square-Enix can make more money with a DS remake.

Well, let me ask you guys something.

WHAT IF they went ahead with their release of technical remake of Chrono Trigger DS, and then released Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console as well..............WOULDN'T they make MORE money that way?

(and on the plus side people without a DS could have the original)



Adroitone said:

That is EXACTLY the question I've been asking since S-E said such BS. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Of course they would make more money



Jazzem said:

@Looca I'm not denying it's an impressive game for its time, I just personally found those flaws to really hinder the game for me (And can you explain as to how they are weak protests? It's a bit unfair to shoot them down as that and not say why)

As I say though I think I need to give the game another chance, and try to play it in multiplayer as I hear it's a much better experience with friends.



Aldo said:

I love the Game Alcahest!
One of the best Square Enix Games ever I thought!
But Terranigma is still quite a good Game!



Drake said:

@ Aldo: Terranigma is pretty much my favourite SNES game. A must-play for everybody if it ever comes to VC. I keep hoping Square announces Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia/Time and Terranigma for VC, but now they keep putting up their own games instead of Enix's



manson77 said:

Also hope, that all those awesome Square Games from the SNES Times will come back. Pchew!



stinssd said:

Wouldn't this be great to play through the Wii-network with each other multiplayer?



WoRMaSTeR said:

Oh the nights spent playing this on co-op, good times indeed. I would not mind at all to play this again...



Nightsky071 said:

This game is so freakin awsome! I want it on my Wii NOW!



mr_w said:

God, I love this game. Since it's already been localized, I really can't imagine why they wouldn't bring this over to the states. It's totally worth however long they make me wait for it. Now if squenix and nintendo could find it in their hearts to bring over part 3...

@ Bass X0: [Dallas] boy, [Maria] girl, [Shorty] sprite. sigh memories.

Also, what's the deal with the other games in this series? How can not one of them be as good as this game? [never played 3 mind you]



This game is too much like most other RPGs. So it uses Action elements instead of traditional ones. You're still a teenaged boy, fighting the same monsters, with the same style of music.



CanisWolfred said:


I prefer to think of it more as Zelda with a level-up system, though you're right, at the end of the day it still doesn't feel like anything new, especially if you play it on your own. It's still an enjoyable game if you take it for what is, just don't expect it to knock your socks off.



@ Mickeymac

I like Legend of Zelda, that's a game with some RPG elements, but a lot more to offer than something like Secret of Mana. But on the other hand, Secret of Mana is just not my type of game.



Ricardo91 said:

I loved Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy, which was basically the prequel to this game, so I'm really looking forward to this one. Never found the GBA port.

@Mr. W. Love your avatar, man! It reminds me of what could've been...



WarioFan63 said:

WHAT IF they went ahead with their release of technical remake of Chrono Trigger DS, and then released Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console as well..............WOULDN'T they make MORE money that way?

No they would be making less. People would be more willing to pay for $8 Chrono Trigger instead of $40 Chrono Trigger if both were available.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I have tried and RE-tried to get into this game. I've played it over and over again hoping that somehow I'll care for the characters or enjoy the storyline and to this day I have not been able to do it. I first rented this when it was released for the SNES and I had problems with the difficulty. Years later, on the emulator I realize that it's not the difficulty that I dislike, its the fact that I do not care about these characters. If an RPG can't do that in the first hour of gameplay, then there's nothing for me here. I won't be downloading this when it becomes available.



antihero82 said:

I'm probably going to be the only one that really never liked this game. The graphics were great but it just couldn't hold it's own against Zelda, but what game could? When is Square/Enix going to bring out the big guns....Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI? Does anybody know the latest on their future on the VC?



Bass_X0 said:

secret of mana actually could hold its own against zelda: a link to the past. it was a great game and is still great today - okay, so it didn't have an abundance of puzzles like zelda did and was pretty much straight fighting but it was still awesome. when it comes out, you should get it again.

chrono trigger and final fantasy vi won't come out on the VC - square are happier to port or remake them for the DS and sell them at a much higher cost.



Kurachi said:

it was my very first favorite snes game.. and last, cuz i never found such good game on snes as this one, IMO
i remember as yesterday... i wanted it so badly, but we didnt have the money, but finally i could buy, and so i did
i'll be 1 of the first ones who will get in VC

as for chrono trigger, i never could find in anystore here, loved it on emulator (no, i will not send it or give any link since its illegal) and thx to that i want it on VC too

SoM gets 11/10

my SoM names were(and still will be on VC): Ron (boy), Maria(girl), Nico(sprite)
Ron is my own name, i liked a girl on school who was named Maria, and met a friend in hospital who's name was Nico



mr_w said:

I'm actually going to put down Mega Man 9 for this. Good bye world.

@Taco_Human: That's hard to say. Personally I haven't played this in like 10 years but when I did it took me a couple of months with all the other stuff like school, eating and sleeping going on. It's not very puzzle oriented like LotP and pretty straight forward on action.



Bass_X0 said:

easily thirty hours.

but they will be an extremely enjoyable thirty hours. unlike zelda, you won't be wandering around aimlessly too much. and even when you are, every enemy you kill gives you experience for your weapons and magic so it never becomes boring or pointless.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

How are the feelings about Secret of Mana nower days in the rest of the world? In Sweden, a strange mana-hating trend has been rageing on forums for some years. Complaints aren´t only about the inferior translation, "broken" gamemechanics is regarded as a truth.

When SoM was released everyone was raving about how great it was, but there has been some kind of backlash. Is this a local Swedish trend?



Shiryu said:

Hope this gets an european release soon, I assume it will be trickier because every region need to get the correct languange version.



Manicfatty said:

I have a new tradition since I began my boycott of VC games. My digital hunger strike, if you will (Ninty probably doesn't care, but I feel better). Every Monday I look at the downloads and then break out the corresponding cartridge to play on my not so virtual consoles . I have to admit to cheating a bit, though... I've been playing 'Mana' for a week now. I had no idea it was going to be released, but I was just craving a go. The music, in my opinion, bests some of the Final Fantasy scores, and the atmosphere the game creates is second only to Chrono Trigger. It certainly is not as vast a game as Chrono or other Square titles, but it is a sweet ride. And playing with a couple of friends is actually pretty cool! It's not massive, and it's not online, but it sure is fun to fight and explore together!

@That Guy from Faxanadu - I'm thinking that it must be Swedish thing, because my friends are crapping themselves with joy over it's release. Me? I'm going to fire up my SNES when I get home and lose myself in 'Mana' yet another day!



Corbs said:

Mana is a great action rpg. Not to be missed by rpg fans. Although I played through it again on my Super NES several months ago, I'm hearing it calling my name again.



MrLopez said:

I only played sword of mana on the GBA. I liked the fighting, you don't really go in a battle but it's more like zelda.
Can't wait for it to come to Europe!



Airola said:


I agree with you what comes to the annoying scrolling. While I so much wanted to play this game and found it's world fascinating, the unbelievably annoying scrolling was simply too much. I can't understand why on earth they chose to use scrolling like that. It shouldn't be a problem to make the scrolling happen a bit earlier.



morphballer said:

Is it just me or was this the fastest VC download I've ever gotten? This game must have taken about 5 seconds to download and it's only 33 blocks! I'm pretty sure this was a 16 meg game so why is it so much smaller than other SNES downloads?



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, for some reason I could never get into this game. I didn't like the battles, I didn't like the story or the characters; basically the only thing I really enjoyed about this game was cutting the grass( then again, I really like cutting grass). I never played it with more than one person, but I doubt any of my friends would want to play it, so that doesn't really matter. Oh well, I'll just wait for Secrets of Evermore.



Draygone said:

I never played the game before and for a moment considered downloading it, but then I saw the scrolling in the video. I've played games where the screen doesn't scroll until you're close to the edge before, and I always found myself frustrated at being unable to see more than three feet in front of my character.



agentshags said:


/me has soiled his self

I LOVE this game! even after playing it many times I don't think I have beat that damn mana dragon yet!

this is a MUST buy for any self respecting human being

now wheres my wii points! looks like ill me needing more, darnit!

also, please bring us evermore next nintendo!



Taco_Human said:

Well, if I get the points, I'll buy it. I'm just glad we are getting more SNES games.



Rexy said:

@Bass, comment #2 (lol, that's gone a while back): I was really corny when naming all my characters in emulating it. The boy got MY name (I know I'm a girl but my real name is suited for any gender), the girl got named Monica (I must have been watching too much Friends at the time) and the sprite got named Pepper (a great animal name IMO).

I swear, all those names were uber cheesy back then: if it ever sees the light of day in Europe, I'll change my naming strategy. >.>



deggs said:

never played this but i loved ff adventure for gameboy back in the day. i'll prob dl it for vc though cuz i've been hearing rave reviews for over a decade from my friends about this thing. but yeah, i did own secret of evermore and i hated it so even though these are unrelated in practically every way except publisher and genre, there might be the chance i don't like it...



Eltigro said:

I used to have Sword of Mana for the GBA. But then my wife had some kind of thing where she was supposed to be getting something for a poor kid (you know, where they have a list of stuff and you sponsor them or something...) Anyway, one of the things this kid wanted was a Game Boy Advance game. We couldn't afford a new one at the time and since I still had all the instructions and box and everything, she made me give it all up so I could give it to this kid for Christmas.

It was a good thing for the kid. A nice thing to do. But damn I wanted to keep the game. I was just starting to really get into it. Now this really makes me want to download this version and play it.



Cally said:

I got my hands on a cart a few years back, and considering the legendary status of this game, I was rather underwhelmed myself. I even heard some people mention it in the same breath as Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, which is seriously pushing it. I think the game would have been WAY more fun with another player or two. Kind of a cross between Zelda and Final Fantasy . . . though I don't recall many puzzles, or remember much of anything about the story.

Pretty simple and (I'm afraid) repetitive, but then, that's what would have made it really great if I had friends around at the time who would go for it. (maybe now's a good time to round up the riffraffs again . . .) Very enjoyable art and music, and an action-RPG that somehow doesn't make you say "Zelda-wannabe" is something else.

@ Eltigro:

WOW! As sad as that is to hear you lost the game, it's really awesome to hear someone else that feels empowered to give, even on a limited budget like that (man I can feel that . . .). Hats off to you, sir!



Kurachi said:

my sis once played it, but when someone like me helps you, you wont see much of the game, she got through in no time... stupid me, making the game way too easy for her
anyway, i love to play it on VC
and since it always has been my best snes game, i expected it very good, and thought it would cost 900 points, but its even 800
i wouldnt mind paying 900, cuz i think its worth it, but 800 is very nice
thanks nintendo
when i searched for this (cuz i was hoping they would give it on VC) i found this site, and this page made me so happy, now i cant wait anymore

edit: omg, i didnt see its released in US already, not europe yet, cant wait any longerrrrr



Bass_X0 said:

if you never played secret of mana before now, what is your impression of it?



slangman said:

@ Kurachi It will cost 800 points It was released in europe after all. I myself hope it comes to EU soon (resists looking at youtube video)



StarDust4Ever said:

It's good to see Square releasing more of its games, although the only one I was really interested in [SMRPG] has already been released in all territories. I doubt we'll see final fantasies for a while though...



Ian_Daemon said:

I downloaded and played Secret of Mana last night. Woooo! Eight bucks for such an awesome game? No question, a must buy! Now I just have to make time to play it to completion.

I can name various characters...I can switch which character leads my party on the fly...THREE player co-op in an RPG!...Equipping a different weapon actually makes a visual difference. I know this all sounds trivial, but for the time was freakin' awesome! Still is.

OH, and I forgot to mention, it's so small (filesize)! I was going to start the download and go get a drink, but I didn't have time. I stayed because I was surprised it was downloading so quickly. I guess I'm used to the WiiWare download times now...



Chipmunk777 said:

Very good review, Corbie! The only thing missing was a discussion about the ability to raise your skill with a certain weapon/element. This was one of the most addicting things about this game, for me! You gain experience the more you use a type of magic (Undine [Water], Gnome [Earth], Sylphid [Lightning], etc.), and when you gain a level the spells become stronger. Some spell animations also change as you get more proficient in a type of magic.

Weapons use the same type of system, but when you gain a level you can charge an attack for longer and do stronger attacks, each with different animations.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite games of all time. This is a steal at $8. Especially with the 3 player co-op option (I was never able to play 3 player on my SNES because you needed some weird multi-tap type thing), this is one of the best games you can get on the VC.



Kurachi said:

@slangman : i know, but not on VC
strange story, but in the past it was my only fun thing, thx to SoM i could be happy, so will buy at all cost

maybe weird to mention, but i dont think seiken densetsu 3 was ever released where i live (or in europe at all) but i played an emulator version, and i love it too, so lets hope they will release it at VC aswell

back to SoM: @chipmunk777: same here, we never had money for it to buy that multi-tap, but soon we can on wii

i completed SoM almost with anything, almost all strongest armors, max level, weapons i gave them were max
once i got it on VC i'll get anything maxed (also counts magic) for real
and then slay the endboss at maximum

also i saw 2 nice challenges for SoM: 1. no armor and 2. being high level (maybe maxed) before mantis ant, will take ages, but i do anything for my favorite snes game



Bass_X0 said:

mantis ant, you mean the first boss?

thats not a challenge, its just a waste of time.



Kurachi said:

also, i must say this:
i refuse to use cheats, so no gameshark/gamegenie or whatever cheats i could use

as for "challenge to be maxed before mantis ant" : its a big challenge to stay there until maxed lvl
i wont spend all my time with SoM there though, just making 1 save game which will get it, but will not only do that, when i get bored of it, i do another save game with my old nicknames for them, and max everything ingame before beating the endboss, thats my 1st goal in SoM from VC and my most important one



DeadWolfSA said:

Secret of Mana is nothing like Zelda. Please play the game first before reviewing it.

800 wii points is a steal for this game seeing as you'll be paying a pretty penny for a SNES copy. Hopefully Square will stop ignoring the fans and make a US release of SD3.



Spoony_Bard said:

I could never get into this game either. I bought it when it first came out, and I don't think I was ever able to finish it. The story bored me (ruining the RPG element), and the slow combat and poor AI was not that exciting (ruining the action element). I always wanted to like this game (tried every couple years to play it again), but I could never stick it out... and I loved the GB version!



morphballer said:

I keep getting stuck in this game. For instance, how am I supposed to know you have to talk to some random girl in a town to advance the story? This is when I wish more RPGs had a talk to your party feature like in Phantasy Star IV.



Adamant said:

Talking to the girl in Pandora to be allowed into the ruins is pretty idiotic, yeah, but luckily it's the only such event in the game, and by the time you have to do it, you've already been everywhere but the ruins, and you've been told a couple times that you should go there. Talking to the people in town isn't that completely out of the question.



Shiryu said:

Funny trivia: Seiken Desentsu 2 started out as being one of the very first Super CD lunch titles. When the Super CD was scrapped, Square had to cut out many things in order to fit the game into a 16megabit cartridge. I wonder what it would look like if it would have been shiped on a CD instead...



CuzinMike said:

Great Review Corbie, it really captured the essence of the game, along with Chipmunk's additions to its gameplay aspects. I've definately played this game one too many times but i've never gotten tired of it.

@Jogurt the Yogurt : Was this the first squaresoft game to introduce moogles??? They've seem to become commonplace after this, i.e. FF3 (VI).
@Shiryu: I'd love to imagine what this game could've been like if they released it in its entirety. I know certain parts of the script and character background could've been further elaborated on.



Kurachi said:

Talking to girl in pandora to get through ruins isnt idiotic imo
lot of people might have had troubles finding the goals, but thats what good games are made off, find the adventure yourself, thats way better then look at sites like gamefaqs, and more fun if you have to search for your stuff, which i did

it was an easy game, took long first time, but i learned fast, and never really had troubles finding the adventure by talking, which is required in most good old rpg's

once i got it, i wont stay away from it anymore
i use my wii everyday with especially smash bros brawl, but with SoM, i'll use VC more then ever

since i use the VC, i cant have a day without thinking about it
for now i wait for this incredible-awesome-superior... game
Go Nintendo Go



Adamant said:

@CuzinMike: Moogles were introduced in FF3 for the NES, and some very moogle-esque "Beavers" appeared in FF2. Moogles also appeared in FF5, which I believe predates SoM.



deadly_by_design said:

I always get a little annoyed at figuring out where to go in the first parts of the game, but it's still a favorite. Just got to the Ruins in Pandora tonight, and this is one VC title I'm not losing interest in after a few hours.



Kurachi said:

nice to hear
i still have to wait for it, which i really cant anymore
from the day i bought kirby's adventure from VC, i cant wait for more good games from my past (and chrono trigger, which i never got back then, and never found anywhere in stores)
i'll tell once i got SoM on VC, cuz this game is worth more then 800 points to me, so getting on VC makes me the happiest guy around
ps. mana theater has funny SoM movies



Charco said:

I'm a big fan of Legend of Zelda ALTTP and not really into traditional RPG's. Is this more similar to the Zelda/Neutopia style of adventure game? I would definitely try it if it is.



deadly_by_design said:


While you level up, etc, it's much more action-oriented than traditional RPGs. No turns, etc. There is a 'cooldown' or recharge for your attacks, so you can't swing constantly and do full damage, but it just paces things.



Charco said:

Thanks deadly.by.design, that sounds like I would like it. Turn-based stuff has absolutely no appeal to me at all. I'll give this a go.



Kurachi said:

@ Charco

You should look at youtube, even though they have spoilers, you still can see what kind of game it is.

dont ever ask me if its a good game, cuz i love it with all my heart
this game remains the best memories of my whole youth

and yes, the cooldown of attacks, most people i played it with still dont understand (or are impatient), so i guess lot of impatient people wont buy it

again @ Charco

you can run in the game, but this also uses your energy, so you have to recharge before attacking, its not that way with magic, but if you are too strong, you shouldnt use too much in a row, since max dmg is 999

the first time i fought the endboss, i just barrels to survive, but after a while i saw the girl's magic having a barrier against any attack, so decided to use it, and worked out great, cuz at high lvl, it stays for 2 rounds of flights of the endboss (as far as i know, cuz i never actually maxed my magics)

thx nintendo for adding this to VC, if it were only here now
also, i'm glad to see that there are lots of SoM fans besides me, most people i know (and knew back then) dont like it



President_Leever said:

I could never get into this one but I liked the spinoff title Secret of Evermore, which I played first. SoMs story felt really cookiecutter jRPG with poor focus and silly dialogue (I've read somewhere that it was poorly translated though). I didn't even know where to be going at times and walking around aimlessly got boring after a while because there just isn't that much going on in the gameworld. Furthermore the AI was poor and you could easily abuse the magic system, making the game way too easy. The dungeons, compared to Zelda or Landstalker, were nothing special. I loved the battle system at its core though and the menu interface seemed really modern at the time. Oh and the music was damn good!



Kurachi said:

i myself dont really compare games, because i think: every game is different, most of the time that is the truth
i see every game as itself, SoM has no real clone SoM has a story going on from the start, about mana tree and its powers, and the monsters who want to use its powers to rule the world
SoE has way different story, and characters are different aswell, and not just the looks

now that i mention it, i never really had the chance to play SoE the right way.... lets hope it'll be in VC too

as for SoM, i saw an update in wii shop channel, but i guess i have to wait for it

i've seen it so much: SoM compared to Zelda
i dont get it, i always saw zelda way different, mana has inventory/options/magic rings, zelda has 1 screen
then mana has way different style of textures then zelda has, they might look like each other, but still are diffferent styles, not just looks
zelda has sword which wont get stronger, just changes swords ingame (except for once), mana has more weapons which always get stronger by orbs
i could compare forever, but i wont
the only thing whats same is how you swing a weapon, but that wont make them games of same style

the examples are game style ones, but most things are different
you cant compare em, because they have so much differences
you only could say: i prefer the (gamename) style
anyway, the few bad/less good points make the game lil more challenging IMO



stinssd said:

Here's a hint: don't forget to EQUIP YOUR ARMOR. A friend once played this game quite far without realizing this truth--not bad, actually, for a challenge!



Kurachi said:

i agree, maybe i'll try that once, too
SoM has 4 save datas, so 1 will be my own old team, normal adventures, 1 with challenges like getting very high lvl before mantis ant (first boss) and weak (or no) armor is good one, too, maybe the 2nd without armor, and 3rd at high lvl(maybe max) before mantis ant
4th.... dunno yet
thing is, its not in europe yet, so have to wait.... i'm bad at that



RetroNL said:

One of the best rpg titles in history. 2 player direct play rpg. What do you want more ? To be honest, I like this game even more than the king of snes Rpg' s Chrono Trigger and that was also one of the best Rpg' s ever made.

4 stars (4,5)



Kurachi said:

i agree, but i never got chrono trigger legal, just rom, but its not the same, i prefer controllers just like i have secret of mana for snes, both rom and original, but controllers and console feel way better, especially on wii now, cuz i have no room for snes, and all games on 1 console is best of all
and not just 2 players, can also be 3 with another friend, or bro or such

i wish they will be able, and release, chrono trigger on VC
to be honest i really cant play much on emulators, it gets somehow boring way faster then using VC

as for now, i'm gonna wait for SoM, and will look for more games i wanna download now... in VC BUT, i'll keep 800 points for SoM

ps. wow lot of smilies this time , lol



DjinnFighter said:

I bought Secret of Mana earlier this week. It's pretty good ! But, it's harder than I thought lol



Kurachi said:

yea, it can be hard for new ones in SoM, but once you get used to it, you can defeat the endboss
i made it through long ago at snes, even before i had N64 without looking at internet, since we didnt have it back then and noone helped me, no... worse... i had to help others cuz i was best in this game

once i got it on VC i wont quit it and make challenges for myself:P
it has 4 save games anyways

good luck with it DjinnFighter

ps. i'm not gonna help, cuz if i do, the game will be boring
i once helped my sis (said earlier) and she did it with ease, thx to me, so she didnt like it anymore, i wont destroy the fun for anyone else anymore by not helping, sry if you want help, ask someone else, or read gamefaqs site (hope i'm allowed to say gamefaqs here )



Bass_X0 said:

Virtual Console games was last week. This week is WiiWare games. Next week is Virtual Console games again.

Sorry to disappoint but you should know this already.



Kurachi said:

oh, i never knew that, now i do, thx
so i have to wait another week, oh well, lets hope it'll be there then
better 1 more week then 10, i guess
and when its finally here, i go post here again, and then i play it a lot

ps. i never knew cuz i really didnt watch it like that, so thx again

Edit: but hey, i saw some game which had 10 days between american and euro release...



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah, it alternates between WiiWare games and Virtual Console games every week for Europeans and Australians. I believe its because they need the extra week to translate WiiWare games into the various languages.



Ian_Daemon said:

I spent a couple of hours last night "grinding" and this is still a fun game after all these years...and all the competition.



Kurachi said:

hehe, great that i see that people like it and even play it nowadays
now it'll be my turn, but guess that takes a while (europe)
but when the time is right (so when i got it on VC) i will be playin after years not doing SoM cuz of no space... and other games



slangman said:

Never played SoM before but i really can't wait to download it once it becomes available since it sounds like a really awesome game due to the hype. If the quality of the game is anything like Super Mario RPG then i should find this really enjoyable.



Kurachi said:

i saw super mario rpg, but i think SoM has better graphics, if thats what you mean
i cant subscribe the graphics, its not cartoonish, pixel-ish (like older games) or real-looking
someone i knew back then called it manga-style

it has pretty nice story imo, but even better challenges for new ones
then what i like most of the game (except my own feelings about this one)... i think its fun with magic and all the weapons

2 words: a real rpg (oh thats 3 ) and some funny text, some sprites (characters) look funny too

if you played old rpg's and still like em, then its a mustbe imo



Betagam7 said:

WHen this does come out, it might at least convince my local Gamestation to stop trying to flog there battered old copy for £59.99 as they've now been doing unsuccesfully for over two years!



Bass_X0 said:

if nintendo don't give it us next week, i'll just download the ROM and play that. I have money for you Nintendo and more than willing to give it to you. you don't want it, thats fine with me.



Kurachi said:

haha, i'm glad i'm not the only one this impatient
lets hope they will give it soon
as for nintendo, they wont get any more money from me until i got SoM

what you say Bass X0? we gonna hack their shop channel until they give it to us?

ps. i have the rom, but somehow it dont make me happy...



slangman said:

Same here i really hope this comes out next week. Although i doubt i will play the game on an emulator since that will ruin the experence for me. I never played the game before. Besides ROMs are kinda crap.



Bass_X0 said:

can't do that, Kurachi - one guy just lost his World of Goo because he downloaded it outside of america.



slangman said:

I hear changing you Wii's region to NA or Japan doesn't work anymore thanks to the recent update blocking homebrew.



AlexSays said:

I just downloaded this game the other day, so I'll be trying it out today.
Hopefully it's as good as everyone says it is.



Kurachi said:

actually i meant hacking like that noone can use it, until we got it, so that they have to give it.... as a joke i wasnt serious
i never knew that could be done, changing your wii's region

lets wait for the europe release of SoM now, and hope it'll be here as soon as possible
and yes, roms are crap, its not the feeling of real gaming



Red_Yoshi said:

Oh man, i love this game. I hope, this game coming out this friday in the EU Wii-Shop. RMC had post a rumor few days ago.

Please Nintendo, make this dream real!



Kurachi said:

hehe, well, they released it in america, so why not in europe, i think its very popular, so they wont decline and miss lot of money
i have enough games i'd buy on VC, but most arent even at the coming soon part
so our dream comes true soon (i hope)
lets hope together now



Starwolf_UK said:

my local Gamestation to stop trying to flog there battered old copy for £59.99 as they've now been doing unsuccesfully for over two years!
Items like those are bait to get people to go "Oh SNES games sell for that much, i've got some at home let me try my luck" and proceed to get all of £14.79 for their collection.

I hear changing you Wii's region to NA or Japan doesn't work anymore thanks to the recent update blocking homebrew.
That is correct. But anyway, one person with an EU Wii who got the American Secret of Mana (SoM) two weeks ago but it went straight to a black screen...shame, as 60Hz SoM would have been nice.

Oh man, i love this game. I hope, this game coming out this friday in the EU Wii-Shop. RMC had post a rumor few days ago.
The just of the rumour is a magazine came out a few days ago which would know dates in advance and has SoM labeled under "out now" indicating they published the magazine a bit early (as in they were thinking a week in advnace) or it was meant to come on the 17th.

Thing is Nintendo do change their plans last minute due to issues arrising. Happens all the time with the Japanese shop and their monthly shedules (heck happens often enough in America as VC-PCE.com shows up ).



Bass_X0 said:

I sold my boxed copy of Secret of Mana a few years ago and got a good price for it. About £35 maybe a bit more. Not bad for a game I didn't play anymore.



Foamyfan231 said:

Amazing game. I want this game so bad. I LOVE MULTIIPLAYER COOP ON THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of Square's ultimate classics



Corbs said:

I've still got my copy of Secret of Mana that I bought the very day it was released. I was very excited about this game when it came out and I still play through it every now and again to this very day. Which reminds me, I still need to play through Seiken Densetsu 3 again sometime soon. It's been a good while.



pikmin95 said:

Love this game. The only flaw is that when you're baced into a corner with an enemy hacking away at you, you can't get out. Besides that this game is very enjoyable.



Kurachi said:

i saw that flaw which is especially in the mana fortress (last place)
there you might get stuck in walls or where there are no floors, so watch out for that, cuz if you cant reach a platform for whip-jumping, you'll be stuck forever (not sure, but i think you cant use ropes there)
and if it happens you'll have to start over (reset game) where you saved last time (which was on snes: L+R+Select+start)
with the VC auto state save it might be worse, unless you reset with wii remote (dont know if the 4 buttons still work)
except for that, no problems, because outside you can call flammie(if you're that far)



Kurachi said:

yes, but it also happened once at the jumper thingy you see between potos and pandora
the game is easy for me, i know most places, forgot a very little
but as i said earlier: i helped my sis and she was through it way too fast, so wont help anymore, sry



pikmin95 said:

Ah yes, the wall boss. Super frustrating and nearly impossible to beat (unless you know what to do).



Kurachi said:

not a boss, its in the forest between pandora and potos, near potos actually, there is a yellow animal (looks like one) which let you jump up, there you can get stuck, but no reason to be there, so no worries
as for the wall boss, if you get stuck, you still can hit at least 1 eye, since you stay close at them, and then you have 3 characters, so the other 2 can fight if you cant



pikmin95 said:

Alright, I just beat the really annoying "pure land" with all of those bosses. Now I'm off to the Mana Fortress. I'm almost done!



Bass_X0 said:

Never knew about this until today.

This glitch allows your characters to permanently have super strength, speed, defense, or any other power from the girl's magic menu.

Cast the spell of your choice on any single character, then immediately save your game after staying at the inn. When you restart your game, your character will have that power permanently. You can do this with as many power spells as you like, but some spells may interfere with others and cause previous powers to disapear.

And the Mana Fortress takes ages to get through.



Kurachi said:

hmm, i heard about that glitch, tried once but failed, and never really bothered to try again (yes on snes... no emulator)
mana fortress is very big indeed, but someone who played and completed SoM for lots of times (like myself) can do it in no time
thats why i will make challenges in SoM once i got it on VC, cuz i always did the story, and never made challenges, but VC will change that, so let them put in on VC in europe very soon (still hoping)

btw, the trick to do the game some easier (except for asking me to help) is lvling a lot



Bass_X0 said:

hopefully we'll get it this week. i really hope we do along with some other great games - we need a good week. already bought my wii points card in anticipation.



HeikeKagero said:

This is pretty much one of the greatest games of all time and everyone should download it.

It's a shame Europe hasn't gotten it yet.



Kurachi said:

gz to pikmin95
and yes, i ask myself that question a lot, so many fans, but still not here
lets hope they release it next time
i'm waiting for this game for so long now, they will make me happy with it



SergeEXE said:

Truly one of Square's best Masterpieces. Everyone who has a Wii should download this, it's ridiculously cheap and fulfilling for a mere 800 Wii Points.



HeikeKagero said:

When is Square going to bring this to Europe?

I already beat this 3 times on the VC and I want the people in Europe to experience the greatness that this game is



Kurachi said:

i played it on snes, but now like it on VC, not to experience, but to have lots more of fun with my wii
i did beat it on snes, but not on VC... yet , so if they just release it next time... i can be happier with my VC
i gave it 5/5... you can read it if you scroll up, just search



Kurachi said:

update didnt give it, have to wait even longer now
lets hope for next VC weekend then



Capt_K said:

5/5 from me, i remember spending hours on this in my youth. The co-op really made the game IMO. All the different types of magic you can use, ahhhhh, memories...



linrek-1 said:

Yes clearly 5 stars!! Please release it in europe!!! I created an account to say that



Kurachi said:

bad luck then , we have to wait, and i hope this time we have to wait for 2 weeks, not any longer...
i'm glad enough to know its possible they can release it here on VC, so lets wait again, we have no other choice, except for enjoying other games which are released



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, tried it again, still wasn't too thrilled with it, although I did finally figure out how to save, finally, as well as how to dodge enemy attacks, so now I'll be seeing the gameover screen less, not to mention not having to start all over when I do. Anyways, at least this game will tide me over until they release other Square/Enix classics, such as Secret of Evermore, Seiken Densetsu 3(I wish), Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, and Soul Blazer.



Cally said:

. . . Yeah the genre here is glorified "hack 'n slash", along the lines of something like Gauntlet, I think. Lite story, almost no puzzles, and equipment upgrades are just more money/new equipment rinse-repeat. You gain levels, but (as I recall) not with having to spend too much thought about how you're doing it, or too much grinding.



soniczelda_dude said:

I know, SOM's not as compelling as other RPGs storywise. And man, this game really needs a world map. The gameplay's pretty good though, and the co-op aspect is pure awesomeness. Even if i have to use gamecube controllers...



Kurachi said:

not much puzzles, true
not really great/big story, true... just read all the text and you'll see what the story is about
i have gamecube controllers, and i dont think they'll be bad with SoM, unlike zelda (nes) which gets kinda harder if you never played on VC with GC controller (for me it is), there might be more games like that this is 1 reason why i'll buy the classic wii controller soon

i also must say that, what i think of it, SoM was better storywise when it was new on snes, cuz now most people are used to bigger games in these times, and that makes this one somehow smaller than it was back then, but this is just my opinion, how i see it

even if its smaller and easier than it was back then, i still cant wait for it to get on euro VC, cuz i love this rpg



CanisWolfred said:

@soniczelda dude

Yeah, the co-op is awesome, but it would be even more awesome if I actually had someone else who would play it with me.

@ Cally

Wierd thing is, I love hack 'n' Slash, yet still I can't really get into this game. To keep it short, it feels like a Hack 'n' Slash that doesn't want to be a Hack 'n' Slash, and it ends up feeling gimped in the process.


They used to have some sort of Multi-Tap for the SNES, so you could plug in 3 controllers, and SoM used it to allow for 3-person simultaneous play(co-op).



DashKappei said:

Anybody bought the PAL version could please tell me how it is?
Slow, fatty characters/black bordered or dare I dream at least 50Hz opimised? I'm not biting if it's the former but I've always wanted to play this game in 3-way multiplayer since I was a kid... care to answer?

I still don't get why VC-Reviews doesn't state how the PAL version is in their reviews, as it is it's almost worthless since the site doesn't stand on its own, I always have to make further researches to see if the game it's really worth my money.



ShivanDrgn said:

This game is great!! I loved playing it co-op. I even still have the multi-tap! I think I actually got the multi-tap originally for this game.



Bass_X0 said:

Got to the Mana Fortress today. Would have got there sooner but I wanted to build up magic/weapon levels. I remember the fortress being quite tough to get to the end.



dfalco said:

secert of mana it one of my all time fraviotes snes games along with super mario world 2 and other great titles i rember buying secert of mana for £35 in 1995 and i still have the oringal copie for the snes brand new and sealed it worth over £400 i being put it on ebay tonight around about 11oclock starting bid will be £275 or buy it now for £300



Taco_Human said:

Wow, this game is amazing. I think I'm almost half way through with it. Definitely worth more than $8.



timp29 said:

I can't say that I've enjoyed this game as much as many of the users on here have. I've only played through a little way (so my opinion may change) but I've only gotten as far as that fat ass fire boss in the underground dungeon.

What I like about it is its originality. There is no other RPG game quite like this one that I have ever come across. The combat style is unique and the leveling up aspect is good. Also, the ring menus look awesome. It's a small thing to compliment, but that kind of menu system on the SNES feels ahead of its time.

What I don't like is the retarded companion AI. I have had companions die and get stuck in impossible places and to make it worse, you can't select to control them as you can alive characters (in order to move them out of the situation that has all your characters stuck). Moreover, the screen won't scroll unless you have all characters at the edge together making this dead character trap a real problem. Also, someone mentioned the scrolling so close to the edge of the screen, big suck.
I'm also baffled by the hit when down/stun system. The enemies (if you aren't careful) can sometimes stun lock you and obliterate all three of your characters in moments. However, you don't seem to be able to stun lock your adversaries with quite the same dynamic.
And while the menus look sexy, trying to figure out how to access the menu of a specific companion seems like a bit of a lottery. I'll get stuck on the menu of one companion and then after about 5 attempts randomly wind up on the menu of the other with no idea how I managed it.
Finally, the difficulty on this game is quite daunting. That doesn't bother me as much as the other things I've mentioned, but it does ad to making this game hard for me to get into.

So, I would have to say Zelda:A Link to the Past is a more polished game, but it probably didn't take on as much as Secret of Mana. I really don't 'get' secret of mana. I think its because I am playing it as a hack 'n slash when it should be played as more of a strategy. Perhaps thats why I can't get into Secret of Mana... it doesn't really adhere to one particular genre of game. Sorry for such a long winded post. Pat yourself on the back if you're still conscious.



Bass_X0 said:

Its not a difficult game. some points you made are valid - the stun lock, the CPU's intelligence but after a while you come to incorporate these into your strategy - i.e. "I shouldn't do that because then the monsters will trap me" or "I shouldn't go there because then the other two CPU controlled characters will get stuck" - that kinda thing. Also, yeah - because you have to wait for your meter to fill up again between attacks, its not a hack and slash button mash. Attack, defend, attack, defend... learn when a monster takes a hit and when it cannot take a hit and also stay out of the monsters range of attack while waiting for the meter to fill up again. Just walking up to the monster and keep pressing the attack button just doesn't work. Another good trick is to spam magic. Just keep casting it repeatedly. I like to hang around areas with plenty of monsters to keep casting magic upon to raise its level then using the money I earn from killing those monsters to go replenish my MP at a nearby village.

If you liked Secret of Mana, I do recommend Secret of Evermore. However, I do have to say it is more difficult than Secret of Mana is.



Cally said:

Anybody heard of a game called "Brave Fencer Musashi" for the PlayStation1? Somehow I immediately think of it when I try to think of a game that did what SoM was trying to do, a little better--action/RPG with a good, more lighthearted plot, amazing music . . . or this other one called "Alundra."



GN0LAUM said:

I gave this game 4 stars. It has a very fun multiplayer option and the battle system is entertaining, but there is too much reliance on magic attacks and the story is WEAK! Sad about the story. It could have been much better. The characters are also flat. Otherwise, grab a friend and enjoy!



Shinnok said:

I own Brave Fencer, and it's very fun. It's like Square was trying to make an interesting game for once in their lengthy career.



VenomTheEvil said:

Brave Fencer was very good just dont get the 2nd one on PS2..

Anyway really like this game may get it if I am in the mood for more RPGs soon (I have lods of new ones and I am getting Paper Mario AND Ys on VC tomorrow so thats a big maybe)

But I will get this over time



SKTTR said:

I put all my RPG's aside to beat Secret of Mana for the thrid time. (First time on VC.)

My new girlfriend really enjoys this game, so we are grinding, maxing out weapons and magics while leveling up our characters.
After we max-out everything, we journey to the next place where the story goes on. In other games you'll want to quickly advance to see what's coming next. Here you really practice on the grass fields, forests, caves and dungeons with your great selection of weapons and magic.

It's one of the best RPG's for the Super Nintendo, battling has never been so much fun. I loved it in 1994 and it hasn't lost any of it's charm in 2009. A great game, especially with 2 or 3 players.

One of the best SNES games ever.
One of the best multiplayer games ever.
One of the best Hack&Slay-RPGs ever.



Marvelousmoo said:

Wow... this is the best game ever! I am an RPG fan, and this has a good story and gameplay. The attack charge is good because it reduces button smashing. You can have three players playing at one time, and most of the music is amazing. It is really hard though, since it is an old RPG. I had to go back to the forest and train a lot. Hmm... I actually haven't beat the mana fortress part of this game yet... I going to play it right now!



Jeroen1 said:

Finished the game. While the graphics and sound hold up very well, I'm not convinced about the other aspects of the game. The combat is incredibly repetitive and you have to grind a lot. This is my own fault, since I loathe the concept of grinding in general and I should've looked up more info about the game. It doesn't make for a compelling experience in my eyes. I'll just have to play it in short bursts I suppose. I can see why people loved it back in the day as it was truly one of it's kind, but it's definitely not the type of game I can get into.

The AI characters are f*cking retarded as well. Christ, I lost track of the amount of times Popoie or Purim got stuck behind a rock or something.



TheBlueBomber said:

If they only released the content that didnt fit into the cartridge!
SoM "the lost levels".... I would have payed 2000points for that one! =D



brooks83 said:

I just beat the game after playing it off and on for about 6 months or so. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't rate it as high as some people here have. 7 out of 10 for me.



So, I played this, and I don't like it. Go figure.



MrHeli said:

A very solid game with some of the most atmospheric music ever to grace a video game. One of the few RPG/action RPG's I got into back when it was released. Will make sue I complete it this time round. One of my favourite VC games!



Rarewarefan7495 said:

Secret of Mana has to be my favorite RPG on the SNES. The 3 player mode was extremely well done and was well balanced. The weapon upgrades and charging system was done very well also. Everything in the game, from the music to the graphics had a special charm to it that I didn't seem to find in FF2 or FF3. It's a shame that the only good sequel was Seiken Densetsu 3.



ouroborous said:

Yes, Seiken Densetsu 3 was the only sequel or game in the Mana series that was any good aside from the original Secret of Mana in the US. Certainly the only game in the series that stood up in quality. It was only a little different really and not in a bad way at all.



ouroborous said:

Honestly it takes only a close second really to Chrono Trigger, which is indisputably THE VERY BEST of the old RPGs and a game which I have played very many times and will do again.

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