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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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mattyl149 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I've cancelled my pre-order, I'll put the £17.99 towards something else. To be fair, I have the original games, plus Mario All Stars on the SNES. I have too many other games to play and probably would never play this. To be fair, I hate to say this, but I never truly loved SMB3, I always preferred Super Mario World. I didn't care much for SMB2. I played the first SMB when I was 9 or 10 - 23 years ago and I played it to death. I have GT5 on the PS3 and I have ordered the new Donkey Kong game, plus Kirby is out next year

The game is not limited edition enough to make it worth keeping to sell later on, especially in the 50hz format



mattyl149 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2008:

I'm not ashamed to say that I almost wet myself when I saw the Secret Of Mana screenshot and then read it coming to Japan. I know it could be a while before it comes here, but now I know that there is every chance that it could and will. Just have to wait for Majora's Mask, Super Mario Kart, Pilotwings and it will never happen - Goldeneye



mattyl149 commented on Vegas Stakes:

This looks alright, but there are so many PC based gambling simulations for free out there, I'm not really tempted. It's nice to have one on the Virtual Console though, it just means waiting at least another two weeks for Super Metroid