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Wed 13th Feb 2008

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HeikeKagero commented on Nintendo Download: Rebirths, Colours, Jedis an...:

Why would anyone even be upset today? Super Return of the Jedi and Contra Rebirth are awesome games?

Also I don't know why people expected SSB today just because it's labor day. You know that really makes no sense. I highly doubt Nintendo released SMRPG last year just because it was labor day.

Overall though, I am very happy this week



HeikeKagero commented on Iwata: Nintendo Will Not Be Standing Still:

Obviously Nintendo is going to be the best with motion controls. The Wii is 99% motion controlled and Nintendo has been doing that for 3 years now?

and Damo where is your Avatar from? It looks REALLY familiar



HeikeKagero commented on Phantasy Star:

This is my favorite SMS game. Slangman definitely try it out it's awesome. This is the 2nd best in the series



HeikeKagero commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

I am probably in the minority but V is my favorite and wasn't it translated but never released?

Well I hope they release it now so I can play it on my TV instead of the small screen



HeikeKagero commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

I still think its coming.

Wasn't this game rated twice by the ESRB? Wouldn't they have taken it down if the rating was a mistake? Plus this game had no problem coming out in 1995 so there should be no problem with it coming out in 2009



HeikeKagero commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

I just checked and those games were there. Why did you guys remove them from the upcoming list?



HeikeKagero commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

The only game I care about that got removed is Uniracers.

I still want pilotwings and pro wrestling