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Sat 23rd Feb 2008

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mr_w commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

To everyone giving @Bobbery the time of day, stop feeding the troll.

Yes, censorship in any form that seeks to censor an act not hurting anyone specific is ridiculous. It's unfortunate that in order to make money in this world, we often pander to the lowest common denominator. That said, I wouldn't blame Nicalis for censoring this game to broaden its appeal but I hope they don't.

The prudish nature of those offended by female breasts would be easily set at ease by them not purchasing an uncensored version of this game and sticking to any other number of games that don't show parts of the body they're uncomfortable with.

Edit: @slapshot82 Oh thank you. I hadn't posted here in a while and had completely forgotten how posting worked here. Too many websites, too many layouts.



mr_w commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

I don't know if this has been mentioned recently but the reason makes sense. In Japan, copyright laws are a little more lax than they are in the U.S. The best example I can think of is the Fire Pro Wrestling series. All the wrestlers in those games are real life wrestlers with their names changed and maybe some occasional color changes. That wouldn't fly with an indie wrestling game here in the states.

I do however, find incredibly short-sighted for Nintendo of Japan to outright refuse to alter the soundtrack for U.S. audiences. I understand artistic integrity, but dammit, this really isn't fair.



mr_w commented on Secret of Mana:

I'm actually going to put down Mega Man 9 for this. Good bye world.

@Taco_Human: That's hard to say. Personally I haven't played this in like 10 years but when I did it took me a couple of months with all the other stuff like school, eating and sleeping going on. It's not very puzzle oriented like LotP and pretty straight forward on action.



mr_w commented on USA VC Releases: Secret of Mana and Street Fig...:

Holy Crap!!! I thought they were going to make the U.S. wait for at least 6 months to bring Mana over here, if at all! This is without a doubt my favorite action RPG of all time, even more so than Link to the Past!



mr_w commented on Secret of Mana:

God, I love this game. Since it's already been localized, I really can't imagine why they wouldn't bring this over to the states. It's totally worth however long they make me wait for it. Now if squenix and nintendo could find it in their hearts to bring over part 3...

@ Bass X0: [Dallas] boy, [Maria] girl, [Shorty] sprite. sigh memories.

Also, what's the deal with the other games in this series? How can not one of them be as good as this game? [never played 3 mind you]



mr_w commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2008:

I'm glad nobody's in the office with me yet, because I just exploded with unfathomable joy at the news of Secret of Mana being released. I still can't believe my cousin pawned the copy I lent her.



mr_w commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

@thewiirocks: That's exactly what I've been thinking. How many of us are going to buy Sonic or Splatterhouse today when we normally wouldn't have had we had been anticipating the 3 games promised. I'm sure Sonic and Splatterhouse are fine but neither appeal to me, especially when compared to Mega Man, Samurai Shodown II and Y's. But those of you out there who now have the "itch" to buy some VC titles are more likely to buy the two offerings this week for that very reason when you normally wouldn't have. NoA is creating an impulse buy situation.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of NoA's crap. Yeah, they've been doing this for a while but we should NOT be getting used to it. Sure, it's just video games and there are more worthwhile endeavors out there but dammit this is a business and their actions are very unprofessional. Nintendo of Japan lay out their VC and WiiWare releases for the month, it is not unreasonable to expect NoA to adhere to the same standards. We should never cease our demands for good customer service from this or any other company that we willing give our money to.

And in case anybody for NoA reads this: Thank you for this week's offering. I will however, pass on these two VC titles and I will wait patiently until titles that I want are released. You will not be getting any "impulse buy" money from me.



mr_w commented on Three Interplay-Owned Franchises Coming to VC:

I think the reason, if I remember correctly, they are releasing the Genesis version of EJ1 over the SNES version is because the Sega's version has an extra level or two that didn't make it into the SNES version during a time when Nintendo was doing everything thing they could not to offend anybody.

One stage has Jim bungie jumping on a mucus strand fighting some booger character and I believe the other level that was omitted from the SNES version is the one were Jim's in "hell." The latter stage; I'm not too sure about concerning its ommision. In any event, having owned the Genesis version, I can tell you that's a fine version of the game that really only suffers in the sound department only a little.



mr_w commented on Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Con...:

While I don't argue the greatness of any of these fine role playing games, your list has a lot of games that have already been re-released in one form or another within the past 5 or 6 years. I think the VC should deliver some games that we haven't gotten within that time frame. We don't need Majora's Mask or another FF. Games like Y's, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Warrior sure. Secret of Mana plus it's ever so desired and unreleased in the western world sequel, a definite. I mean, Nintendo has my money and they don't even know it.



mr_w commented on US VC Releases - 7th April - Yoshi's Cookie:

Forget this. I'm not buying either one of these. I guess it's a pretty day outside. I'm going to go outside and play some baseball after I'm done feeding my iguana some Oreos.