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Sun 13th Dec 2009

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MrHeli commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

@Tsurii my mum bought mine also.. Spring '92. I remember finding the last few worlds in super Mario world.. Staying up late beat it f-zero, pilotwings, super ghoul's and ghosts, final fight, street fighter 2, link to the past, super castlevania, secret of mana.. Then later donkey kong, yoshi's island....
I had a friend who came over to England from the US and he gave me UN Squadron.. I swapped my game boy I had got In 1990 from America and loads of games for one copy of mystical ninja
My friend had a pic engine from Japan and was jealous I was gonna get a super famicom... Years later and I was downloading all the classic games like axelay, actraiser, assault suits Vulcan, final fantasy etc etc. The megadrive was cool with loads of wicked games, the Neo geo speaks for itself, pic engine, NES, master system... All great systems... But for me the SNES is in a league of its own



MrHeli commented on NES Designer Explains the History of the Conso...:

@BestBuck15 my story is similar to yours, except my mum had bought me a game boy from America almost a year earlier.. Getting the NES was special. Sold it with 3 games, including Mario 3 for £65, so I could get the SNES in April '92. My younger cousins got an NES in the late 80's, but there's was the 'Mattel version' which was written on the console... A licensing issue.. Soon after they changed it to NES version. So you weren't naïve, there were other versions 😊



MrHeli commented on 3D Out Run Developers Talk Over Bringing Class...:

@Ristar42 thans! I was thinking of getting a Saturn for that reason a whole back. Maybe when I have more room in my little flat. Already cramped with a Neo geo CD. Wii, wii U and SNES under my plasma! Maybe the 3DS version will make me want to get it again!



MrHeli commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (Europe):

Demon's Crest and Axelay pour moi.. Might get Afterburner II for nostalgia. Already got Axelay on Wii. I think I managed to get it off of the Australian VC back in '09 or thereabouts



MrHeli commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

👌nice article brother. So many memories with my SNES. Secret of Mana was a special one for me, Castlevania & Zelda too..not to mention SM4, F-Zero, Pilotwings... Goeman, Super G&G. Special console, special time



MrHeli commented on Now There's a Kirby You Can Wear:

Ordered a few things from KOG. The first two items were received in a matter of days. Since then everything I ordered was seized by customs, and I've had to pay up to £82 tax and duty on two sweaters, deayjng delivery by a week or two as well.



MrHeli commented on Review: Final Fight 3 (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

@WanderFan91 I'm with you on that.. As the proud owner of a SNES with games like Demon's Quest & Yoshi's Island, a game boy micro famicom edition, original gameboy & a neo geo pocket color, I'm re-living the 90's again!
Hope you got/get your wii back up and running.. I have about 100+ VC games I've downloaded over the years..but nothing beats the real thing!



MrHeli commented on Review: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (3DS Virt...:

Your English is spot on! For more than one instance of joystick breaking, I can't think of a better phrase. Only, broken joysticks could sound slightly more native. You're right about this game though. Brutal! Nice to have MM on the 3DS, though.