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Wed 31st Dec 2008

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ShivanDrgn commented on Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Final Fantasy ...:

I downloaded Final Fantasy IV and am quite happy with it. Old school RPG goodness. I did notice that you can assign characters to different controllers and play with others which is also cool. Two language settings English and French. Worth the 800 pts!



ShivanDrgn commented on Pro Wrestling:

I liked the one on master system better. I loved beating people with the chairs and the infinite combo's were funny!



ShivanDrgn commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

I enjoyed this game and purchased all of the extra content. I will admit it does get a bit repetitive but it is one of those "just one more turn before I stop playing" games. It can be addictive and fun waiting to see how your adventurers are doing.

My overall is 8/10



ShivanDrgn commented on Secret of Mana:

This game is great!! I loved playing it co-op. I even still have the multi-tap! I think I actually got the multi-tap originally for this game.