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Tue 3rd Jun 2008

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Decus_Q commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

To me I beleive personally and with full conviction World of Goo would not be what it is without it's music. The game overall is a great game with one of the best physics engine and a good back story. But without the music i don't think it would have had such an impact to take it to the number 1 spot it's at right now. The music sounds like Dr. Suess, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman got together and wrote the score and designed the game around it. My truth on the matter is because of the music I was nearly brought to tears during it's most depressing or hopeful moments for the little goos and the world they were used in. Further more I recommend that this games music recieve the highest honors amoungst we gamers who are fortunate enough to play it and bask in it's Gooey Glory.



Decus_Q commented on EarthBound:

i know you can download it for free on the net with roms and emulators these days but buying on the VC to me would be worth it for some reason. plus if this game sells again maybe they'll finally put Mother 3 on the US market



Decus_Q commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

why hasn't america gotten this yet?! this is by far one of the best RPG's in mario's rpg games. it presented an original story for once. and it's a game that gets better as you get older. when i was a kid i didn't get half the jokes until i played it a couple more times. so for me playing this again would be a blast from the past and never wanting to leave for quite a while XD



Decus_Q commented on Secret of Mana:

this game was by far the best in the Mana series. however my only complaint was the lack of direction at times. there are scenario situations which you are oblivious to until you read someone elses cheat guide. and throughout most of the game the translated dialogue is a bit dry at times. but more than once it hit a chord of sorrow for the personal journey of the characters and where the road leads them.



Decus_Q commented on Cocoto Fishing Master:

i bought the game and i think 700 points is perfectly reasonable for this game. don't let the cute looks fool you, the game is quite innovative and challenging. it uses the wii motes and nunchuks capabilities quite well. The first time i played this i was lost, then as i gradually learned how to play i began to grow to like it with each fish i caught on this mini fishing adventure. So for fishing enthusiasts i recomend it, and for anyone who likes cute creatures and challenges try it out, worth the points.



Decus_Q commented on Hands-On With Eternity's Child:

Luc Bernard and Sean Beeson could be the next dream team since Tim Burton and Danny Elfman hit the screen with Nightmare Before Christmas. Suffice it to say with this we are expecting nothing but the best from them if this hits our expectations and beyond.



Decus_Q commented on LIT:

LIT.... I want it, sounds fun



Decus_Q commented on Last Flight:

i bet you the game turns out to be a tragedy in the end story. I mean it's called Last Flight. either he never wants to fly again, or he dies in the end to save the world from vampire zombies. my guess anyway



Decus_Q commented on LostWinds 2:

the first one was a great template, now they need to build on top of that to create an ongoing game of greatness.



Decus_Q commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

This is a great example of how SE is trying to expand on the formula of FF these days. For $15 this game is worth it. I just can't wait for the new downloadable content coming soon. I've already purchased all the previous entries.