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Eltigro commented on Review: Life Force (NES):

I remember playing this on my NES back in the proverbial day. Good game. I don't remember it being that exceptionally difficult, but then, that's also looking back through the lens of reminiscence and about two decades.



Eltigro commented on SnakeByte Christmas Compo - Win Yourself Some ...:

With the bandoleer of NES carts, I was thinking about a certain bandoleer wearing Star Wars character and came up with...


My second thought was, "It's no surprise he's not wearing a wedding ring."



Eltigro commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

Thanks Manicfatty.

It's just that the constant crying over Game X gets tiresome. "Nintendo is crap until they give us Castlevania 3." Before that it was, "Nintendo is crap until they give us Game Z." Before that it was "Nintendo is crap until they give us Game Y..."




Eltigro commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

@ deadbattery

"as low as possible"?

There is a number less than 1. Zero. Remember those guys from Europe saying that they only get a VC game every OTHER week? It could happen to the US, too.

I don't think Nintendo is hurting for money. Why are they only releasing one game? Who knows. At least they are releasing one.



Eltigro commented on Enduro Racer:

I have this game for my SMS. Not a bad game, just not as good as the game it's trying to be, Excite Bike.



Eltigro commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

I see a lot of people complaining that only one game was released.

What if that one game was the one you wanted?

Is one game still such a bad thing? I've gotten to the point that, if only one game comes out, I don't visit the website. Quit whining. I'll probably get flamed for this but, the way I look at it is, there are still many games on the VC that I haven't downloaded yet that I would like to. There are still several games on the VC that I have downloaded that I haven't beaten yet. There are many games (good and bad) that I, in my financial state, could probably never play unless it were for the VC (Gate of Thunder, Y's I and II are two that pop into my head). There are many games on the VC that I remember from back in the day wanting to play but never got to. One game comes out? So what. It isn't game X? So what. I've still got plenty of things to play.

As soon as Castlevania 3 comes out on the VC, you'll all start whining and complaining that some other game isn't out yet. It'll never end.



Eltigro commented on Devil World:

@Betagam7 and dufftastic

It is not "Americans" that use the phrase. Please don't generalize it like that. It is some Americans who don't know the phrase and write/type/say it wrong. It should be "couldn't care less," but some people just don't know this. They have said it a certain way for a long time and no one has corrected it either because they were trying to be polite and not offend, or they didn't know themselves. I am American and it bothers me as well.

Other things that bother me that I've heard people say or seen people type...

"A lot" is two words. It is not "alot." Try looking "alot" up in a dictionary. It's not there for a reason. It's not a word. What really bothers me is when I try showing this to my students and they see the word "allot" and think it is the same thing, refusing to actually read the definition and see that its meaning is not even close to what they are saying.

The contraction "could've" is short for "could have" not "could of." This is something that people type based on how it sounds. They say could've like "could of." So instead of writing "could have" or "could've" they write "could of."

I've heard people say that something is a "mute point." No. It's a "moot point."

My point is, there are a lot of sayings and phrases that people say or write the wrong way either out of laziness or ignorance. Sometimes, people just don't care enough. "It's just an online post, it's not a doctoral thesis."

I also mean no offense to anyone. I am certainly not in the majority. For the most part, it is not your fault, you just don't know and no one has corrected you.



Eltigro commented on Space Harrier:

I actually have this cartridge for my SMS. It's pretty fun. I remember playing Space Harrier in the arcade up the street from my house. Don't have the box.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus: SNK Neo Geo:

Yeah, it was expensive. I remember showing it to my mom and dad as a way to get them to buy me a different system. "At least I'm not asking for this!"

Anyway, the cost of a PS3 isn't a good comparison.

For one thing, at the time, there was nothing even close to the same performance as the NEO GEO. It's not "arcade perfect ports" it is the actual arcade! These were the same games that were in the arcade, not retooled, reprogrammed versions. Today, even if the PS3 is the most advanced and powerful system on the market, it really isn't that far ahead of the 360. Honestly, in side-by-side shots of the same game, most people can't tell the difference. Not so for the NEO GEO when it came out. It was very obvious which was which.

These days, the home systems are on par with the arcade systems. The top home systems are in some cases better graphically than the arcade. But if there were some system that came out today with the same advantage in graphics that the Neo Geo enjoyed over the SNES and Genesis, it would be worth probably about $1200. And there would still be buyers.

Third, you've got to look at the inflation rate. How much would the Neo Geo cost in 2008 dollars? $600 in 1990 is equal to about $1000 today. So a system released today, would cost about a $1000, or $400 more than a PS3. Looking at the cost of the SNES or Genesis, $299 in 1990 is equal to about $500 today. Or, the PS3 compares favorably to the cost of the SNES or Genesis when inflation is taken into account. These are rough estimates made using "Tom's Inflation Calculator" that I found on Google.

At any rate, I think $600 was a fair price for the Neo Geo back in 1990 because it was so far ahead of all the other systems that were available at the time.



Eltigro commented on Secret of Mana:

I used to have Sword of Mana for the GBA. But then my wife had some kind of thing where she was supposed to be getting something for a poor kid (you know, where they have a list of stuff and you sponsor them or something...) Anyway, one of the things this kid wanted was a Game Boy Advance game. We couldn't afford a new one at the time and since I still had all the instructions and box and everything, she made me give it all up so I could give it to this kid for Christmas.

It was a good thing for the kid. A nice thing to do. But damn I wanted to keep the game. I was just starting to really get into it. Now this really makes me want to download this version and play it.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

@ Rootbeer: That was a definite negative. The way I justified it to myself back in the day was that most of the games I played were one player games anyway.

The pluses, I told myself, more than made up for it. The fact that it had an optional CD attachment that no other console had at the time. The TurboExpress handheld that played the exact same games as the home console. The fact that it was hugely popular in Japan. I thought there was no way it could fail. I didn't count on Sega having better marketing and distribution. Those two things killed the TurboGrafx. (Along with the fact that most of the best games never were released outside of Japan. They sent all the crap to NA.)



Eltigro commented on Altered Beast:

I remember playing this a lot in the arcades.

But my most vivid memories of this game aren't even from moving pictures. I remember studying screenshots in magazines comparing the Genesis version with the Master System version. Especially the ones showing the first boss.

I honestly don't know that I've ever played it on the Genesis, though.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - NEC SuperGrafx:

Corbie, that is an excellent site. I'm surprised that I hadn't seen it before. I've looked up lots of TurboGrafx sites over the years. There used to be another good one called... lets see... what was it... something like Virtual Turbo or something... whatever happened to that one...



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - NEC SuperGrafx:

I'm very much interested in the SuperGrafx games. I've been a TG-16 fan ever since I got mine back in high school. I still have the box and everything it came with in the attic. I often drooled over pictures of things like the SuperGrafx or the PC-FX in magazines, wishing I could afford one.

If/When 1941 for the SuperGrafx comes out on VC, it will be a definite download for me.



Eltigro commented on Jumpman:

I like how he runs. Animation has come a long way.



Eltigro commented on TurboGrafx-16 Releases - September:

I'll download Y's if for no other reason than it is one of the games I remember the most from the advertisements for the TG-CD. I wanted it then and I want it now. I'm usually up for a good RPG game and this one got some good reviews back in the day.



Eltigro commented on Castlevania:

Recently voted one of the most difficult games by Screw Attack, Castlevania was the only one on their list that I've ever completed. I still love it and play it on my NES on occaision. I love the opening music and the theme of the first stage. I even love the sound of Simon walking past the map in between stages. I remember throwing my controller in anger at dying once again at the hands of... well... Death. And the feeling of exultation when I finally, at last, beat Dracula and saw the ending sequence. Too bad it was in the middle of the night and so I couldn't whoop and holler about it. Much love and admiration about this game. But if you haven't played this game, don't expect SotN. This isn't it. SotN was a long way off and it shows. The game has some unevenness and can be very frustrating. But at the time it came out, this was the game for me.



Eltigro commented on Wave Race 64:

I always hated this game for some reason. It just never was fun to me. I preferred games like Mario Kart 64, and Episode 1 Racing and Wipeout.



Eltigro commented on Neutopia:

I remember renting Neutopia and playing it all night. I got pretty far and had the codes written down and wanted to buy the game so I could continue, but it was never to be. So I downloaded it as soon as I could.

Yes, it is a poor man's Zelda copy. But Zelda is a great game. And this is a pretty good copy. It is fun and I think worth the Wii Points, but only after you have the Zelda games it is based on.



Eltigro commented on Blazing Lazers:

@Cally Yeah, there is kind of a brick wall that it hits that is pretty hard to get over. I have the game for my TG-16 and I can get pretty far (don't remember exactly how far) but at a certain point, it becomes pretty painful. As far as the getting powered back up after dying, yeah, it is nearly impossible. Some games (like Gate of Thunder which I wholly recommend) let you get several different weapons powered up and you only lose the one you were using when you died. So that makes it easier. Even if you have a favorite weapon, and lose it when you die, you still have some kind of backup weapon. And then there are games that, when you die, a little powerup ship comes out and spreads some powerups on the screen to help you get back in the groove (I'm thinking of one of the Darius games but can't remember which one. I have Darius Gaiden for the Saturn and Darius Twin for my SNES and can't remember if both do that.)

I like the controls better in Blazing Lazers than in some similar games such as Soldier Blade. The ship in Soldier Blade seems too quick and touchy, hard for me to make precision shots, even when the ship is at the slow speed.

My personal favorite weapon and power up is the III weapon (Field Thunder) powered up to the level where it has one lazer going straight and two squiggly lazers going up on either side of the straight one. And yeah, as far as homing missles, full power, or shields, shields are the way to go.



Eltigro commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

IIRC, this wasn't the only game that appeared on both Master System and Genesis (Mega Drive) at about the same time. I remember seeing screenshots comparing the two different versions of Altered Beast and I think Golden Axe. But even though the Master System didn't last long here, it did in other countries. It seems like it was popular in South America well into the Nineties!

Anyway, I knew a kid who had a SMS in Junior High School. I went over to his house to play games a few times, but while I was interested in playing the SMS, he just wanted to play his NES (he had R.O.B.!) Anyway, that was the closest I came to a SMS until I became an adult and saw one in a pawn shop. (I bought some TurboGrafx games instead.) I bought my SMS on eBay about six years ago. I have Sonic 1 for my Genesis and I have the Sonic Collection for my GameCube, so I'm pretty full on Sonic games. I don't see myself getting this version for my SMS or my VC. But it might be interesting to play.



Eltigro commented on USA VC Update: Chase HQ and Art of Fighting 2:

@Andrew I actually got stuck on Link's Awakening and have probably played it more than LttP. Finally finished a Zelda game today when I defeated Gannondorf on Twilight Princess and considering starting a new save file on OoT. My experience with LttP came even later than yours it would seem as I didn't play it until after Wind Waker. It wasn't until I got a job good enough to allow me to go back and start buying all the consoles and games I missed out on that I got a SNES and LttP.



Eltigro commented on Top 10 Puzzlers We Want To Come To The Virtual...:

I thought Boxy Boy for the TG-16 was pretty fun.

And what about Klax? It was mainly Atari, but had versions on several systems.

And if it counts as a puzzle game, the Master System game I play more than any other is Shanghai.



Eltigro commented on Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine:

Thanks Jesus 666, I thought that this looked familiar. I remember the NES version, but I never played it. I just remember seeing it in Nintendo Power and thinking it looked hard.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

I got my SMS working again! I was bored one day, sitting there looking at my collection, and just decided to take the ole' Master System apart again. I took it apart, did nothing but look at it, seeing nothing obviously wrong burnt or dirty, put it back together. On a whim, I plugged it in and pushed the power button. The light came on! So I hooked it up the rest of the way, and plugged in Choplifter! Didn't work. I tried Afterburner, and it worked! So far, the only one that hasn't worked was Choplifter. I'll clean that one and it'll probably work again.

Yea for me!



Eltigro commented on US VC Release - 30th June - Fatal Fury 2:

@Andrew: I don't want any of those either. But then, I don't like fighting games, so I wouldn't get Street Fighter either.

As far as I'm concerned, money is tight and I can't buy points like I would like. Currently, there are a lot of games that I want on VC, but can't buy. Every week that nothing "good" comes out just means that they didn't add anything to my list of things to get. And that's a good thing.



Eltigro commented on US VC Releases - 23rd June - Alex Kidd in Mira...:

Lose interest mainly. I get bored with the original one. Adventures of Link I never really liked (although I gave it a second chance when I got my collectors disk). Link's Awakening I got to a particular dungeon and something didn't work like it should, item didn't work correctly or something, so I just kinda quit. Link to the Past I get to the part where he goes back and forth between the past and present and it just kind of stalls for me. Ocarina I got to Link to the adult stage and just stopped. Majora I just barely started and then stopped. Windwaker I got sidetracked by the photography/statue sidequest and never really got back into the main quest. Twilight Princess I got sidetracked by the bug collection quest and haven't gotten back into.

I could probably go back and pick up Windwaker and Twilight Princess and finish them as they are the two that I quit most recently. The others, it has been so long I would probably have to start over, and I just haven't had the time or inclination.



Eltigro commented on US VC Releases - 23rd June - Alex Kidd in Mira...:

@Andrew: How about the Legend of Zelda Promotional disk for the GameCube that has the original two Zelda's from the NES and Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Four games, one GC disk. It'll play on your Wii, but you may need a GC memory card to save data, not sure how that works since I play mine on my GC.

They're a pretty wide range of costs on Ebay from $1.51 to Buy It Now for $99.95.



Eltigro commented on Super Mario 64:

When this came out, I remember standing at the N64 display in Toys R Us for hours playing it.

I collect consoles. I have a Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64 is the only game I have for my Nintendo 64.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

I remember when the gaming magazines were all about the Genesis and the TurboGrafx-16. I remember the cover of Video Games and Computer Entertainment looked like the SNES was a drawbridge into a castle. I remember staring intently at screenshots of giant Bullet Bills in some level of Super Mario World. I remember when my brother-in-law got his SNES. We stayed up all night playing Super Mario World. I remember loving the controllers. I also remember about two years later, he sold his SNES and got a Genesis. Why? Because he wanted to play Sonic Spinball. Yes. Sonic Spinball.



Eltigro commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

I was looking forward to the Master System appearing on the VC. I have Sega Master System, but it, sadly, is no longer working. I have about 10 games for it which range greatly in quality and replayability.

Strangely, the one that I miss playing the most is Shanghai, a mah-jong tile game. I also have Choplifter, Rambo, Rocky, Afterburner, Great Basketball (misnomer), Enduro Racer and others...

I was always curious about the Master System. A kid at my Junior High had one and I wondered what it was like, how did it compare to my NES, what games did it have? I would occasionally see one in a pawn shop, but now about the only place you'll see one is on Ebay.



Eltigro commented on Military Madness:

This is one of the few games that my best friend and I agreed we would never play against each other. We tried it a few times, but it always ended in an argument.

There are 16 levels in the first half, then you play back through the same maps with different equipment for the second half. The levels aren't very even, some are definitely harder than others. There were apparently only a few different ways that battles would go down. Sometimes, the game would give you more of an edge than others. I found that I could play the first battle and know whether I was being given the edge or not. Specifically on the 16th level, NECTOR, I would turn on the TG, play the first battle, and see how many tanks my forces killed. I did this several times and I noticed that the number I killed was not random, but was usually something like 3, 4 or 5. I would keep resetting the game until I got it to kill 5, then I knew it would be easier to defeat that level. It seemed like if it was any less, I would not have enough turns to destroy all the units before it got back to safety or a factory to restore the lost units. It was that slight edge that allowed me to win that level.



Eltigro commented on Gate of Thunder:

Currently my favorite game on the Wii. Not just VC, but the Wii.

I've played this game probably every day since I downloaded it. I never had the CD attachment for my TurboGrafx (wanted it, but couldn't afford it) but this was one of the games I wanted to play.



Eltigro commented on Blazing Lazers:

Way back in the proverbial day, when I got my TurboGrafx-16 for Christmas, there was this deal that if you sent in a copy of your receipt and the UPC code off the box, you could get a free game. I chose this game, so it is one of the oldest TG-16 games I own. It is a great vertical Shmup. I remember standing in front of a projection TV in a McDuff's Electronics store in the mall, playing this game. They had it near the front of the store with the TV facing the glass so that people passing by could see it. I was so amazed by this game. The speed, the colors, the variety of enemies, the weapon upgrades... I was even amazed by the voice that announced the new upgrades. It was a little hard to understand, but was much clearer than anything the Genesis ever produced.

I have only had Soldier Blade downloaded on VC for a couple of weeks, so I don't really think I'm ready to make a formal comparison.

A cheat that I used to do on this game... on the level that looks like you're inside some animal (the one in the video where brains are attacking you), there is mid-point boss that is essentially like eight eye sockets on either side of the screen that keep producing eyeballs that home in on you. I would get the highest level of weapon IV, where I had four indestructible satellites that orbit your ship in a circle and sit at the bottom of the screen, just to one side of the center. The eye sockets keep spitting out eyes, your rotating shields keep killing them, you keep getting points, you keep getting extra ships for points. I would do this, turn off the TV, go to bed, go to school or work the next day, come home, turn on the TV and have like 20 or 30 ships ready to go.



Eltigro commented on R-Type:

I agree with Geoff, modern games have made me lose a step on some Shmups I used to be pretty good at. R-Type is one that I've never had much luck at though. I have this game for my TurboGrafx. Very challenging. I have the TurboStick and can cheat with slo-mo, but it still gets me. Love the music. I find myself humming the tunes to this for a couple of days after I have a gaming session with it. A classic Shmup, I recommend it to any fan of the genre.



Eltigro commented on World Class Baseball:

Have this one for my TurboGrafx. My best friend and I used to rent it on occasion. It got us to saying "The Stars" in the same way that the guys on Saturday Night Live said, "The Bears." If you know the skit, you know what I'm talking about.

I like how the ball zooms in and you can see the stitching and writing on it when you hit a high pop fly or a big home run. Nice graphical touch. Also think it's interesting when you score a run your teammates are hanging out of your dugout waving flags... yeah, that happens in real life... but then, I've never watched baseball in Japan.



Eltigro commented on Psychosis:

I have this Turbochip for my TG-16. Got it as a used game from a rental place that was selling all it's TurboGrafx rental games a long time ago. It is challenging and colorful with a unique back story (rare for a Shmup). I like that there are a few secrets hidden here and there. In the first level, if you shoot the two black ant looking things that are attacking a pink caterpillar looking thing, then butterflies will fly around you when you get to the boss of the first level. Later, there is a rat by an arrow. He is making the arrow go up and down. If you shoot the rat, the arrow will point to the path you should choose in the next little section (the path that the arrow does not point to has little things in it that blocks the path some and makes it more difficult to navigate). If you don't shoot the rat, you just have to guess.

I've beaten it maybe two or three times. Each time, I had to do it on one life. Die anywhere in the later levels, and the fact that you come back with nothing but your basic peashooter makes it too difficult to continue.

And again, I started/created this game's page on Wikipedia.