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United States

Wed 17th Sep 2008

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agentshags commented on World of Goo:

15 is a bit high, but the footage i have seen looks cool. . .

/me sighs

what a monday! now why am a broke atm!



agentshags commented on Secret of Mana:


/me has soiled his self

I LOVE this game! even after playing it many times I don't think I have beat that damn mana dragon yet!

this is a MUST buy for any self respecting human being

now wheres my wii points! looks like ill me needing more, darnit!

also, please bring us evermore next nintendo!



agentshags commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

yay, my first import VC title...

I played it (lost levels) on the snes and gameboy color, time to see the true roots!

hope its worth the 6 bucks, probably is, considering the many times i have beat SMB. . .



agentshags commented on Jumpman:

How can no one have played this? im only 25 and I played jumpman and jumpman jr. a LOT as a kid! When will the USA see the C=64 on the VC?

Anyway, this game is GREAT! I would gladly buy it AND JM Jr!

get on the ball NOA >