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United States

Wed 17th September, 2008

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agentshags commented on World of Goo:

15 is a bit high, but the footage i have seen looks cool. . .

/me sighs

what a monday! now why am a broke atm!



agentshags commented on Secret of Mana:


/me has soiled his self

I LOVE this game! even after playing it many times I don't think I have beat that damn mana dragon yet!

this is a MUST buy for any self respecting human being :P

now wheres my wii points! looks like ill me needing more, darnit!

also, please bring us evermore next nintendo!



agentshags commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

yay, my first import VC title... :)

I played it (lost levels) on the snes and gameboy color, time to see the true roots!

hope its worth the 6 bucks, probably is, considering the many times i have beat SMB. . .



agentshags commented on Jumpman:

How can no one have played this? im only 25 and I played jumpman and jumpman jr. a LOT as a kid! When will the USA see the C=64 on the VC?

Anyway, this game is GREAT! I would gladly buy it AND JM Jr!

get on the ball NOA >:D