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Super Mario 64 (N64 / Nintendo 64)

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Mario steps into a whole new dimension in this unforgettable launch title of the Nintendo 64. Unravel the secrets of Peach's castle, find all 120 stars and defeat Bowser in this cult classic that set the rules for all 3D action games.

Although it managed to stay faithful to the spirit of the series, Super Mario 64 tried a new approach as it brought the concept of exploration into platform games. Mario gained many new moves in the process, yet remained as easy to control as ever thanks to the inclusion of an Analog stick on the Nintendo 64 controller. This innovation quickly became a standard in the industry. Super Mario 64 is often cited as one of the greatest games ever made.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Jonathan Town

Platforming perfection

There are two types of gamer – those who have played Super Mario 64 and those who should. Regularly placing towards the high end of 'best game ever' lists, Super Mario 64 has become a standard name-drop in many a classic gaming debate. Since launching...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Mario steps into a whole new dimension

Mario's first foray into the world of 3D is regarded by many as one of the greatest videogames of all time, and with good reason. It ranks as the first really convincing use of a 3D world in a platform game and it introduced the concept of analogue...

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User Comments (166)



Al said:

this is the best game ever, or best mario game, unfortuanatly i never completed this on the n64, but 3 years ago when i got my ds on the first day it was out in the entire world there were 4 games u could buy with it, the only good one being mario 64 ds. which i completed and enjoyed very much, i hope all of you who havent played this give it a try.

__gaming god


gaming god said:

truly the first good 3-D video game... but... am I the only one who found the ending to be a little lack-luster? i mean, all you get is 100 hundred lives and that queer sparkle jump thing. but other that that i give 5 stars for this game all around



DJ LINK said:

I already own this and have played it all the way through twice and I still think this is well worth a purchase - just for having it on the Channels screen. I occasionally load it up just hear him say "It's a me, Mario!" and play with his face.



Daniel said:

I remember playing this game when I was about six - spent most of my time playing it. Apart from OOT, this is my favorite and most memorable game of all time... I completed it twice on the N64, again on the DS, and I'm half way through the VC version



Kim said:

The PAL version does NOT run as fast as the NTSC version. I've timed this by running the full length of the path surrounding the castle. In the PAL virtual console version this takes about 26 seconds. In Project 64 running the NTSC version it takes about 21 seconds. 26/21 is more or less equal to 60/50, so I am concluding that the PAL virtual console version is NOT speed corrected in any way.



Mark said:

The only part I hate about this game is how in the WII version there is no way of getting to the top of the castle with 0 stars and how the glitches don't work anymore. Aside from that, MARIO IS BACK BABY!



Johannes said:

I can't play this a thrid time...
I played it on the N64, on the DS and now it is enough - although it is one of the best games ever.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

yes like all nintendo lovers i bought this game and completed it already on 64--- as well as gettin all nostalgic with the ds.. but now im a dad being able to simply download this great game onto my wii is amazing.. nintendo's innovation when going to town on this game put other games of its time to shame! So when my kids enjoy playing this game i can tell them this was first of its kind! And they appreciate it all the more- and so should you!

__Teh gam3r


Teh gam3r said:

I played this, and it has got to be one of THE most amazing. Can't wait for SM Galaxy.



superBBQ said:

This is a good, nay great game IF you haven't already played it. Everyone who moans, no-one's forcing you to buy and complete it on every single console it comes out on.
The hilarious tweaking of Mario's face FTW I don't know anyone who can't help but grin like a little kid when they do it.



Sektor said:

I never had an N64 so playing this is amazing, i have downloaded it and it is much better than the DS version.



Brian said:

This is one of my favorite all-time games. It is definetly worth 1000pts! I agree, the ending is weak: "Let's bake a cake for Mario" - so lame!!! The game was so ahead of it's time and has massive replayability.



sashaboo said:

going for all 120 stars was a real challenge. A fantastic game full of amazing platform action and still looks very nice to this day. Much better than the very dissapointing super mario sunshine for the cube. Lets hope super mario galaxy is good when it comes to the wii in a few weeks



Clayfrd said:

Ah, What a classic. I got this some ten or eleven years ago when it came out and just now got 120 stars on VC. (I was only three or four when I got it!) Great game, most highly recommended for any young people who never had a chance to see it in its original glory and any like me that just want to relive it.



Ryan said:

My parents got this game for my brother about ten years ago. I've played it a lot since then and it is one of the best games ever in my opinion. The n64 copy is still fully functional but I got it for the vc for convenience sake.



Wolfman said:

Man, I love this game... I remember playing it for hours on end as a kid.

My best friend and I played it to death. We actually figured out that you could exploit a couple of glitches to beat the game in about 20 minutes with only 16 stars, if you were good enough. I only ever managed to do it twice, though... I wonder if it's still possible on the VC, or if the glitches were fixed. If they were, i have to admit it'd be a shame.

The biggest parts of this kind of speed run were the bunny trick and the backwards long jump stairs. The bunny trick, you ask? Well, you remember that one bunny in the basement that gives you a star when you catch it? If you pick it up again, you can carry it around, and if you set it against a doorway just right, it will push Mario through doors he shouldn't technically be able to open yet.

And the backwards long jump stairs? Once you get to the 3rd floor, you can start a long jump in front of the stairs to the 4th floor, facing away from them, and then long jump backwards up the stairs and through the door. You can do the same thing up the 'never-ending' looping stairs to the Bowser in the Sky course. If you can do all this fast enough and in the right order, you can cheat the game.

Good times... How we loved abusing the mistakes of hapless programmers...



Bree said:

MARIO 64 IS FREAKING AWESOME! YEAH! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! i think im in love. its seriously, the greatest thing on the planet. NO game is better, especially on n64.



Roberto said:

I sold my DS version to GAME for £20. I bought 2000 wii points with it. Got this to replace the DS verson. Got Lylat wars too. Still Had £5 spare. I Iz a Bizznezz Man!



SKTTR said:

This one should get 120 stars, really
Every star in the game, is worth one star here ;D



Mendez said:

This game probably ties with the 2 Zelda's as the best N64 game ever. Everyone should play this game.



Ross said:

^^ Yes !!
The DS Version is different in many ways. e.g, in the DS version, we are given Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario and Princess Peach, whereas in the N64 version we only have Mario and Princess Peach.



Shortay said:

Fantastic Game, though I found it a lot easier to get all 120 stars than I did when I was younger on the original N64 cartridge...



Paulymate said:

Its over ten years since this game was released, and it shines brighter than ever. One of the true all time greats, anybody with even a passing interest in videogames should own this title
1000 points? Bargain of the year.



TAL76 said:

best platformer EVER!!!!loads better than mario sunshine on cube,i've been playing this since 1996 and showing no sign of getting bored,mario64 kicks ass,can't wait for mario galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!



pocki said:

I've never played this but i did LOVE super mario sunshine- is it worth downloading it?



SportyMarioSonicHybrid said:

For those who are asking, the DS version has 39 new stars added to the game and deleted 9 of the original 120 stars, including one of my favorites in Course 10 with the Ice Maze!

I can't see buying it myself because I already own both the N64 and DS versions, but I rate it a 5, because if you haven't already played the game, it is a true masterpiece!

If you only have the DS version, I would also suggest downloading it, because the controls are much more fluid in the N64/VC version!



tank2tank said:

I've got every version of mario 64 and i have to say this one's the best. With a higher resolution than the original plus infinitely better controls over the ds this is a bargain for 1000 pts.



pocki said:

has anyone downloaded this who hasn't played it before? what do you think of it? (i actually prefer sunshine!)

i bought it last night and am not really impressed with it- i've fought the bob-omb and thwomp and have had enough. don't really see myself playing it again until i've finished the other games i have and that'll only be to get my £7 worth.

my rating for now is 2/5... i won't set that in stone as i may change my mind later!



tank2tank said:

Perhaps it wasn't a good idea for you to play sunshine first... Obviously Mario 64 has smaller worlds, simpler graphics and stuff but it was revolutionary for the time- practically the first 3D platformer. So maybe you have to enjoy the original back in 1997 to believe that this is the better game



alvieao said:

Mamma Mia, I have the original N64 version of Super Mario 64! And how revolutionary this game was and still is after its arrival in 1996. The game defined the 3D platform genre and it's about the simple times when you guide Mario through fantastic worlds and collect stars. I also played the DS version (though never owned) at some point, but neither the touch and traditional D-pad controls work better than a control stick. A Nintendo classic that MUST be downloaded for VC, not played on DS!



BJ1 said:

Who has high hopes that Galaxy will be better than this or sunshine? Anyone??



KMcVay said:

awesome game! one of the best games i've played...a true masterpiece. I remember getting this game with my Nintendo 64 back in the day when i was about 5. i was afraid of bowser back then lol anyway, i definitely recommend this game to anyone! i've now got all 3 versions, N64 (which still works), DS, and now VC! This goes to show that it is still fun to this day and I wouldn't mind beating it a fourth or fifth time either! This game, Zelda, and Starfox 64 (Lylat Wars) are my favorite games of all time! 120/5!



Chris said:

Absolutely loved the game (I was always a Playstation guy and never played it the first time round), and have managed to get all the stars, but for some reason I can't save the game after completing Bowser, the game just hangs on the picture at the end of the credits. Has anyone else experienced this (I have looked everywhere to no avail) or know what to do?

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I have to say, I would(in my honest opinion) even perfer a First-Person Adventure of mario. I use some weapons from Metriod Prime 3 for example: The Missiles could be bom-ombs, and the plasma beam could be his well-known fireballs. And we could pretend that Hypermode could be the Mario Finale from Brawl.



BJ1 said:

I think this is how Mario games should be like more often. To tell you the truth, Mario games were a whole lot better on the N64 then they are on the Gamecube. I'm sorry to say this but Mario games on Gamecube just aren't that fun.



tank2tank said:

I've played it to death and carried on playing it even after death! And I'll carry on playing it until the end of the universe!

And Mii be you if you want a fps mario game why dont you go search for some mod of Doom or something- I know somebody has modded Doom to give it weapons enemies and sound from mario games.



Yuri said:

is anyone else getting no poles on dire dire docks red coin star? i have all other stars on that level but the poles are not showing not even their shadows

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

To tank2tank: When I said that, I meant it in more terms of metroid. Like a First-person Super Metroid.



darthmix said:

Hate to be a heretic, but I always felt this game was a bit overrated. It's a technological breakthrough, but it traded in Mario's "hop to the end of the level" gameplay for "collect 120 of the exact same item" gameplay, and that just never felt very compelling to me. It's a quality title, but it set up the conceit of performing tasks to collect so many stars/bananas/notes/shines/precursor orbs that gave the first wave of 3D platformers a really repetative feel. Rayman 2 was the first 3D platform game that I really loved, largely because it was more traditional and action-oriented. Hopefully it'll make it to the VC at some point.



ZBomber said:

Somehow I missed out on this in the N64 era... even though I had one. (Although I did at one point rent it(. This game is worth every penny you spend. Its very challenging on some levels.

__Jordan Honeycutt


Jordan Honeycutt said:

SM64 is a hit to me it olmost blew my mind with those grafics butt
they could of made it better like Luigi wasint in it I would have
loved it if they made a second one.Butt eclesst we have the DS



fartbarker said:

I must be insane. I cancelled my SMG pre-order and decided to get this instead. All I wanna do with my Wii is play VC games.



Kevin said:

If you haven't played this game yet, download it immediately! You owe it to yourself.



Cally said:

. . . Actually, I think I noticed that the framerate is not as smooth on this version as it used to be.

Though I'd still tell someone who hasn't played Mario 64 to download immediately, of course!



Paperfox said:

Ah... This was the game I grew up to (I'm 13 so I don't really remember life without it)... I'll never love another game in the same way. Hm... I didn't remember that his face looked so... I unno, old... Not that I don't love N64 graphics. I just love the way they look choppy (o.O), to the point that I even avoid smancier graphics.



Nadroc516 said:

this is a great game. i really wish that they had fire mario as one of the box power ups, like metal mario, invisible mario, and flying mario.

wouldnt that be awesome?



Mario1 said:

my childhood would not have been the same woithout this game. thanks myamoto. (cant spell)



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah this game really put me into the mario series. If I never had this game, I'd be a different person, seriously.



Deadeyerobbie said:

The best game on the N64 (thats saying something with the likes of Goldeneye and Zelda O of T). Not too differcult to complete, but to get the full 120 stars, that will take you a while.
On a side note please Big N, release a wii compatible N64 controller. This game (like alot of N64 games) was built around the N64 controller. The classic & gamecube controllers are fine, but just don't feel right.



Plan_B said:

Best 3D platformer ever...
this game was a historic event...
I still remember when it came out...
EASY 5/5!



Bosmer-Archer said:

Easily ne of the best games ever made and easily the 2nd best mario game, but 2nd to Galaxy only. The controls are still up to todays standard, better than allot of third party releases nd easily better than anything on the 360. fIf you havn't got this, shame on you.



Bass_X0 said:

You're right, robbie - it doesn't feel right with the classic controller. i haven't tried gamecube controller yet.



JGMR said:

Great game, but like Zelda OOT, too over-rated. Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3 are a zillion times better.
Mario Galaxy too is way better that this one. This game feels small.



AchubaNanoia said:

Excellent game, it just proves that most games made by Nintendo are made to last! Download it right now! Like some people said:
1- the GameCube controller is indeed a better option than the Classic Controller, the Z button makes all the difference IMO;
2- the DS version has more content, but really, this games was meant for playing with smooth analog control and a good ol' TV, specially if it's a 480P compatible one ;
On another note, just a few weeks ago, a couple of cousins of mine came to visit me, they're about 9 and 10 years old, never heard of Mario before (amazing, I know!!), and just played some Playstation 2 games. I tell you, after 10 minutes at Mario 64, they were hooked! Now I have to keep making excuses for then not to come over so I can play my Wii without distractions !!



Faz said:

I gave away my DS version when I sold my DS last year, because I knew this was coming out! Now I need to buy a DS so I can play my unopened copy of Phantom Hourglass!



toaster said:

I've noticed a glitch. (at least on my system) Sometimes, when you hit start during the game, there aren't any options to exit the course, or do anything else. It just tells you the level name and stuff.

If you hit start 2-3 times though, all the options eventually appear.



JGMR said:

@ toaster;

The options do not appear while Mario is still in movement
Hope i helped you out



JGMR said:

@ Nigel

Mario is missing anyone? Or Mario sunshine anyone? lol.



Roo said:

The game that got the whole ball rolling...there was no point owning Mario without an N64, but it's almost as bad as to have an N64 but no copy of Mario to play on it. Nigh on faultless. The N64's greatest accomplishment, now the VC's crowning jewel.



Knux said:

This game really brings back memories. I finished the game when I was a kid,but I couldn't get all 120 stars. Now I dowloaded this game and managed to collect all the stars. It seemed a lot easier doing that now then when I was a kid.



Indy said:

One of my favourite Mario games! The first time I played this game, I was about 6 or 7 I think. I have played it over and over again. I have also played the DS version, which is also fun. But the N64 version is the best, I think. The graphics are so good and I love the music. And the stages are so cool! I just love it, I love the game. 5 stars



GameGod3008 said:

Absolutely magnificent game. I loved playing this game and still do. i bought the DS version, which is great but it just wasn't the same unfortunately. Still, it provided a new way to play the game and i loved it. The N64 version i thought originally didn't have the best graphics but that never mattered, the gameplay was magnificent, the controls worked really well and i was generally addicted to it, even after getting all 120 stars. a magnificent piece in gaming history whoch deserves a download, even if you've got the original and the DS versions.



calc_nerd said:

Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, DK 64-- all best games on N64!! You can't go wrong with a classic 3-D adventure starring a well-known character. I must have beaten both versions about 15 times, and still enjoy another run-through from time to time. The DS version had more courses, more stars, more characters, and better graphics, but I still like the original version better. It is the only game that receives the credit for successfully revolutionising the Mario series, and set the standards of a quality 3-D video game.



jumpman64 said:

This is gaming perfection. Superb level designs and a beautifully colorful art pallet make this game an extremely charming N64 masterpiece. Great controls (with a few minor friction problems) mixed with impressive visuals for it's time are why this is one of the greatest pieces of any media ever. If only there were more levels... Anyway, a must buy X 10 for anyone and their grandmothers. If you own a Wii, you need to download this game. -Scott L. (5 out of 5)



2hip2beskware said:

I didn't really like it, but I suppose I just have really bad memories of the times I played it. Videogames aren't fun when you have an ulcer.



Sesmar said:

A great game that I originally had on my Funtastic orange N64.
Controls are a bit wonky however. I have always wondered how everyone can play this and not notice that Mario always moves like the entire playing field has been covered with oil. He slips and falls WAY too much and when he does there are nutty sliding physics in the game that go on for WAY too long. Same for some of the coins that he's collecting from the enemies. Why does so much of the game move like the surfaces are covered with ice, no matter what the surface Mario's running on? Sand, grass, bridges....it's all way too slippery.
Aside from that (which is a BIG detraction for me - makes the game seem unpolished and goofy) the game is pretty much a fun fest. WAY cleaner picture than on the N64. Also, game works much much better with the Gamecube controller than with the Classic.
Download it if you don't already have it on a working N64 - otherwise, it's not that different and you can spend your points for something you don't have.



Lurch said:

3rd most valued game on the Virtual console if you ask me.

1. Zelda Oot
2.Paper Mario
3.Mario 64
4. Super Metroid.

do not stare at my list, go get this masterpiece! 5/5



stinssd said:

Didn't really appreciate this game that much. Not that the gameplay isn't enjoyable in some parts, but this is the game that turned the series into: Super Mario Fetchquest. 2/5.



Charco said:

This game is absolutely fantastic and was the benchmark for 3D games for a long time following its release. Download this now, 5 stars.



Kingston said:

Good game, but nowadays, not the best. I can respect the fact that this was a graphical revolution in gaming, but the beauty that is no longer present makes it a chore to go around collecting stars. the first 40 stars or so are very fun, but visiting the same level 7+ times gets boring... 4 stars



Fireballmario said:

this game is the gretest game in the world!!!!!!, except for Super Mario Galaxy, but it beats Super Mario Sunshine and every other Mario game except Super Mario Galaxy, never tried the old version, even on VC because i can't access it. But the ds version is great, however you can't use an action replay or gameshark to cheat in the game as much, no glitches, just 1 character, except for the guest appearence of Yoshi, and less stars are on the VC version and N64 version. But nevertheless the classic is always as good as the remake.



Link_O_Fett said:

I think it's about time I download this. I haven't played the N64 original in ages and instead I've had to deal with the DS version, which isn't nearly as good.



Mika said:

I have played this game at least three times through on the N64 (one time with 120 stars) but I'm still getting this for VC so I don't have to trouble myself setting up N64 everytime I want to play this game. Also my N64 controllers aren't in top notch condition anymore, unlike my Gamecube controller.



Eltigro said:

When this came out, I remember standing at the N64 display in Toys R Us for hours playing it.

I collect consoles. I have a Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64 is the only game I have for my Nintendo 64.



blackknight77 said:

IF you had to choose I would pick Galaxy. My friend talked me into downloading this as I never owned an N64. I like this game, the music is so catchy. I find myself humming it somtimes during the day. I still can't beat the game maybe one day



cowboy said:

so i played a lot mario 64 and must that it is great,i like it more than mario galaxy because it is more dificult



PsychoFish said:

Every Mario fan should have played this one. It's still a modern Mario game and worth every single Wii point.



Marioman64 said:

90's Gamer:"Mario Galaxy too is way better that this one. This game feels small."

this game is the opposite of small, its probably got the biggest...stuff and the largest replayability value ever.

and Mario Galaxy... i dunno it just seems to lack something... I was hoping Mario Galaxy would be Super Mario 64 2 but... something's definitely missing in galaxy. with mario 64 i can pick up and play any day but galaxy... it feels like a "play-once" game and i cant figure out why

so yeah Mario 64 is THEE greatest game ever made and everyone should play it, and be playing it right now .



BleachFan said:

I was planning on passing on this game, because I already had the DS version, but then I lost it...
This was one of my favorite games of all time!
(...but I still don't have it...)



slambert215 said:

I remember when I first played this game I was like 4 or 5. I went in the water and swam around and then I died and I was so confused! Turns out Mario had drowned.

I think they shouldn't add an air meter in Mario games now- adds too much frusteration with the slow swimming controls.



bladesosteel99baby said:

i absolutely despise this game. nearly impossible to win from the first level. im just walking along the path and here comes a short little brown dude. i try and jump on the bastard, and it kills me. i played for 20 hours and wound up with three stars. WTF? i gave this so called "game" one star.



BJ1 said:


I think I know what it is. Super Mario Galaxy had more linear levels than an emphasis on exploration like Super Mario 64 did. For a while I did think Galaxy was just like Super Mario 64 2, but later it sort of loss that feel to it. In my honest opinion, Super Mario Galaxy is actually a step back from the previous 3D games (Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine), and is more of a 3D sequel to the classic Mario titles, from Super Mario Bros to Super Mario World.



couthedman92 said:

Are you pressing the wrong button, or are you just blind?

Oh, and this game is great. I'd buy it if I didn't have the original AND the DS version. Some worlds can be really annoying to visit repeatedly though, so I still think Galaxy's a lot better. You still can't get much better value for $10, though.



calc_nerd said:

@couthedman92--well said. SM64 is my favorite of all time, even though after 12 years it is aged and bored. Tell your friend bladeso'steel99baby that he could consider....uh...maybe avoiding the "brown bastards".



Ricardo91 said:


The "Brown bastards" have a name you know. I think they're called "Goombas". LOL.

Also, You got 3 stars in 20 hours? That's.....quite pathetic. That's all I can say.

Edit: I'd have this game by now, if I didn't have the DS incarnation. I think that version is all around better than the original, except for the controls, which are...pretty bad.



pikmin95 said:

I remember playing this with my dad everyday after he came back from work. Good times...
Hated the desert level, though =]



Kreegs07 said:


Wow. You have to be the lamest person in the world. 3 stars in 20 hours?!?! Holy crap man that sucks. I take it from your name that you enjoy blades of steel 99. Well that game wasn't the greatest.



Beau_Skunk said:

I admit, I don't quite look back on this game as fondlly as much as the 2D Mario games. Getting the 120 stars over an over again, and the smaller (in comparison to modern 3D games) kinda made the game get old to me eventually.
But it's still a wonderfull 3D platformer with plenty of things to find, and see. Things arn't always as they seem in this game. This game successfully transfered Mario from the 2D world into the 3D world.
Also swinging Bowser around by his tail is fun.



Andio_Pandio said:

Finished this back in the day, and still love it to bits now.
Dare i say it, I'd take this over Galaxy any day



Tabbyluigi said:

A lot of people started playing games with this one, it is great and I sometimes perfer it over the DS version, please buy this from the vc when you can or DS or even N64.



MasterMario said:

Love this game. I think that this was my 4th N64 game. Is it true that the VC version looks better than the N64 version? I coudn't see a difference with the graphics.



carson said:

Obviously this is one of the greatest nintendo games of all time. It brings Mario to the 3D world in a perfect lenght adventure. My favorite part was after collecting all 120 stars you can go to the top of the castle and talk to Yoshi!



FJOJR said:

I had this game for N64 and now DS. I haven't bought this one but only cause I have the DS version. Get either one, the core game is the best ever made.



Mipsymoodle said:

if not the greatest then close to the greatest game of all time. it was innovative, fun, and best of all mario. i failed to beat this game before my N64 broke but i beat it quickly when i got it on the virtual console. i just couldnt stop playing it. some people say ocarina of time was the greatest and game of all time and obviouly the greatest of the N64 but i personally prefer this over ocarina of time. truth is i dont even like ocarina of time too much



spyster10000 said:

does it get any more classic than this? I think I speak for every one when I say this game will be played for decades to come



KeroKero_Cola said:

Ah... I remember pretending to be sick so I could leave school to go home and play this. The memories!



You know, sometimes less is more. Just like Animal Crossing, I thought having a ton of new stuff would make it better than ever, but the original Super Mario 64 is just better.

I didn't like how they tried to make the graphics more detailed, it just came off as looking ugly. Also, as much as I always wanted Luigi and Wario in that castle (and Yoshi, but I wanted to ride him.), I felt it just complicated things and subtracted from it.

The new mini-games were mostly good, especially at launch, but the extra 30 stars weren't really all that spectacular and some of the changes kill a bit of the nostalgia. The few extra worlds there were I liked, they were neat. Unfortunately, they didn't have too much to offer and were usually only a boss or a star's length.

The biggest offender is the controls. The game was simply designed for the N64 controller, and it just does not work on the DS. Not to mention, having two small screens kind of made it lose some of the magic. You've got to play this on a big screen.

Some people are saying Super Mario Galaxy is better than this game. I think SMG is fun and all, but I guess I'm missing something. I got Mario's 120 stars and whatnot, and some of the level design is good, but somehow I just feel like it doesn't have that soul that Super Mario 64 does.

All those castle rooms, jumping through paintings, Bowser's laugh, the infinite staircase, Metal Mario, the Wing Cap, aspiring to enter that damn cannon and reach the top of the castle, racing the penguin and throwing the babies off ledges and into the chimney, finding secret teleports and fake walls. I don't know why, and I know SMG's music is well-orchestrated, but maybe it's just the nostalgia that gets me. Nothing in SMG really seems to match up for me. :/



ZBomber said:

I never had this game, actually. I rented it once and played it at my friend's house before, but besides that I had little experience with this game. Then I got wii on christmas 2006 and downloaded this game. Very addicting, fun gameplay. The camera angles can be annoying at times, but for one of the original 3D nintendo games, its amazing! I still havent completed it yet but hopefully soon I'll start playing it again until I beat it.



anime_guy said:

This game gave me lots of cherished memories when it first came out and i actually had a funny story based on my first impression of mario 64



greatdekutree said:

The Vc version of this is good if a little on the slow side - well worth 1000 (£7) wii points - if only just for nostalgia.

the classic gamecube controller however is very annoying and just not subtle enough so i would definately recommend the retro controller.

the game gets 5/5 easily as the game is good value and has good longevity, but playing this makes me wants the likes of Banjo & Kazooie aswell as DK64, that would be immense if it was possible



Paul-B said:

@greatdekutree agreed about banjo kazooie and dk64 (never played the latter on n64
i certainly didnt find the game to run slow however (possibly a pal issue even though aussie wii's are pal 0_o )
but i did notice that mario's jumping is now a bit more spongy (low gravity or something)
otherwise this is a must buy for vc, in fact it was the first game i bought on vc



soniczelda_dude said:

Man, I rented the DS version but wasn't motivated to play all the way through to the end thanks to bad stylus controls. I can't wait to play Super Mario 64 the way it was meant to be played.



CanisWolfred said:

I actually prefer the DS version, and even got rid of my N64 version because the DS version was, to me, far superior.

In any case, SM64 was very nice game, really liked it a lot, and while I feel that it has been out classed by games before and since, it's still very fun to play. Highly recommended.



Sharecrow said:

I downloaded this finally and absolutely love it. I played the DS version a bit but never beat it. I think it was a good version but playing it on a TV and with better controls is awesome. Super Mario Sunshine was the first 3D Mario game I played....am looking forward to spending just as much time with this one....trying to find more stars...



MexicanJonny10 said:

agreed man, this game is my favorite game of all time, period.
So many fond memories with this game, i remember when i used to live in Mexico that my cousin gave me this game so i could play it. I had just one star left to beat the game but then i had to move here to the U.S and i never played it again for about 4 years until i got it for the VC a month ago and im loving it! (99% of it)

the only thing i wish that could have been improved are the controls and the camera position, besides that, everything is awesome about the game especially the music.

how can i forget the music in the course "jolly roger's bay", just beautiful, it reminds me of my time in Mexico, playing this game with my cousins and friends, it pretty much represented my childhood in Mexico, that song actually brings tears to my eyes sometimes.

The game is the best game EVER!, critics say that Mario galaxy is better than this but i strongly disagree,




Shinnok said:

This game is much better than Super Mario Galaxy, but the best game ever? I don't think so.



stinssd said:

And now for a limerick:


When I found this new Mario quest
I decided to put it to test.
After much jumping
and wandering thumping
I bequeath it: Mario Fetch Quest.



MexicanJonny10 said:

well, i think its the one that comes the closest, or the best platformer ever made

even though im stuck right now in the game!



squid_soldier said:

How are the controls for the classic controller? If there really bad, I will just ask my friend for his gamecube controller. I want to get this. Also what else is good for 1,000 points? I have sonic, super mario, star fox, Donkey kong country, and Wave Race.

Loved it on the N64.
Nintendo knows how to make some classic games.



LGamer said:

I have Super Mario 64 DS... It's exactly the same! I admit it is a really cool game but I'm not buying the Nintendo 64 version.



jorenmartijn said:

It's a good game, but since I played Sunshine first, I prefer that, if only for the holiday theme (loved the platforming, too). I did have the Pokemon Stadium and Snap (great game!) for the 64, but my parents didn't want to get me Mario 64.
Now I've got it on the Wii, but having played 64 DS and Sunshine before it makes it feel very old.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I have this game on the VC. 10/10.

Very good game. But hard in some parts. I played the DS version. But that one isn't as good due to the broken controls.

But the original is far superior.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Fun gameplay, good graphics, and good replayability. I already finished it with all 120 Power Stars.

Highly recommend it!



TheMagicEmperor said:

No way! Galaxy is waay better than this! This is a great game but Galaxy ruined it for me. Galaxy is the best Mario game yet, better even than Super Mario RPG.



cheetahman91 said:

One of the best games on the N64. Hopefully the next 3D Mario game is another openworld one like this one.



Cookieman336 said:

I wish Nintendo would get off their butts and start working on a Wii U remake! This game would look awesome in HD with Mario Kart 8 graphics. It would also make up for an almost lousy DS remake!

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