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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Paulymate commented on Talking Point: The Resident Evil: Mercenaries ...:

I was thinking of buying it on release day, but now I'm not.
I'm not actually that*bothered by the save game issue in terms of resell value, but it is annoying, and so has convinced me to wait until the price drops, which I think it inevitably will. I'll pick it up for £15 or so (which if the reviews I'm reading are right, is the price I'm happy to pay for what I understand is fairly limited content).
I would not buy a used copy, though. So I guess Capcom have stopped that from happening, but have made it much, much easier for me to wait and buy cheaper. That doesn't seem like a win for them..
Generally, I think the 'no reset save' thing a bad idea. Once I've bought it, it's my game - I should be able play it how I like and when I like...and that includes starting over.



Paulymate commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

Oh well, I guess I'll pass, then. This suddenly seems like a rushed cash-in rather than a 25 year celebration. Very poor. And no excuse - they're just phoning it in these days. You'd think that they would understand by now that this would be important to their target market. A company that inspires so much loyalty and devotion from it's fans really should be a bit more mindful of what appeals to them.

I reckon a VC release is inevitable anyway, when this 'limited edition' has disappeared from the shelves, because if there's one thing Nintendo do seem to know how to do consistently, it's milk their IP.



Paulymate commented on Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, Get the Original Me...:

Actually, now I think about it, one end of the GBA connection cable is just a Gamecube controller port connector. So I assume it would still plug into the Wii, in which case the only reason the unlock shouldn't work is if they've removed the unlockable from the Wii update of Prime.
On the flipside, if you get the VC version you can play it without loading Prime first...
Here's a better deal, Nintendo: why not give the incentive that EVERY user who has bought one of the games in the trilogy before, and then buys the Trilogy on Wii, gets the NES download?



Paulymate commented on Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, Get the Original Me...:

Wasn't the original NES game an unlockable in the first Metroid Prime anyway? Pretty sure it's unlocked in mine...
<Checks GameFAQs> Ah yes. you had to beat Metroid Fusion on the GBA and then connect them up. Pretty sure that is the only time I ever used that cable.
Ah well, I assume that unlockable has to have gone in the Wiimake.



Paulymate commented on Blue's Journey:

2 stars is way too harsh. Easily deserves a 3 (mind you, if the stars went up to 10, I'd only give it 6, if you see what I mean).
Worth it for a rainy afternoon. Much easier then Magician Lord, mind.



Paulymate commented on Golden Axe III:

As this wasn't released in Europe, is the VC version full screen and 60Hz? Or have they given it a thorough 'PAL'ing?



Paulymate commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

To answer Emmanuel, above: no, it's more than the titkle screen in Japanese in Picross. Almost all the text is still in Japanese: the puzzle names, the training mode text, even the 'yes/no' to hints box. The only English I have seen is a little on the puzzle selction screen, some on the pause menu, and the words 'game over'.
I am afraid is bascially untranslated, not that it really matters for this game



Paulymate commented on Mario's Super Picross:

This is a great game, and it's wonderful to get a chance to play it.
Note that, to add to the excellence, as it was never released in PAL before and hence crushed/slowed down/ruined it runs fullscreen and at 60HZ.
Buy, you fools, buy.



Paulymate commented on September is Hanabi Festival in Europe:

Its worth noting that all these games (well if Picross and Lost Levels are anything to go by) will be full screen and tun at 60Hz, as they never got put through the magical PAL screencrusher/slowdown machine



Paulymate commented on Wave Race 64:

Truly great game, but it doesn't look to me like it's had the same optimisation applied to it that other N64 releases have - those black borders are just as huge as I remember



Paulymate commented on Too Hip to be Square - A look at non-Square RPGs:

Yeah, I know Enix published IoT and Terranigma (also I believe, SoulBlazer, which was the first in the trilogy, and which I don't think saw a European release (it was called SoulBlader in Japan).
My point was that I reckon they deserved a mention in the closing para about desirable SquareEnix titles- I know that Terranigma would be a popular VC release Stateside, as it's one of the few 'class A' RPGs on the SNES that came to Europe but not the USA...
Anyway, nice article. Thanks



Paulymate commented on Galaga '90:

Not that there's an arcade pefect (this version isn't, quite -which is not to say that it's bad by any means; it's still excellent) version of this on the Namco Anniversary collection for the Gamecube...



Paulymate commented on Super Mario 64:

Its over ten years since this game was released, and it shines brighter than ever. One of the true all time greats, anybody with even a passing interest in videogames should own this title
1000 points? Bargain of the year.



Paulymate commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Great game. Superb 2 player simultaneous play and a genuinely different feel. Its a pity its not been optimised for PAL players, though, so Sega lose a star for sheer laziness. Strongly recommended to all shooter fans



Paulymate commented on R-Type III:

Great game, well worth the download.
Also, contrary to Hattes, above, I am afraid there was a PAL release - I certainly had a copy back in the day, and it pops up on Ebay fairly often, at an inflated price.
Sorry, but the presence of this game on the PAL VC is not a good reason to get your hopes up for Euro release of Super Mario RPG or Chrono Trigger, as this game *was* released in Euroland...