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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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superBBQ commented on EU VC Releases - 16th November - Double Dribble:

So because they release Galaxy they think it's okay to give us ONE CRAP game? BS! I'm a student, how much money do they think I have, I cannot afford to buy new games all the time and no time to start a new full-length game (sounds lame, but is true) but Wii Points I do have. They might aswell have not done anything. it would have been less insulting.



superBBQ commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Wow, this was the first game I played EVAR. The only reason this is 4/5 because of the some seriously slow levels, which is the big way Sonic 2 managed an edge over other platformers. I won't download this purely because I still play my Megadrive, with turbo and slow buttons for random amusement



superBBQ commented on EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week:

Since when do games cost more because they feel like it? I had 500 points left that I was saving for a decent NES title and they bump up the price. I am not buying another set of points for that >_>
Not a very good week overall



superBBQ commented on Baseball:

Why did they use a pixely picture for even the box art. I played this once, my friend paid a whole 500 points...HA! It was good for laughing at the pathetic play but it really failed too much to warrant a rematch.



superBBQ commented on Landstalker:

I keep forgetting about the controls so it's tough to handle, but otherwise it's okay. Pretty average in my opinion.



superBBQ commented on Fatal Fury:

That looks like a pretty crap game for 900 points >_>



superBBQ commented on Mega Man:

Not bad but I can't see what's so monumental about it...



superBBQ commented on ToeJam & Earl:

Any ame with a Planet Funkotron deserves to be a classic for that reason alone. The totally random enemies just confused me, come on if anyone can explain to me why the insane dentist man screeches out "la la la" in that thorughly creey way can have some bucks.
The carrot man's the greatest, I never needed him, but rly.



superBBQ commented on Super Mario 64:

This is a good, nay great game IF you haven't already played it. Everyone who moans, no-one's forcing you to buy and complete it on every single console it comes out on.
The hilarious tweaking of Mario's face FTW I don't know anyone who can't help but grin like a little kid when they do it.



superBBQ commented on Dragon's Curse:

Love this game, normally old games are easy as, but this presented a bit of challenge and hurrah for the screens scrolling both ways, not jjst simple left to right.



superBBQ commented on Kid Chameleon:

Wow, nostalgia moment. I haven't played this for a while but it was the most addictive game I've ever played. I thought I'd beaten the game very early on but I had to go through all the levels aain witht the bad guys just changed colours. The little tricks are neat, at the time I thought they were glitches and were the most satisfying thing to find by yourself. Shivelamouse already mentioned the one in level two and there are little tricks like hitting invisible blocks, sliding through bricks, going in the wrong direction and falling at some points that let you skip bits. The suits remind me a lot of the Mario ones, but I this beats it by far.