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United States

Thu 13th Mar 2008

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Sesmar commented on Super Mario 64:

A great game that I originally had on my Funtastic orange N64.
Controls are a bit wonky however. I have always wondered how everyone can play this and not notice that Mario always moves like the entire playing field has been covered with oil. He slips and falls WAY too much and when he does there are nutty sliding physics in the game that go on for WAY too long. Same for some of the coins that he's collecting from the enemies. Why does so much of the game move like the surfaces are covered with ice, no matter what the surface Mario's running on? Sand, grass,'s all way too slippery.
Aside from that (which is a BIG detraction for me - makes the game seem unpolished and goofy) the game is pretty much a fun fest. WAY cleaner picture than on the N64. Also, game works much much better with the Gamecube controller than with the Classic.
Download it if you don't already have it on a working N64 - otherwise, it's not that different and you can spend your points for something you don't have.