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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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AchubaNanoia commented on Epic Mickey Is Exclusive To Wii:

I gotta be honest: That poster is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen! Could we finally have a good Mickey game after the excelent ones on the Mega Drive. Now they just have to make sure this is plays well and I'll buy it!



AchubaNanoia commented on Ninja Commando:

Looks pretty cool, I just wonder if it's 900 Wii Points cool... I mean, there are so many great action/shooter games to download for less on the VC right now, that, even if this game comes to the US VC, I wouldn't bother to download it. But, not a bad game from the looks of it!



AchubaNanoia commented on Sonic 3D Blast:

I actually enjoyed this game a lot on the Mega Drive, and I really don't see how is it "slow"... once you get confortable with the controller, you can run and maneuver really well and really fast. Only thing that I dislike about it is the lack of a save feature, but luckly the VC fixes that! Overall, 4 stars in my opinion.



AchubaNanoia commented on Sonic Spinball:

I really don't understand why everybody hates this game... sure, it's not traditional Sonic gameplay, as far as spin-off game go, I really like it. I never owned it in the MD, but I rented it about 4 times, and I have it on my Sonic Mega Collection. 4 stars in my opinion.



AchubaNanoia commented on Sonic on the Master System coming to Virtual C...:

Excellent little game, as long as you bear in mind the plattaform it was released on! I still remember going to the stores and being amazed at it though, especially when you compare it to SMB 1 (yeah, Brazil was pretty much lacking in the videogame industry in 1992 )



AchubaNanoia commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

I love this game. I've downloaded it yesterday, and it plays just as well as it ever did. And yes, I still hate those water levels lol, they make my controller feel broken . 5 stars in my opinion, though new players might not undestand the magic of this 1986 piece. Keep it in perspective people!



AchubaNanoia commented on King of the Monsters:

I never played King of the Monsters 2... but I did play King of Monsters for the SNES, a friend of mine had it, it was really fun to play with more people. Also, it helps if you enjoy Japanese Monsters movies like Godzilla and such, because that's what this game is all about! I won't be downloading this so soon because I have other priorities, but if you have some friends who might enjoy this type of fighting-beatyourfriendup game, I think it's not such a bad deal.



AchubaNanoia commented on EU VC Releases - 27th June - Super Fantasy Zone:

Very nice week for Europe, I am looking forward to see when Super Fantasy Zone will come to the US Virtual Console... I really liked the game on the Master System, but this is one is indeed much better. About King of Monsters: I'm 90% sure I played it on the SNES, and I recall it was a good multiplayer fighting game, so I can only imagine the Neo Geo version is even better.



AchubaNanoia commented on US VC Releases - 23rd June - Alex Kidd in Mira...:

Very nice week! Alex Kidd is a game I've wanted ever since Master System's games where announced, it's a very fun game, I just hope it's still fun to play today.
And Gyrostarr looks like a great shooter, everyone wants it, but I'll wait some reviews before spending some Wii Points... I still need to finish R-Type and Blazing Lasers (though I don't believe I ever will )



AchubaNanoia commented on Review: Toki Tori:

Just downloaded this game today, and I will confirm the review, the game really is great! I haven't tried multiplayer yet since everybody I know is busy this week, but if nothing else, the singleplayer is great. I really like how the puzzles, even if some really difficult to solve makes sense. Nothing of the "Find the torch underwater then flame the palm tree so the rubber duck can fall on the crocodile and make him fetch you the key" sort of thing, which is great! -- 5 stars, no doubt.



AchubaNanoia commented on We Move: Pain Vs Pleasure - New Video And Info...:

I have no idea if this will be the real game or not, if it will be good or not... but really, I wouldn't be surprised if they started making these kind of games. Come on, who among us have never made some jokes about the vibrating wii remote or the acessories that you can plug on it ?
And well, Wii Sports got people moving, Wii Fit got people healthy, now it's only a matter of time before they deliver Wii Luv U Long Time lol.



AchubaNanoia commented on US VC Release - 16th June - Samurai Shodown:

Pretty good week if you ask me! I won't be downloading any of the games today, if only because I still have many games left to finish, and I still need to save some money for Toki Tori . Samurai Shodown is great, gather a few people and make a tournment, it's awesome. I'm not sure about Block Breaker Deluxe, not my cup of tea... and Cocoto Fishing looks pretty good, and seems like a cool game for your little brother or cousins. My 6 year old cousin loves fishing in Zelda, I'm sure he would love this even more! Too bad it's not 500 points, still... I might just get it for him. But, wait... do I have any space left for downloading more games?? Exactly, in the end I'll have to pass all these games for now



AchubaNanoia commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

Even though it's true that the N64 controller stick will start to wear down after one week or two of constant use, I still believe is one of the best controllers ever made, very confortable, allowing for three different playing positions. Too bad that, at least in the West, we didn't see much use for the other two .
I think it would be really nice if someone - Nintendo or not - could make a Wii-compatible N64 controller without actually using the original model and instead making a new one with the same design, and making a "ball under the stick" to make it last longer (like the Nunchuk or the Classic Controller).
Still, kudos to the guy who made this, I always love to see this types of hacks, even though I'd never know how to do the same, no matter how many charts and how-to's you throw me!



AchubaNanoia commented on Dig Dug:

Looks very interesting... I'll wait a review before buying it though, I just got Toki Tori, and that really got me busy (and low on money )



AchubaNanoia commented on MSX Hits Japanese VC, Includes Special Options:

I still remember when I was a kid, my cousin's friend had an MSX, we used to play "Ys I", "Super Cobra" and "Metal Gear" the whole weekend ! I don't know if those games would be good by today's standards though, so I don't think it will be released in the US. I guess you had to have experienced it back then to really feel the magic



AchubaNanoia commented on Paradroid:

Seems a little bit like the game "Mr. Robot" from Moonpod (a rather new PC game), which I also recomend. Though Mr. Robot is an RPG, this one seems more like an action game, though both have puzzle elements. Too bad we don't get Commodore 64 games on South America/ US, otherwise I would get!



AchubaNanoia commented on Gley Lancer:

I've never played before, so I can't comment on the gameplay, but I'll say one thing, the music is pretty good for Mega Drive game, too bad you can't quite hear the sound effects on the video. The boss battles look interesting also, just as in many Mega Drive games.
Looks promising, I'll give it a try when (if) it arrives to the US VC.



AchubaNanoia commented on Metroid:

I'm really sad to say that I regret downloading this. Don't get me wrong, I loved Metroid back in the day, but really, like so many people said, today it just doesn't hold up well, especially when compared to Metroid Zero Mission, which makes for a much better experience. If you really really loved it on the NES, maybe give it a go, but if you just want to download it to experience the series' origins, just play Metroid Zero Mission for GBA.



AchubaNanoia commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

Agreed, "Wii need memory now!". Truth be told, I'd be happy enough if they figured out a way to transfer a game from a SD card to the Wii before playing it, but in some sort of automatic way... for example creating an "SD Channel" that shows the games, and you click the game, there's a small loading time because it's transfering the game back to the Wii, then you can play it. Of course, you'd have to have some space left on your Wii, otherwise the console would ask to make some space.
It doesn't seem to be the easiest solution and I don't know if it's possible, or profitable , but I supposed it could work.



AchubaNanoia commented on Global Inequality on the Virtual Console:

Nice article, great job! I don't have any idea of what's going on with Nintendo. Being that I live in Brazil and have a US Wii, I get all the goodies from the US release, and since I have most of the GameCube compilations, I don't really miss the Europe exclusives so far... maybe Vectorman, which I never played but heard good things about.



AchubaNanoia commented on Virtual Console Passes 10m Downloads Milestone:

About packaged games... though myself I LOVE having a brand new game in a box, the truth is that gaming today is quite expensive... a new release here in Brazil costs around US$110,00... which means that I buy an average of 1 game every two months, and instead buy some used Wii games, or better yet, Gamecube games, which I can find for around US$ 9,99. The VC downloads though, aren't victim of my country's crazy tax system yet, which means it's actually pretty cheap!
That said, if they could make a way to download a full Wii game, like Mario Galaxy or Fifa 08 or something like that, not only would it be a lot cheaper for me, but would considerably reduce piracy around here... at least until they find a way to tax downloads .



AchubaNanoia commented on Butterfly Garden Coming to WiiWare:

Looks very interesting, I might just buy it if it's done right! I remember spending a unhealthy dose of time playing A Bug's Life for the N64 in the past... it was a so-so game, but something about bugs is always great in my opinion!



AchubaNanoia commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

For the people who don't know about the Master System, you should look for a few classics on the Youtube. From the top of my head:

  • Phantasy Star : AWESOME Rpg, at least in it's time.
  • Golden Axe Warrior: Think Zelda, but with Golden Axe. Sure, Zelda is better, but this is pretty good too.
  • Afterburner: Yes, the Genesis port is better, but I played this to death on the Master System, it's pretty addictive.
  • Zillion: Now this is a gem of 8-bit game! Somewhat like Metroid, but also based on one of the best animes that I've watched when I was a kid!
  • R-Type: Yes, the TG-16 port is much better than this, but this just shows that the Master System was quite powerful for arcade conversions.
    Also, there are the classics like Sonic, Shinobi, Outrun, Hang-On, Alex Kidd and many others.


AchubaNanoia commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

Master System, now there's a great, great videogame system, very popular here in Brazil! I remember going to my friend's home to play those crazy 3-D games, and several memorable games like Castle of Illusion, Sonic and Alex Kidd, but also After Burner, Keisseinden (something like that), Gauntletand a several many others.
I really hope we see good games for it! Though to be honest, I'm not sure how well the Master System games are gonna hold up to today standards. Guess we'll have to wait and see!



AchubaNanoia commented on Bubble Bobble:

Amazing how this little piece of good ol' arcade awesomeness can transform a boring sunday night into a blast of fun with a few friends, some food and maybe a little bit of alcohol mixed up .
5 stars, for sure, though I can't stand playing this by myself. But really, this game is all about fun with friends. So, if you live locked in a room all by yourself, you are better off with some other game .
A must have, for 500 wii points, there's no reason not to have it! I think only Bomberman can rival it's pure fun!



AchubaNanoia commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

I'm really jealous of people who PWN on 2d Fighters like Street Fighter 2. I used to be an average player back then, and I just found out that I'm worse now . I feel bad about downloading this game... I guess it's great for those who are good at it, but I for one have made the move to 3D fighting.
4 stars because I know it's a good game, even though I'm bad at it, and it can be tons of fun when you play with friends, especially with people who don't play videogames, since it's a lot easier to have fun on this game then on something like, say, DOA 4 or Soul Calibur.



AchubaNanoia commented on 1080 Snowboarding:

I'll give 4 stars for this game. I loved it back when I first played it when it was released. About 4 months ago, I bought a used copy for my N64, and it was still pretty good, even if the trick system was no longer the best one around, and I must admit, I thought it was pretty boring. Now that I sold my N64, along with my copy of 1080, I don't think I'll be buying it again.
So, in short, if you loved it before, it's a sure download. But, if you still own a copy of this game, of if you never played it before, I don't imagine it being a very good deal... the graphics are still pretty good, but the rest of the game just feels average after so many SSX's, Tony Hawk's and sKate.



AchubaNanoia commented on Super Mario 64:

Excellent game, it just proves that most games made by Nintendo are made to last! Download it right now! Like some people said:
1- the GameCube controller is indeed a better option than the Classic Controller, the Z button makes all the difference IMO;
2- the DS version has more content, but really, this games was meant for playing with smooth analog control and a good ol' TV, specially if it's a 480P compatible one ;
On another note, just a few weeks ago, a couple of cousins of mine came to visit me, they're about 9 and 10 years old, never heard of Mario before (amazing, I know!!), and just played some Playstation 2 games. I tell you, after 10 minutes at Mario 64, they were hooked! Now I have to keep making excuses for then not to come over so I can play my Wii without distractions !!



AchubaNanoia commented on Wave Race 64:

Excellent game for the N64, in my opinion it still holds very well for today, maybe because I haven't played any other decent Jet Sky games after this one . The graphics are very nice, if a little blocky, and it's great to see it scale to 480P via component!
A funny thing is that, like many other older games, I'm really really good at it now, I was able to finish Expert and Mirror mode in a few days. Not easy by any means, but I remember that I sucked badly in the original N64... I don't know if something's changed or if I have just got better as a gamer
Overall, a great game, but I think that it's not a great value for your Wii points... back in the day when I only had Mario 64 and Wave Race to rent, and nearly all the time in the world, I could play this for weeks straight, but now, it seems to get old quickly after a while. 5 stars game, but skip it if you need to make those Wii points last a long time!



AchubaNanoia commented on ActRaiser:

Back in the day when I had a SNES, I rented this game and after 1 hour, I went back and returned it.Of course, I didn't know better then .
Great game, looks and sound great. I found it rather easy, except for the last stage, and overall, it was over pretty quick, I finished it in about 3 days of casual playing. If you have the spare Wii points, go ahead and download it right away, but if you need more value for them, I'd suggest you buy games with more replayability.



AchubaNanoia commented on Balloon Fight:

I'm just going to repeat what most people said here: a fun and addicting game for Multiplayer, but it get's old quick if you play it by yourself.



AchubaNanoia commented on Eternity’s Child Confirmed as WiiWare:

Looks interesting, but I'm not sure if it's worth buying. Wouldn't it be great if the WiiWare had some kind of Demo for it's games like XBLA? Also, one more reason to Nintendo release a Hard Drive or some way to give us more storage! After 3 Nintendo 64 games, 5 SNES, 6 NES, 2 Genesis and 2 TG-16 games, I'm 200 blocks away of having to delete some of my games to get new ones =/



AchubaNanoia commented on Phantasy Star II Confirmed by ESRB:

Good game, I once rented it for 1 month of non-stop play during my vacation! I won't download it though, for some some reason I can no longer play these old RPGs, not only because I lack the time to play it for a long time, but also because I find them boring now...
But yeah, let's hope it brings Phantasy Star 4 too, I also really liked that one.



AchubaNanoia commented on Are Virtual Console games good value for money?:

Interesting article!
I'm a big Nintendo fan, and as a kid, I always had the latest console, though to afford it, I would sell it as soon as I got the new one, ever since the NES. Though at the time I didn't have any regrets, I sure wish I still had them . I still own a Master System and just recently sold my Nintendo 64, and here's why:

1- though I'd love to still have the original hardware, space is a huge concern for me, as I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend;
2- whenever I travel, I bring my Wii with me and play all those old games from one single place, and, if I still had all those consoles, it would be very cumbersome to plug all the A/C adaptors and RF-A/V- cables... which leads me to;
3- just a few months ago I bought a 26" LCD TV, which makes my Wii look great, but my Nintendo 64 and Master System looks terrible, while all the old games scale quite well on the Wii;
4- while I do love the N64 controller, let's face it, it's lifespan is really bad, and I was buying almost one new controller per year, and the Classic Controller fells pretty good.

So, just a few comments about the value of the VC games... I'm not sure about money, but when it comes to easy of use and easy of storage, there's not way to beat it!

PS: sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil.



AchubaNanoia commented on Cybernator:

Very nice game, bought it yesterday. The controls take some time to get used to, but after a few deaths, I got to the last level. Love the music and the atmosphere... this game really shows that some 16-bit games can really be immersive!! (More so than many modern games imo.)