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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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KMcVay commented on US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64:

YES, Kirby 64. I remember this game. It was actually pretty challenging to collect all 100 crystal shards. The last time I played this game must of been about 6 years ago. I am definitely going to download this game as soon as it hits the VC on Monday. Also, I love the final boss in this game. O2 was epic and so was the music. I also can't believe that the boss music that plays during this battle scene is going to be in BRAWL! Looks like my wishes are coming true, well, sort of...



KMcVay commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

There was so much debate about this topic on a Smash forums called Brawl Central. I for one would definitely buy anything from a Smash Channel if Nintendo actually decides to implement it. Until WiiWare and Brawl comes out, however, the truth will be a mystery. I'm so impatient...I'm literally drooling with excitement. O_o



KMcVay commented on Star Fox 64:

One of the best games for the N64. The first with rumble too. It's too bad that they took this out but great game none-the-less. With many different paths to choose from and an alternate ending, this game will have you playing for hours -- or even longer! In fact, i'm going to play this right now!



KMcVay commented on Super Mario 64:

awesome game! one of the best games i've played...a true masterpiece. I remember getting this game with my Nintendo 64 back in the day when i was about 5. i was afraid of bowser back then lol anyway, i definitely recommend this game to anyone! i've now got all 3 versions, N64 (which still works), DS, and now VC! This goes to show that it is still fun to this day and I wouldn't mind beating it a fourth or fifth time either! This game, Zelda, and Starfox 64 (Lylat Wars) are my favorite games of all time! 120/5!