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Star Fox 64 (N64 / Nintendo 64)

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Andross has launched an all-out attack on the Lylat System, and only Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team stand in his way. Jump into your Arwing fighter, Landmaster tank or Blue Marine sub, and blast Andross’s forces into atoms!

Battle through 15 varied levels of air, space, land and undersea combat. Discover hidden paths in forward-scrolling missions and switch into All-Range Mode for full 360-degree manoeuvring missions, performing wild aerial somersaults and daring U-turns to shake off the enemy.

Star Fox 64 also features a VS. mode for up to four players to battle it out in three thrilling game types: Point Match, Battle Royal and Time Battle.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

Do a barrel roll.

The original Star Fox (or ‘Starwing’ if you're a Euro gamer) introduced a whole generation of Nintendo fans to the wonder of 3D visuals. The game was nothing short of a miracle and thanks to the revolutionary Super FX chip it produced graphics that...

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User Comments (151)



mini_stephen said:

I can't wait to get my hands on this one! I love the SNES version and I love the N64 version even more. Gaming perfection!



Shrapnel09 said:

N64 was defintally the best version of this game, SNES was good as well, but this one really did it perfect. cant wait for this sucker!

too bad nintendo is too lazy to enable rumble for VC games... i am indeed a sad panda.



Angelo said:

When this comes out for the VC, it will definitely be the first (and maybe even the only) N64 that I'll get for te VC. An absolute classic, since I can actually brag about getting every single medal, both for the normal and hard difficulties. Don't let me down, Nintendo...



Stephen said:

Just get Ocarina of Time. As soon as you play that, you will forget all about A Link to the Past and the NES version for a few months. Its well worth it. The Wii Zelda is better than any of them though.



Zho said:

Yes pleeeeeeease. I love Starfox 64, and I so hope they'll make a good follow up for the Wii. None of the sequels have been able to top 64 for me yet.



link64 said:

How can this game not have rumble I mean it came with the rumble pack.



SuperCoolAl said:

The pinnacle of the Star Fox series, this is a must buy. The game pushed the N64 to it's limits with superb special effects and explosions, and full well-acted voice work combined with visceral booming sound. The branching storyline means that, although a single playthrough may take only about forty-five minutes, you'll keep going back to try different paths, discover new levels, and earn the medals. Then of course, when you medal every mission, you get Expert Mode! In addition to all this, it was the first N64 game to have BORDERS REDUCED for the PAL release, even though the gameplay remained slightly slower this was a major step and every subsequent first-party game reduced the borders Can you tell I love this game?! Please let it be on the VC list tomorrow!!!

__Dan H


Dan H said:

This game was awesome, the first N64 game I played. I am in the UK so it was called Lylat Wars here. I can also say I completed every single aspect of the game, every single level, every route to the end, it was amazing. I remember if you get to the end using the hard route then you get to fly out through the tunnels when they are exploding, on the easier routes it is a cut scene!



Kevin said:

This was my favorite N64 game excluding Ocarina. I can't wait to download this bad boy!



Jazzem said:

Neither Mario Kart or Super Mario 64 had the Wii Suspension points, is that the case with this too? As strange as it sounds, it may be what makes or brakes my purchase of this; I have to find an excuse to buy the same game again



voldak said:

Very excited about Starfox 64. I haven't played this game in a VERY long time. I used to have a lot of fun playing this game. I also never unlocked all of the levels. Can't wait to get it soon...



GumbyX84 said:

Something I really want to ask to anyone who has played this: Does it actually have the rumble removed, or are we lucky enough to have the wii-mote rumble?



insanolord said:

It does not have the suspension feature; I don't think it's possible to do that with the N64 emulation setup as it is. I wish it did, because the original game gave no way to save mid-campaign, the save capabilities were limited to saving high scores and the like. I don't care, though, this game is one of my all time favorites and I was extremely happy to see it as one of today's releases. The N64 may not have a lot of games on the VC, but I can't complain too much, as the 4 games up on the service right now are the 4 that I'd pick if I were in charge of selecting the games.



GrandAeon said:

I had hoped Starfox (the original or the N64 version) would have been implemented with new Wii-mote controls, just like the one in Warioware: Smooth Moves. Now that's would have been really cool!
Oh well, retro it is, I guest!



Bazoon said:


Btw, anyone knows the controls for the classic controler?

And to people who played this, whats better? the GC controler or the Classic one?



Dazza said:

I quite enjoy playing this with the classic controller myself. The left analog stick does the controlling of the arwing. Right analogue stick does your brakes, boost, cockpit view, the 4 face buttons do the usual shooting, bombs, etc. L&R shoulder buttons do the tilting and barrel rolling.



Bazoon said:

cool thanks, so whats the Y and X button for? and whats the Arrow pad for? is it the C stick for turning around and stuff?



Tremer said:

I just downloaded and played this game but I don't know why... Maybe Im doin something wrong I don't know... If I hold the 'A' button to lock enemies, it locks only ONE enemy. Im not able to lock more than 1 target. I tried with the classic controle AND the gamecube controller but it do the same thing. Do you have this problem guys?



Will said:

You can't hit the HOME button. Like all 64 releases the wiimote has no control once the emulator starts running. You can't even power down your system with the remote. Its sorta annoying and I wish they would start updating aspects of the VC especially the lack of features that transfer over on 64 games like rumble.



Bustacap said:

lol. if the wii mote would shut down you couldnt use the classic controller for these games -.-. you can hit the home button an turn the console off.



CompactDestruction said:

To Tremer, that is meant to happen. To get more points lock on to an enemy in a group and destroy them all with the radius of that single charged blast.



Jack said:

Why did I have to spend my last stars on Super Mario World...



{CK}Panther said:

ahhhhhh... sweet sweet memories. Might download this one. I remember sitting behind the tv for 5 houres trying to accomplish all missions



Johannes said:

Because SMW is one of the best SNES Games ever.

i never played starfox 64/lylatwars and i hope it will come out in europe in the next weeks.



fail:safe said:

This game was pretty cool, but it didnt really do it for me, i compleated it pretty quick and i always got really frustrated that the other characters flew along side you but never did anything usufull, infact, they always seemed to get attacked and you would have to save them.

however, i did love all the secret routes, like having to go under all the arches of shoot certain asteroids to open new levels.

i seem to remember there being two endings depending on if you took the route to the real or fake boss.

i think ill put this in my maybe pile.


__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie said:

Oh hells yea, another one of my top faves-I loved SF64 back in the day(I remember how big that box was too, coming with the rumble pack.) Though as much as a nostalgic dream as Zelda-definitely worth a buy.



Mark said:

gotta love this game! The classic controller takes some getting used to though. I have to admit. I try to speed up and I end up going into first person veiw! Then Falco tells me he has to back off and I can't get to sector Y.



Bazoon said:

Japan got Star Fox today, lets hope Europe gets thier Lylat Wars too! I can't wait to play it again!



Matt said:

If this doesn't come out in the EU this Friday I'm going to very very, VERY annoyed. This was pretty much my all-time favourite game on the N64.



sparky1979 said:

Can't wait for this one to arrive - I particularly enjoyed the tank levels. However, I also remember being particularly bad at it...

__Shiyojin Rommyu


Shiyojin Rommyu said:

I just bought this one on VC since it was just released in Europe, and it runs silky smooth with no letterboxes. Just thought y'all would like to know.

Playing it with the Classic Controller takes a bit of getting used to. The y button is boost, x is brakes, b shoots a Nova bomb and a is used to shoot. I would've preferred they switched x and y, and a and b, that would be a bit easier to play with.



Micael said:

Hello. Everyone that has bought the PAL version, do this game send out the video-signal in 576p? (progressive) for you LCDS through component?

I saw somee quoute on some forum that it did output 576p (the first PAL n64 game to do so.)



Angelicliver said:

I still prefer the SNES Starwing/Starfox but I think that's just the fond memories of playing that when I was younger. Lylatwars/Starfox 64 is awesome though and £7 is a good reasonable price in my honest opinion.

Also despite the gripes I'd heard about the control scheme with the classic controller I'm quite happy with how they've been translated and thankfully the boost and brake work with the X and Y button.



Coral said:

Hahaha I am so happy! Got really excited last week when I saw Starfox had been released.. only to discover it wasnt in the UK! But alas, here it is and boy am I grateful! What a fantastic game. Only problem is the VC will soon bankrupt me!



CydonianKnight said:

Now all we need is StarWing for the SNES, as great as Lylat Wars is, the series has never matched the SNES original.
I wonder what N64 game's next for the VC?
My money's on DK64 or F-Zero X



-Regii said:

@Coral: Dito!
I really love this game, I could not stop playing it after my download.
I is worth every of the 1000 points, really!
DL it now !



easycruise said:

Oh dear, this is quite possibly the best non mario release so far, I love this game, deft worth every point!



eltomo said:

hmmm, I got this 2day...

But Im getting annoyed using GameCube controller, the shoulder buttons are a bit funny... did something recommend the classic controller?

Also been messing about on Fortuna, but I got a problem... I dont wanna kill star wolf and his team, so I get the full rematch at Bolse, but I dont want them to kill my team. But im too good and I kill Star Wolfs team while defending mine... poo!

Starwing for SNES anyone?



Otakujon said:

This was a fantastic game first time around so i'm pleased to say it has lost none of its shine. One of the best VC releases so far.



Alberto said:

I downloaded it yesterday and I really needed to play just after dpwnloading and I haven't played any other game since yesterday, I really loved this game when I had my N64, but I'm using a GameCube pad and one of two, I suck, or I can't get used to the controls with the GameCube pad, I remember having all medals in both normal and expert modes and everything unlocked. I've gotten a lot of medals by now in this VC version, but still I can't get used to it with this pad



CompactDestruction said:

Anyone noticed how Aquas is seriously screwed up? You can't shoot properly and the torpedo cursor disappears when it's locked on to an enemy instead of turning red.



Matrix101 said:

Hi all. To reply to Micael, for me, the video output (PAL version -I'm located in Belgium-) through the component cable is 576i, like for MarioKart64. No picture quality problem anyway.



Alberto said:

Besides the Aqua mess that SuperCoolAl mentioned there's a little problem too, on Venom 1, once you're fighting the boss of that temple, once youy destroy all the rock that covers him, his head turns red, but then it turns back nand it's so hard to see it.

Althought the biggest problem seems to be Aquas, it's kind of unplayable, I just played it today



INpixl said:

I really loved Lylat wars back in the day so the problems with Aquas really put me off playin' the game. Hopefully Nintendo will make an update available soon. Also... Isn't the crosshair a bit too sensitive when maneuvering the tank at Macbeth?



Haz said:

Gah anyone know how to get to sector Z from Zoness? it takes me straight to Macbeth...



Matt said:

This was the first game I got when I originally bought my N64, and oh what memories it brings back. I never did get the medal on Area 6 (300 enemies killed?!), now's my chance to give that a try again.



SuperCoolAl said:

Alberto- This game does seem to have a problem with things turning black instead of red for some reason!

INpixl- Tank crosshair is identical to the original version, the difference is in the analogue stick.

Hazdaman92- Destroy all the searchlights before they spot you. Fox will tell you if you've been spotted and the searchlights will turn orange (or they should... don't know in this version cos I havent failed on the glitched Wii version yet!)

Matthew- I can get about 450 kills on Area 6 if I really go for it. Love that level. Some tips- Launch a couple of smart bombs in the minefield at the start for mega-kills. Get those charge up shots on enemy groups. And at the end when you are facing the larger battleships do charge up shots on their gun turret clusters, and you'll get yet more hit bonuses. And remember to save your wingmates for that medal! Good luck with getting all those medals, then you can have a crack at expert mode



Cotter said:

Anyone notice that you can download an update for starfox? i noticed this last night, went through the download and ended up with an error. I guess I'll try again but i was curious if anyone knew what this update was all about and if they altered the game in anyway to fit the tv better or something.



Bustacap said:

hm i didnt noticed any updates for lylat wars. ther isnt any update button at all...



Dazza said:

The update is only available for the US at the moment. I still have no idea what it does!!



Mithos said:

Word/rumor has it the update had something to do with classic controller modifications, they made it less sensitive or something, coz people had complaind it was to sensitive...

Only Nintendo knows for sure though...



Ridien said:

The update makes the left stick on the classic controller less sensitive and fixes the bug in Aquas.



DK said:

Hi my name is DK and I'm addicted to the virtual console.

I swear, Nintendo's going to need a 5-step program to help people like me who become addicted to their VC!

Star Fox 64 is my favorite game released on the virtual console so far. I've played it through countless times trying to beat my old scores.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

is it me or is this faster than the pal original? i'd swear my n64 version's slower,not that i'm complaining.anyway,cool addition-most welcome etc...now is there any chance of,as well as the snes original,starfox/wing 2? i'd love to see what it was like.



patrick said:

I was first introduced to star fox on The Gc with assault, A bad note I guess .I also picked up command which I still paly today. I really like star fox 64 but I don't have enough time to beat the game in one sitting. It seems too long and I hate that once you lose all your lives you have to start over again. Its not so much playing through the same levels that annoy me but the fact that I have to hear that voice acting again and again. Still, its a great game but its not for gamers who have too short of an attention span. The only other VC game I have is Mario kart and I got 1000 wii points left. Gonna wait to see, I bet there's gonna be tons this summer because of the usual game droughts



Dazza said:

This starfox is thankfully much better than assault on the GC! A in-game gamesave would have made this perfect. These days it is a bit too much for me to play all the way through in one sitting as well. Shame!



fac_ownage said:

this game has the best replay value ever. yeah its a short and easy game, but i could beat it twice a day using different paths and it'll never get old



whiteshadow said:

nintendo were really at there best in this era,all the n64 games on the VC are the best ever,and to think that there 200 points off mega drive and snes games make them seem like a complete bargain.the problem is that these games are too great,so i have played them all already.cant wait for f-zero x though.hurrah for VC



CSX said:

Too bad that there is no rumble support, the original brought a rumble pak with it for the N64 Controller, it was one of the first N64 games that made use of it and it was amazing. The game is only have as good without it.



SEL said:

Can you play multiplayer with a classic controller and a gamecube controller at the same time?? I can't get it to work... Both controllers controls player 1 simultaneously



Storm101 said:

This game now has a second update in North America... Anyone know what it does? Once again...

__Pit 42


Pit 42 said:

It'd be nice if Nintendo would've added something more to the game, like a save feature or something. I'm still not past the fourth level! (Yes, I suck that bad)



GS said:

Very fun game, it is everything the SNES one was but 10x better... But your co-pilot buddies are still just their to get in your way and ask you for help... I am so used to the N64 controller(yeah still burned in my brain)... So I am constantly screwing up but still a great game.



SKTTR said:

if that one had rumble on wii, it would get a full rating.
remember this game INTRODUCED the rumble feature, this game was THE FIRST GAME with rumble. It made us FEEL the game in 1997! but the wii version scrapped it.. aww.
giving it only 4 stars, that's my way of boycotting such a great game.
everyone who can live without rumble support give it a chance.



BluePaladin25 said:

One of the few major N64 games that most people don't already have. At 1000 points, it's a steal.
"Use a boost to get through!"
I just wish they would hurry up and release more 64 games!!!!



James said:

I thankgod for those ads they ran for this game and the rumble pack with the dude flying along feelign the rumble then going through the bottom the cockpit like he jackhammered through. If it wasn't for these ads i would never have wanted this game, having never played or heard of starfox prior to 'lylat wars'. This was my all time favourite 64 game and i urge u to buy it now especially if you've never experienced it before



merc2k said:

This game is good, HOWEVER.... Is there a way to change the controls as I don't like the inverted flight control. If I push up and want to go up etc..



tank2tank said:

merc2k i don't think there is. Well I like inverted control just fine, and I'm sure most people do so tough luck mate.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I love this game! But I keep forgetting how to somersault!
I wish you can change your character in Multiplayer.
I'm lucky that I have this on my N64 so I don't have to experience the bug in Aquas on the VC version!



alvieao said:

I've always beaten the game on the Hard Venom (after seeing the Easy ending), yet I didn't collect all of the medals. Needless to say, I'm lucky to have owned the N64 version. The showcase game to use the Rumble Pak; force-feedback matters when you boost, crash, or witnessing all those bosses explode. Unfortunately, Nintendo should have taken advantage by allowing the GC controller to rumble. Due to Nintendo's anti-seisure stance, the VC emulation of Star Fox 64 has changed from red hit flashes (originally in the N64 version) to black. Regardless, it's a must play along with Sin and Punishment...



Maxx_the_Slash said:

Wow. Whoever recorded that gameplay footage sucks hard at the game. When Rob sends a message, answer it. When an ally is being attacked, save them. When enemies shoot at you, barrel roll to deflect the shots. The player needs to learn how to play the game.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I'm not too good at this game. I finally made it to Venom today and Andross but when I made it, I had zero lives left after going through that stupid obstacle course thing. I died right at Andross after destroying one of his hands. Hard, but fun game.



KMcVay said:

One of the best games for the N64. The first with rumble too. It's too bad that they took this out but great game none-the-less. With many different paths to choose from and an alternate ending, this game will have you playing for hours -- or even longer! In fact, i'm going to play this right now!



tank2tank said:

Haha I finally managed to get all the medals on the normal and expert modes! It took a while but now i get to do the secret 'run around on foot' mode in multiplayer. Its one of the stupidest unlockables ever because the control for on foot is awful but I just love to laugh at it.



XCWarrior said:

This game still stands to this day as my all-time favorite. Why can't Nintendo just replicate this game in the sense of making a sequel that is 90% shooter? It's Star Fox, you are supposed to be in the ship! Awesome game, download it if you don't have it. Do it now!



The_shoemaker said:

This game is fun to play from time to time, aleo fun trying to beat your score and unlock new planets. I also think multiplayer is a blast. There's so many secrets in this game I don't think I'll ever beat it 100% **/***



Clayfrd said:

Great game. I surprisingly did not have this for the N64, but I guess, to put it in perspective, I also didn't have Ocarina, anyway, I have no regrets on buying this one! Great game with arcade style action that keeps me coming back, on occasion that is. Because of its short play time, I simply can't play it more than once in succession, but going back for secrets, scores, just for fun, or whatever makes this well worth 5 stars and 1000 Wii Points.



Roo said:

Back in '97, I wasn't all that sure I was going to like Lylat Wars at all because I wasn't all that taken with the SNES original. I wasn't disappointed with my £60 investment however as the game proved to be pure class from start to finish, It's a well executed, thoroughly enjoyable shoot'em-up with great charaterisation and an engrossing storyline.

The game could have done with a level select upon completion first time round, but for 1,000 Wii Points, this is a must.



Sariku said:

I throughly enjoy it's multiplayer, no clue what you are talking about Plan B. The Single Player is very challenging for new players to the game, but not too challenging to be impossible to beat. The more advanced players can search for more, while the newer ones can play it for fun.

But no suspending play saddened me, but if that's the only thing to gripe out, it's great.



GameGod3008 said:

I've first started playing the game when it came out after my dad bought it and i've still been playing it today, i just keep on coming back for more. This is definetly the best 3D futuristic shooter ever made. Don't hesitate, buy it the next time you get the chance



Knux said:

Star Fox 64 is a great game! 5 stars! Download it now! Peppy and Slippy can be very annoying sometimes in the game...lol.



Rockman_90 said:

Is the suspension point are not working only for this game or those it goes for all N64 games on wii ps: i agree with you Duff_Man its the best shooter game ever done!



Dazza said:

@Rockman - None of the N64 games on the VC support suspension points to let you turn off the Wii and resume from the same place at a later date



calc_nerd said:

Good game to play through once in a while. I wish it had a save feature though, so you don't always have to beat it under one sitting.



Zinjak said:

@Lando.... you really didnt just say that did you? Adventures is so bad,on top of that...its not star fox at all.

also to those who complain about the voice acting in this game, this was actually pretty good quality for back in the day, you must be not old enough to appreciate how deliciously quotable this game is.



Markusthe3rd said:

It looks a little rough around the edges nowadays but it's still the first game of that particular console generation I ever owned and is amazingly enjoyable. The dogfight levels in particular are great.



Macka said:

Such a great pick up and play game. I find it hard these days to sit and play through the game in one sitting so a save feature would have been a nice addition but it's still a 5 star game!



NintendoNerd said:

Is it true that this game doesn't save because my friend said it doesnt? That's the only thing keeping me from buying this game.



Knuckles-san said:

Yes you cant save the game, but it doesn't really matter seeing as you can complete it within an hour or less



NintendoNerd said:

If i were to get a game over would i have to start all levels over again?... even though it wont happen lol... but seriously!!



Worenx said:

Who in the N64 heyday HASN'T played this!? And if anyone really hasn't, they must play it to see it's awesomeness in all it's glory. It was a MUST for me to download. 4 stars for the awesomeness of it, and 1 star for the nostalgia.

Recently, though, I've played through every possible route, collected all medals, and redid it again in Expert Mode. T T Now, I am saddened for the game is beat in its entirety... * sigh *



ToonLink said:

Star fox 64 is a good game. More suited for the classic controller, though. Makes the controls easier. 4, maybe 5 stars because the 1 player gameplay is kind of limited.



poggydude said:

If you like the series drop the 30 or so dollrs for assualt

It is much crisper and the multiplayer mode can be fun with just 2 people rather than needing 4 like this

also you can save on assualt



BB_Sting said:

Nintendo should release the original starfox 2 that was made for the SNES, but never released.



megacody said:

Besides Star Fox 64 being a wonderful game, I did not enjoy multi-player mode. If two people are playing, it should only have two screens. Also it's hard to find your the other player. Other than that, anybody who's Trigger happy, or liked Sin & Punishment will love this game.



juhok said:

Meh, I wasn't too happy with this game. Ok, the action, that's already there, is all great fun. I made it to the second last mission, the array thingy. The fact that you can't save (even though it is a short game and can be beat really quickly) is a bit disappointing. Targeting is also way too sensitive and you'll just end up waving the cursor around at the vicinity of the enemies, hoping you'll get a weapons lock. Aside from Slippy analysing shields and others helping shoot some other ships, it seems like the other pilots are constantly helpless and can't shake one ship off their tail.

All in all, a good short game but could've done much better, even though this is the first time I've played it. More action, longer campaign and an ability to actually save your game is what it should've been about.



dbolt said:

I got this game recently and I'm fairly disappointed I finished it so quickly. Oh well. It's still a good game though and it has some awesome quotes.
"Falco: Hey Einstein I'm on your side!"



PsychoFish said:

Brilliant game and the best Starfox game ever made. I wish there would be a similar game to date. Pros are definetly the music, the sound effects and the voiceover. The gameplay is really good and multiple ways to the end of the game makes it worth playing over and over again.
"Can't let you do that, Star Fox."... everyone who played it loves quoting it



Ricardo91 said:

I hear about this game a lot among my Wii-loving friends at school. Man do I want this.

Storage Space. That's really the only thing keeping me from downloading this.
That and it sucks how you can't save, and how suspend points don't work.



SRPirate said:

a very fun game to play, but if it had save features and can go on the ground, it would be awesome.



Beau_Skunk said:

The game that made me fall in love with the Star Fox series. (Shame the games afterwords arn't as great.) Nice (for it's time) graphics, animations, music, characters, and wonderfully cheesey dialogue.
Barrel rolling to repell enemy lazers, multiple map screen paths, and the lock on feature really revolutionize the flying space shooter genre. I never get tired of this game, it always brings back so many memories of playing this back in 1997. (And I met most of my on-line friends on old Star Fox message boards.) It's always been hard for me to chose between this, and Ocarina of Time as best N64 game.

It's argueblly the best game in the Star Fox series. I will definatelly get this game for VC, and relive those wonderfull memories of Slippy yelling "Fox! Get this guy off me!"



Golgo said:

Fabulous game. Completed it 3 times so far, and just got reamed in last scene by Andross while trying to complete a 4th time via all-hard route. That's nearly 2 hours up the spout! A mid-mission save feature would have been nice, but still this game is too superb to complain and I know I'll be back to try again. This has just jumped to the top of my Wanted-on-Wii list.



CanisWolfred said:

This game is an absolute classic! It's the main reason I kept my N64, and I love popping it in and giving it a little spin. It doesn't matter whether you're good at shooters or not, you're still going to have a ton of fun, and I swear, the replay value of this is near-infinite( or at least pretty high). I've been playing it for 10 years and it still fun! Definitely gotta get.



couthedman92 said:

Hmmm... I own the original cartridge, but I never considered this game to be that amazing. It's reasonably fun, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I remember going out to buy this the day it was released. We went with my neighbour and his kid brother (+ my bro meant 4). We owned 3 controllers at the time (grey, red and green) and we actually decided to spend the cash on a 4th controller just so we could play non-stop 4 player dog fights with this game. That extra controller served us well in the coming years when we would later get Mario Party, Golden Eye, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero X. Ah, high-school...

I've played this so often back in the day that I don't think I'll bother downloading it before games that are new to me. Certainly would be worth the money however.



deadbattery said:

I remember playing this on my cousins' N64 on a trip to California. I should have gotten it for my N64. I was a stupid kid back then. Thank God for this second chance to get it. But where is RUMBLE? Do a barrel roll.



Rhansley64 said:

This game to me is an example of a great Arcade style 3D Shooter game i'll bet this is the best there is on it's genre just like Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii in the 3D Platform genre.



Corbs said:

I've always considered this the pinnacle of the Star Fox series. It just doesn't get any better than Star Fox 64.



Divock said:

This game is a god among video games...well...in my opinion. When I got an N64 I told my parents I WANTED THIS GAME! I never got it. My friends did! I...did...not...BUT! I finally bought it on the VC. I remember loving playing this game! It's just great. The way you play the levels which changes your path depending on your skill level just scream great. The controls arre amazing, and the power up system, while it seems fairly limited, is actually pretty rad. I finally beat it on the hardest path and won, and it was awesome. The voice overs are memorable, whether they be funny, cool, creepy, weird, or just annoying (cough, slippy, cough). I could talk about this game for another hour, but I suggest you just buy it. If you were thinking of buying a DVD this weekend, spend your money on something worth way more time and entertainment, this game.



lockelocke said:

I couldn't agree more. The leaps and bounds made from the SNES original to the N64 sequel are too ridiculous to meaure. HOWEVER, if you LOVE Starfox (particularly this game) I highly recommend checking out the never-released Star Fox 2. Star Fox 2 started a lot of (what I though were) the signatures of Star Fox 64, such as battling the Star Wolf team or the "world map." It also has a cool RTS feel, which is just way too complicated to explain in a comment, you need to check it out. Anywho, all in all, a very close second to Star Fox 64.



Nintendork said:

This is a great game, but I really don't like the single player. Whenever I find a friend, we destroy each other in multiplayer.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I tried this game as a kid, but didn't like it. Now I'm hooked, but wish that the game saved after every boss battle (like Assault does). It's cool nonetheless, but it really needs the vibration function. Will Nintendo please update the software so that we can have the rumble? Please.....?



nice_shirt said:

FUN! Especially if you never played it before like me. I love the snes version and this one also delivers a great arcade experience. Not a huge SF fan so take it from me this is great as long as you have a Game Cube controller to handle the wonky inverted and sensitive aiming controls.



bigturbin said:

never played it, but i got interested in it because of fox, falco and wolf in smash bros.. im thinking of buying it.



JJtheTexan said:

I loved this when I owned it on my Nintendo 64, and it still holds up very well. But as has been pointed out at length, the Virtual Console port suffers from a lack of a save feature and rumble feedback. It's also harder to play without the original N64 controller. 8 out of 10



Honorio said:

I never beat this but I love this game. I hope that theyll release the original Star Fox too because the originals look fun.



Poketendo said:

wasn't sure about this one, not even after playing the demo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But it was well worth the money. The SSBB demo was just to short to convince me, but after I got past the 1:30 trial, it really started getting great! absolutely worth it!

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