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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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fac_ownage commented on Mario Kart 64:

mariokart 64 is the worst of the series, i agree with the 4 stars

the main problem with 64 is its stupid computer catch up. no matter how much u screw peach over she still manages to make u fight for your 1st place. computer cheats and i hate computer catch up



fac_ownage commented on Star Fox 64:

this game has the best replay value ever. yeah its a short and easy game, but i could beat it twice a day using different paths and it'll never get old



fac_ownage commented on Ninja Spirit:

If you want a game that pisses u off and makes u yell at the screen numerous times, by all means, get this game. i hate it. it makes no sense...sometimes u die in one hit, sometimes it takes many times getting hit to die...MAKES NO SENSE. abomination of ridiculous amounts of enemies and causes it to lag like crazy.

but god damn its addicting and makes u want to beat it.