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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DK commented on Excitebike:

I owned this back in the days of the NES and I can't bring myself to download this game for 500 points. Maybe I would for 100 points. It's a fun game for a couple of hours but quickly loses its sparkle. There are better reasons to spend 500 points on the VC, but if money is not an issue and you've already purchased the other VC gems - download it!



DK commented on Star Fox 64:

Hi my name is DK and I'm addicted to the virtual console.

I swear, Nintendo's going to need a 5-step program to help people like me who become addicted to their VC!

Star Fox 64 is my favorite game released on the virtual console so far. I've played it through countless times trying to beat my old scores.