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Thu 12th Jun 2008

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dbolt commented on Ogle These New Sakura Wars: So Long My Love Sc...:

according to this article only the ps2 version will have the bonus disc.

The PlayStation 2 release will be a premium version with a special art book, poster, a collector's box cover, and will feature two dual layered discs with options for English and Japanese voices. It will retail for $39.99 and be limited to the initial shipment. If any future shipments occur, they will be a regular packaged versions without the bonuses and only featuring an English voice track.

The Wii version include a single layer disc featuring only English voices. It will also lack the bonuses found in the PlayStation 2 release, but be priced lower at only $29.99. This means if you want Japanese voices, you had better pick up the initial release of the PlayStation 2 version.




dbolt commented on Star Fox 64:

I got this game recently and I'm fairly disappointed I finished it so quickly. Oh well. It's still a good game though and it has some awesome quotes.
"Falco: Hey Einstein I'm on your side!"