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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Angelo commented on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:

The Nintendo gods have blessed us by imparting us with this wonderful gift. It's just like Nintendo to surprise the unhappy VC masses with this bomb of a gift, and I am totally ecstatic that they released it. When DKC1 was released a few months ago, I dreaded the thought that Nintendo would hold the release of DKC2 hostage for as long as it can, but seeing it out in display, I'm definitely getting it soon. Praise Nintendo for this bounty!! lol



Angelo commented on Star Fox 64:

When this comes out for the VC, it will definitely be the first (and maybe even the only) N64 that I'll get for te VC. An absolute classic, since I can actually brag about getting every single medal, both for the normal and hard difficulties. Don't let me down, Nintendo...



Angelo commented on Donkey Kong Country:

I agree with Mendez. An awesome game, a throwback to my good ol' days, but I'm also hoping for the sequels too (DKC2 was my favorite). Definitely a great download...