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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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GS commented on Zanac:

This game is good, but if you are looking for in my opinion the greatest shooter, you would be better off downloading "Blazing Lazers" for the turbo grafx for a little more money.



GS commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo Entertainment System:

I love the NES till this day.... the whole older era in fact.

I honestly play more VC titles than anything else on the wii.. Simple yet effective games... I would like them to release the 3 nes double dragons and of course the bad ass double dragons for SNES.

That old grey box brought alot of enjoyment, its a shame though young kids today don't "get" those older gems.

I honestly think NES/SNES vs competition should have been Turbo Grafx all along, Sega IMO was not even as fun as TG116 let alone SNES or NES.... Ok Sonic II was awesome but overall.



GS commented on Punch-Out!!:

I like the game alot... only complaint is that, the D-pad on either the wiimote or the classic controller is alittle small and it is frustrating when it registers a dodge instead of a block.



GS commented on Star Fox 64:

Very fun game, it is everything the SNES one was but 10x better... But your co-pilot buddies are still just their to get in your way and ask you for help... I am so used to the N64 controller(yeah still burned in my brain)... So I am constantly screwing up but still a great game.



GS commented on Alien Crush:

Another Great damn game on the Turbo Grafx... Really fun game, and pinball games usually bore me... this one is full of cool minigames, cool effects, sweet graphics and addicting soundtrack... Definitely worth it.



GS commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

This was a staple of my childhood... Brings back tooo too many sweet summer memories... But anyways, it was one of my favorite Mario games if not the most favorable one of mine... It was different then the rest and maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much.. The graphics are just awesome, the whole color scheme kinda reminds me of BONKS adventure.. The thing I never understood was.... what the hell were the warp doors, it was so strange... Find some magic potion smash it and if your lucky you may have smashed it in the right area to enter the "blue and black" world and find a mushroom... It was fun throwing the eggs at that yoshi looking thing.... Maybe Ill be able to beat it, so far..Nope damn whales.



GS commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

Just beat it... I really need input about this.... This along with the 2nd Zelda (Yeah I know Im crazy) and actually that first one that came out for the black and white old school game boy were the only ones I really liked alot.... Is the new Wii one going to be alittle over this easily frustrated older gamer???



GS commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

Really fun system... Only thing I truley never understood was...WHY THE SINGLE CONTROLLER MAN CMON! But besides that minor technicality.... The games were fun as hell and addicting- even the music would get stuck in my head for hours... I mean Bonks adventures was every way as good as SMB and Sonic in my eyes... Alien Crush was awesome... Blazing lazers was the coolest shooter ever.. and Splatterhouse was the best version by far on any system. I still have mine somewhere...



GS commented on Beyond Oasis:

I didn't really like it.... I think the sound effects, Music, story, fighting, design, bosses and everything else are not even in the same league as Zelda ALTTP. Zelda is just to damn good, it doesn't even seem like it is over 10 years old, let alone 15!!! Does sega have a crappy sound card or something why do the sounds always sound so muffled... never quite understood that- Except in sonic, the sounds were great quality.