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United Kingdom

Sun 20th January, 2008

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RetroGuy commented on Gunstar Heroes:

The boss battle against Green has to be one of my fave boss battles of all time DONT EVER GET THE GBA REMAKE.. its a mockery to this game



RetroGuy commented on Beyond Oasis:

This is really quite excellent and the music is astounding - if you never played this the first time around, you should defo spend 800 points on it this time.



RetroGuy commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

In answer to an earlier question, yes the original did come with a map (at least the pal version does cus i still own it) And yes when is it coming to the UK cause OOT is good but this is the best



RetroGuy commented on Welcome to the Warp Zone!:

Quote: "Hey, at least you guys get TurboGrafx games, unlike us Australians." Trust me mate, thats not a big loss. We can all agree that we should be getting more games like Japan are getting (Streets of rage pehaps)