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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Bazoon commented on TMNT increases in price for Europe:

I just deleted that stinker... good thing I saved it on my SD card , I hope I won't have to waste 100 points if I will want to redownload it(if ever..., lawl).



Bazoon commented on Magician Lord:

Tried this game for a few minutes, the cursed black boarders are there! but the interesting question, the games run in OPTIMIZED 50Hz or UNOPTIMIZED 50hz?

Can't understand why nintendo keeps giving us PAL users the stupid 50Hz, if they brought us 60Hz versions of SMB2 and S&P(well, because they were japaneese, hehe), I am sure that it won't be THAT much problem converting some games to 60Hz, no?



Bazoon commented on Super C:

Wow, this game is MUCH MUCH easier than the Xbox Live Arcade Version! I thought it will be harder!

I don't know if it's because it has more levels, or because the game runs realllllllly slow in 50Hz(well, not that slow, because I can't tell, never played the original Super C on the NES.) .

Still, a great game!



Bazoon commented on Star Fox 64:

Japan got Star Fox today, lets hope Europe gets thier Lylat Wars too! I can't wait to play it again!



Bazoon commented on Beyond Oasis:

"It's still worth looking out for if you're after a decent 32-bit adventure, though."

Its a 32 bit game? I thought Genesis/Mega Drive was only 16 bit, or it was a game that played on the X32 addon?



Bazoon commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th April - Actraiser:

I think the reason Lylat Wars is getting delayed is because of the copyright issues with its name.

But according to Wikipedia the whole PAL region copyright issue was solved before Star Fox adventures (look down) so I think its kinda wierd.

Mabye they try to rename it to Star Fox 64? but I doubt it will happen, but who knows.

But I did notice, in Wario Ware smooth moves the Microgame of Star Fox SNES is called "Starwing", his original EU name.

I played actraiser for the first time, it seems like a great game, but its damn hard! I can't get pass that cenutar boss .



Bazoon commented on Commodore 64 games on the Virtual Console:

Well, My first system ever was SNES(I am 16 years old now) so I didn't know about this system until now(I did read some articles about the C64 in wikipedia, but I didn't really read it till now .)

First thing I thoguht that I saw the name I thought its a 64-bit system, but after a closer look I saw its called "64" because of its 64 KB RAM. darn it confused me .

I see its not a "console", its a PC for everything right?

I might try a game or 2 when it comes out to the VC!



Bazoon commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

@Steve, sometimes some games(mainly the ones who are not optimized) will show in 480p mode with flickering issues.

But again, it happends SOMETIMES(I played Punch-out once but then when I played super mario world I had the issues and then I switched back to punch-out and it had flickering issues).

I don't really know how to explain the issue, but you see the screen wierd which hurts your eyes(not playable, but it's definitely sucks.)

And now when I played DKC and SMB it worked fine in 480p, but super castlevania still have issues when playing on 480p! even after the update!



Bazoon commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

@Steve:You may never know when Lylat Wars is coming to EU , it might actually take 3 months! specaily because of trademark issues(I think, but if I remember they solved it before they released star fox adventures).
I don't know if it will even effect it, I doubt it.

I even heard Japan didn't get Star Fox this week, is that true?



Bazoon commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

I agree with Dazza, all these 3 games last week were awesome!

Sonic spinball and Vectorman aren't that great imo, I had Sonic Spinball on the GBA collection, it was super slow and not fun!
But as for vectorman, I remeber I played it on the Sega GCN collection, but I might give it a try but I remeber it wasn't that great either >.



Bazoon commented on Star Fox 64:

cool thanks, so whats the Y and X button for? and whats the Arrow pad for? is it the C stick for turning around and stuff?



Bazoon commented on Star Fox 64:


Btw, anyone knows the controls for the classic controler?

And to people who played this, whats better? the GC controler or the Classic one?



Bazoon commented on Double Dungeons:

Oh god, why did I downloaded it... even soccer for the NES is much more fun.