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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Cotter commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

You guys don't understand just how complex and difficult the orginal smash bros is compared to the latest version. Both 64 and melee offer cancelling; an advanced tactic that increases the speed of gameplay. In brawl they got rid of all these advanced moves. IMO melee played way too fast and overkilled some of these. Just youtube a video of some of the melee championships and see for yourself the moves they pull.

I prefer 64 because it is simpler and slower than melee, yet still offers worlds of complexity compared to brawl. Again I invite you to youtube some of the best smash64 matches and advanced techniques. There is a whole community of players online who are nasty. Every character in 64 really does take a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Shine-cancelling with Fox, double jump cancelling with Ness and Yoshi, uppercut combos with Luigi, resting with Jigglypuff, and more. And all characters can take advantage of regular canceling and direction influence, where you can affect which way your character will fly after being hit.

In my opinion Smash 64 has the best balance of speed, timing, spacing, and complexity of all three games. Yet despite being so complex it still has such a simple base to it that a child could pick it up and play.

I have yet to play a better fighting game.



Cotter commented on Original Smash Bros Coming to VC?:

I just want them to add some online multiplayer features to the original smash. I play my 64 version everyday and online using prjoect64k but its a hassle sometimes. There are a surprising amount of online players that would love this kind of feature.



Cotter commented on Star Fox 64:

Anyone notice that you can download an update for starfox? i noticed this last night, went through the download and ended up with an error. I guess I'll try again but i was curious if anyone knew what this update was all about and if they altered the game in anyway to fit the tv better or something.