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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Grabbed by the ghoulies

With all of the noise made in the wake of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's success — everything from sky-high sales figures to unfortunate ad campaigns, or the rise, fall and subsequent embalming of developer Infinity Ward — it's easy to lose sight of just how phenomenal and innovative that game really was. Genres evolve and iterate over time with mechanics intermingling along the way, but Modern Warfare, for better or worse, changed the game overnight. There is nary a military shooter since then that isn't informed in some fashion by the campaign's shoot-bang spectacle, the persistent multiplayer, or that callous, detached mission piloting an AC-130 gunship.

Call of Duty has been outnumbered but never outgunned in its particular military-shooter niche since then, and year after year manages to pull off consistent escalation and just enough evolution to stand out from the crowd of me-too shooters. But something strange is happening this year. It's a new game where everything feels expected, and its attempts at diversity go so far and wide as to break through the ceiling into the realm of the absurd. Efforts to recapture the spirit of the franchise seem to merely mimic its better moments. With Call of Duty: Ghosts, the franchise is eating itself.

The new sub-series brings a new world, and the world of Ghosts is one changed. The Middle East has suffered nuclear destruction, leading oil-rich South America to unite and form the Federation, which quickly rises as a global superpower. The Federation pushes north with swift invasions of Central America and the Caribbean, and a hijacking of the United States' orbital superweapon called ODIN — capable of raining down a really bad case of the Monday's — takes out several major cities in the southwestern U.S. A ten-year conflict ends in a standstill along the front of these ruins.

Ghosts takes a page from Call of Duty: Black Ops by trying to create an emotional anchor among over-the-top scenarios, but fails on all fronts. Silent-but-deadly player character Logan and brother Hesh are dull, uninteresting protagonists with zero charm and personalities intentionally left blank. The story follows them as they go from members of the military to "uber-elite" Ghosts, but they seem to have the easiest transition in the world — their father, Elias, happens to be the leader of the squad. Their gaining a spot on the team isn't hard-fought, it's delivered (hooray nepotism!) without so much as a fart of care by anyone on screen. An awful lot of weight is put on Hesh and Logan's relationship with their cookie-cutter Tough Love Military Guy (TM) father as the story's emotional arc, yet no character has any sort of development whatsoever — Logan never once says a word, not even in situations where incredible screaming at people would be expected, and were dog companion Riley human he would simply waft out of memory. Ghosts' attempt to tell a story of familial destruction — in both a home and military sense — falls so completely flat as to beg the question of why such a story was even told when seemingly no attempt to humanize anyone involved was made at all.

The titular Ghosts are set up to be some great Spartan-like force, and over the course of the campaign prove themselves able to carry out all sorts of missions impossible as they storm bases and scale buildings. Just like literally every post-Modern Warfare squad, who could (and in many cases have) come up against these same odds and achieved the same results. The Ghosts' constant build-up as the squad to end all squads amounts to squat when put up against the bigger picture — substantively ending up as little more than shadowy hand-waving and a cool mask, and incredibly flat characterization leaves little to cheer them on for other than that they are cast as the "good" guys. We wouldn't expect much from the bad guys in this department either, but the Federation is a completely faceless enemy with a paper-thin presentation that makes them little but pointless fodder — because hey, you've gotta shoot somebody. The story's main foe whose personal vendetta against the Ghosts amounts to little more than being able to check off the "Personal Vendetta" box in the motivation field of whatever Create-a-Meanie template he sprung from.

Along with a new world comes new settings for combat, bringing more diversity than before seemingly just for the sake of it. Call of Duty has been around the block a few times, which is pushing its constant need to one-up itself into collapse. Where do you go after cratering the Eiffel Tower during a near-future World War 3? Up, apparently — into space, for zero-gravity astronaut shootouts. It was inevitable that one day Call of Duty would leave Earth, yes, but — like James Bond in Moonraker — it turns out that silly things can happen up there. The handful of space fights are sound — if sludgy — and certainly novel, but they quickly devolve into absurdity as faintly mobile, bulky figures with assault weapons float around the void in near-silence. It turns out that a little zero gravity goes a really long way, and halfway through the opening mission defending ODIN we found ourselves wishing that things would just blow up already.

Ghosts' constant trying to top itself as a Call of Duty game is borderline self-parodic, throwing as many potential “whoa man” moments as it can at the wall in the hope of something, anything sticking. At times it feels as though there are more vehicle- or equipment-based gimmicky set pieces than there is chaotic battlefield combat on foot, where the series is at its best. Half of Ghosts' campaign appears to be set firmly in the shadow of Modern Warfare's AC-130 stage and a dangerous place to be stuck creatively, causing ridiculous moments like remote-controlling Riley through tall grass, or fighting underwater and trying to not get eaten by sharks. Some absurdity would be fine had Ghosts a sense of humor but feels out of place in a game with such a serious tone. Only one or two truly impressive campaign moments spring to mind favorably with a few days between finishing the campaign and the time of writing. Once a mission's tricks are exposed, they seldom create a desire for repeated play.

Minor tweaks to the interface and player mobility offer subtle improvements. For the most part the brain-dead “follow” system of frustratingly hand-holding guidance in the campaign is gone, which cleans up the interface a tad. Not that it was ever needed, as there are only ever so many places you can actually go in any given strictly linear Call of Duty stage. A new contextual lean mechanic allows you to rustle up to a corner and peak out by aiming down the sights, which ends up being a neat if hardly critical way to open up movement a scooch.

Those who exclusively play Call of Duty's competitive modes won't give many hoots about the dull thud of a campaign, even if the package this year isn't radically different from what came before. "More" seems to be the M.O. here — not qualitatively improved, simply more of it.

Maps are far larger and more open here than Call of Duty: Black Ops II's channeled arenas, and the empty feel at times is likely because they were designed for a count greater than Wii U's 12-player limit. Staples like UAVs are no longer, and in their place are portable satcom receivers that you can place anywhere on the map. The more satcoms that are planted, the greater the “reception” is for your team’s minimap. For instance, with only one satcom out, enemies will only appear on the minimap if they have been spotted by someone on your team, but if somebody places a second one then enemies will appear even if they are not in sight — essentially taking twice as long to get the same functionality as a standard UAV in previous games.

Requisite new killstreaks mix it up — like attack dogs that will wreck you in one bite (which, when eliminated, prompts an unnerving "Killed Dog! +200" message to splash on the screen) and a bomb that radically changes the structure of the map. A new Marksman Rifle class of weapons joins the fold for a halfway take on sniper rifles, and the new modes — like Blitz and Search & Rescue — offer tweaks on old favourites Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy, respectively. They're just different enough from their predecessors, but still largely within the same ballpark — although not all modes have made the cut. Headquarters, Hardpoint, Theater Mode and the pleasingly diverse Ground War have been snipped and leave behind mostly character-less competitive options. None of the creative juices of the Black Ops sub-series are flowing around here, lending a very safe feeling to what's available.

Greater flexibility in character creation allows accounts to have up to ten squad characters each with their own progression and saved load-outs, and female soldiers can join the fray for the first time. Completing challenges and levelling up earns Squad Points that are then used to purchase weapons and gear. Unlocking items is not much different from how it's done in Black Ops II, although Ghosts' load-outs do away with that game's weighted ten-slot system. Load-outs are structured much like in Modern Warfare 3, where each piece of equipment has its own dedicated slot — this may appear to be a step back but in truth makes little material difference unless you want to equip yourself for combat like only a crazy person would. The spirit of the ten-slot system lives on in how Perks are equipped. Now, each Perk has a certain block size to it, and you can carry as many Perks into battle as you can fit in the Perks bar. This gives players the choice to load up on a half-dozen minor perks or go in guns blazing with three hefty ones. This allows more granular control over your load-out while still retaining some semblance of competitive balance.

This would be all well and good were it not for what seems to be a dodgy respawn system. Instead of spawning players in a location that would make sense, Ghosts' maps favour re-entering players in team-specific spots: this means these areas are easily camped and prone to somebody suddenly spawning around the corner and dying immediately, or getting shot in the back by someone who wasn't there two seconds ago. It can be incredibly frustrating to die, spawn, take four steps and then die again; because of this, some game types feel downright broken on certain maps.

Black Ops II suffered from a low player count on Wii U — it was always easy to get a staple like Team Deathmatch going, but less popular modes were often dead in the water — and at press time Ghosts seems to have a similar issue with its less popular modes.

Previous Call of Duty titles have featured offline bots for multiplayer practice, and Ghosts' Squads fleshes out that concept into an online and offline team mode. Those same ten squad members from the competitive game carry over into Squads, and you can take them into battle against other bots where they will behave according to how they're outfitted. Want a sniper on your team? Outfit a squad member with a sniper rifle. Friends can join your team too for cooperative or competitive modes, and you can challenge a friends' squad when they are offline (or they yours). All of the XP earned here ties in to the standard competitive multiplayer, so if you want to practice before going online or are temporarily without Internet you can still make character progress. The bots are a poor substitute for human opposition, leaving Squads best as a training ground for new players and not a serious alternative for seasoned vets.

Ghosts' cooperative mode takes greater creative risks than its staple competitive modes. Taking the place of Zombies is Extinction, a four-player cooperative mode spent fighting off an invasion of bug-like aliens who look to have taken a page from the Conduit book of design. Instead of holing up in mostly one location and reinforcing a barricade to see how long you can survive, Extinction's stages push players to scavenge, defend and constantly move forward to eradicate alien hives with a portable drill. Killing aliens scores cash to spend on guns, ammo, gear and activating environmental hazards to protect the drill. Extinction is cooperative play done right, requiring actual strategy and communication between team members to have any chance in repelling the invasion. With its own persistent progression, perks and unlocks separate from the competitive modes — not to mention its plethora of stages — this mode has enough substance to keep players going for a while. However, Extinction isn't as goofy (and thus as charming) as Zombies, taking itself far too seriously. Zombies pulls off its bizarre world because it knowingly subverts the grounded, "realistic" Call of Duty formula with its surreal hi-jinx. As Extinction is neither goofy nor charming, thematically it feels a little weird and out of place. Fortunately, it's a strong enough mode to withstand feeling out of place and Ghosts is all the better for its inclusion.

Treyarch is behind bringing the game over to Wii U and they've again done a pretty good job of it, even if it does appear to be Activision's least supported version of the game. While the framerate isn't the steady 60fps the franchise is known for, the dip below is negligible and doesn't notably impact performance either online or off. All controllers are supported, be it the GamePad, Pro Controller, Classic Controller Pro or Wii Remote + Nunchuck, with the latter the most responsive way to play. The pointer controls feel tighter than in Black Ops II and are pretty great, offering arguably the most compelling way to play.

The GamePad screen isn't used for much other than displaying objectives during the campaign, which don't ever need referencing, and in multiplayer displays the full minimap in addition to a few buttons for quickly diving into load-out customization and the like. Off-screen play on the GamePad is available, and playing local multiplayer with one person on the GamePad and the other on the TV is still pretty cool. However, we don't recommended off-screen play for Serious Multiplayer Gaming, as the video compression needed to beam the game out to the GamePad can blur a lot of detail. With enough issues related to spawning, getting killed from out of nowhere, and the inherent decreased visibility on a small screen because of the huge maps, there's little need to add Vaseline smear to the mix. On the downside, it's clear that Wii U support is not a developer priority: we would advise against holding breath for downloadable map packs to hit the platform, and as of writing the official iOS and Android app doesn’t support Nintendo Network IDs, either.


Call of Duty: Ghosts will be remembered for many things, but few in the ways that it had hoped. It's a rare stumble for one of gaming's most consistently entertaining franchises, showing a lack of focus and confidence in itself. The campaign is a shallow Frankengame, hollow-hearted and unsure of its footing as it tries to keep up with Call of Duty's own self-escalation of incredulous scenarios, with ludicrously stupid set pieces and a story built around relationships that nobody will care about come the end of the credits.

The franchise's genre-defining multiplayer suite returns without rocking the boat too much, bringing greater control over customization and a larger approach to maps, but its good ideas are largely drowned out by the spawning and map problems currently plaguing the game. Playing online can occasionally be hugely frustrating in certain modes but an absolute joy in others. As usual, though, the robust suite offers plenty more options to play with friends. Squads gives substance to playing against bots, and Extinction's strategic survival mode is engaging enough for a group of friends to dig into for a good while.

Despite Ghosts' best efforts to prove otherwise, there is still plenty of life left in Call of Duty's fun formula. Hopefully the inevitable Ghosts 2 will show greater restraint and focus to allow it to shine through.

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User Comments (84)



MAB said:

Maybe it needs Mario and the crew to raise the... MEH! who really cares anyway




Falchion said:

Well i wasn't gonna get it anyway. I am gonna be too busy playing super mario 3d world



Peach64 said:

I think Call of Duty's time is over. A new generation usually shakes up the usual top selling games. A series can be huge one gen, but gets replaced the next, just like this series blew up out of nothing in this gen. COD's whole reputation was built on the original iteration of Infinity Ward, starting out as truly great games, and then even under new developers, it's continued to sell simply on the name. Titanfall and Destiny are waiting in the wings to take that crowd away.



8bitforever said:

I agree with Peach64. I can't believe these types of games are still being pushed so heavily. I would rather be playing Super Mario 3D World. Except I got it for my family for Xmas and I have to wait. Nooooooooooooo



ICHIkatakuri said:

I'm enjoying the single player much more than I have in recent years. I find that because it's so silly, it doesn't offend me anywhere near as much as when they try and be relevant or over realistic which always comes off as being disrespectful to those peoples or countries currently wrapped up in wars or social unrest. Something like this game with it's aliens and everybody ganging up on the USA (one day), it's been more akin to going to the cinema and watching an Arnie movie back in the late 80's early 90's. As such I have even managed to have fun with the MP and more people seem to be on more modes than was managed with black ops 2, still not many people but getting in games of infection break up the tedium of constant team deathmatch.
I am not an advocate of CoD but I do like competitive online multiplayer and at the min for the Wii U I have this and Splinter Cell. Hell I would rather be playing splinter cell but no-one is ever on that game. After a long day, when all I want to do is just relax online, this is the game I currently have to turn to (If I want to sit on my couch and not at the PC) and compared to blops2, it doesn't seem too different, except I might actually finish the single player campaign. I would give it a 7 or 8 out of 10 personally, but I didn't care about CoD before I had nothing but CoD to play online



larry_koopa said:

As Ghosts is the first Call of Duty game that I have ever played I really have no idea how it compares to the others since Modern Warfare. I do know that I am enjoying the single player campaign (I was eaten by 4 sharks last night!), which is all I want as I don't play online. As something to tide me over until next Friday when I can have Mario it's serving its purpose rather well.



ajcismo said:

Excellent review. I lost interest in the series after it left its WWII roots. Making up its own narrative and getting away from anything historical in nature completely turns me off.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Wait, so you're saying games need to adhere to reality? I'd better put my Wind Waker away then, since none of its events ever happened.



DualWielding said:


With every generation a new dominant genre arise in a way that could not have been predicted beforehand, I don't think first person shooters would continue to be as dominant next gen as they have been in the seventh gen... What would take over, however, I have no idea



Savino said:

I guess I am one of the few who like the over the top campaing... But anyway... Not grabbing that one!



element187 said:

@8bitforever it's being pushed because it's still being purchased in large quantities. I couldn't believe this series lasted past 4 iterations. But the dudebro gamers come out in force every year to pick up the latest call of duty map pack.

I get bored of shooters within hours of first playing it. The shooting mechanic is the most over used gameplay mechanic in the industry. Whenever I see it in a title I instantly think of how creatively bankrupt the developer is by relying on this crutch so much. If they really wanted to evolve the series, they should have turned it into a stealth game a long time ago (black ops 1 & 2 would have been the perfect time to go down that route)



SetupDisk said:

I know it's opinion but the story is much more entertaining than any of the "realistic ones" where history or any accuracy is destroyed like in hollywood. So my opinion on this review is it's garbage. But it's just an opinion.

I'm not a huge Call of Duty fan and I don't play it like some of the fanatics but it's so hilarious the reviews this one has been getting. I don't think any of them ever deserved more than an 8 but a 6 for this one is just silly. It's a solid multiplayer shooter.



Dpullam said:

Honestly, I think I would rather buy Black Ops 2 over this one. I am more interested in the branching storyline choices of that game. It just appeal more to me as well, but I'm not sure if I'll be buying any new Call of Duty games anytime soon. I already have too many of them.



MussakkuLaden said:

Seems that Infinity Ward can no longer be considered as the better CoD-developer than Treyarch? Anyway, CoD BOII was the first CoD I ever played (or rather the first since the series took another route, I owned Big Red One on the GCN too) and simply a hug disappointed. So I have no interest in the series anyway.



ninlemon said:

I think the COD has used enough variation and inovation in there gaming franchise, Every year a new game comes out with exactly the same game engine and same gameplay the only thing that ever changes is the storyline and even then its always about an evil mastermind trying to take over the world.



CanisWolfred said:

This was a good review. I actually got a sense that it does some good things here and there, but hampered by too many problems for them to shine through. Other reviews I've read either trashed it on the whole, or didn't put the right amount of focus on the negatives compared to their overall impression.



WingedSnagret said:

It seems the time is finally coming when the grossly overated CoD series starts to die down. But who am I kidding...



Sir_JBizzle said:

Is it weird that I still have massively more fun with Goldeneye today, than I do with any CoD? I seriously think CoD needs to take a long vacation and stop with the yearly iterations. It would make the franchise less stale if we didn't see it so often.



Chris720 said:

Its Call of Duty, everyone buys it for the multiplayer, not the campaign. But I think this might be the beginning of the end of this game. People are starting to realise its the same game evey year.



ninlemon said:

even the multiplayer is the same the only game that seemed to have a slight bit of difference was world at war,



divinelite said:

Face it people, CoD is still the best shooter. If you don't approve this too, next year what will wii u get? Metroid shooter?

Oh wait, If it's Metroid, shooter is an okay, rite? Always double standard...



mostro328 said:

@divinelite I can not stand gamers who think like this, what since we dont like cod we cant like any other shooter, cod is dead it has innovated in anyway since cod 4,



divinelite said:

@mostro328 okay let's think without fanboyism
I tried some cod even though never finish one except Bo declassified (the one so called the worst), but I don't see any reason cod should be said as died

If something not break, you don't need to fix it. I guess all cod review somehow filled with hatred with the franchise itself really



ACK said:

Sorry, Jon. I feel that far too much was written about the campaign's brief storyline... It's campy nonsense and I never saw it as any more serious than a goofy excuse to span the globe; that it takes itself so seriously is part of the ridiculousness and, therefore, the appeal.

That said, there isn't much time spent developing the plot, even compared to past CoDs, so I'm not sure why it necessitates such a lengthy critique. BO2, for instance, had significant, lengthy cut scenes as well as lots of dialogue. The payout in that game is no more worthwhile and, though more time is put into development, the storyline every bit as eye-rolling.

Point is, the CoDs never have intriguing storylines and that rarely detracts from their appeal. At least the dialogue and cut scenes in this one are brief. I thought the story generally just got out of the way. How the serious trappings take away from the outrageous missions and events is completely lost on me.

I do have to say that I personally enjoy this campaign a lot more than the average CoD campaign. I like that it constantly mixes it up. I like the lessened hand-holding. I like the lack of constant choke points. I like the freedom to break mission conditions without failure. I like that there is often alternate paths to an objective. I like the lack of obscure missions and obtuse objectives. I like the shorter missions that never bog down. I like the spy vibe. I could go on, but I won't...

Of course there are things I don't like about the campaign (the enemy weapon drops are lame), but those are all features you can't apply to other CoDs. So even if it's not a top tier experience, I think it's much more enjoyable than most CoD campaigns (which are frustratingly narrow and rigid).

Not to refute the review, but to offer a different opinion because I simply thought the first part of the review got way too heavy into what's ultimately a very brief and inconsequential plot. I understand that's the problem, but I don't see how it drags down the experience any more than any other CoD plot... (In fact, I think it drags the experience down less, simply because less time is spent developing it as the plot.)



Banker-Style said:

Meh, I just got this for Christmas, haven't played a cod game before,and I thought this one looked quite decent. I haven't played a fps since Conduit 2, so deja vu shouldn't bother me.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, it's finally time that the COD series is losing it. anddd to believe there's going to be another COD next year...



ricklongo said:

@WingedSnagret At least from a professional review standpoint, maybe. The series has enough fans to last a long time, but it's nice to know reviewers are finally coming around. A reskin every year doesn not a great franchise make.



sdelfin said:


Doesn't seem weird to me. I can't speak specifically about CoD, but the philosophy behind game design is so different now than it was back in the day. Games used to be designed to be easy to pick up and immediately fun. Now games are designed to be very long, often very realistic, with the focus being on epic storytelling(more than in the past). The game underneath doesn't always hold up.



stonework said:

I can't believe how such shovelware can score as high as 6, I'd rather play Ryse Son of Rome or Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 than any CoD after 4.



LeVideoGamer said:

The ending was so bad. Just a desperate attempt to make a sequel out of it, even though it really wasn't needed.



ACK said:

@sdelfin I'd actually say Ghosts was designed more in that old school ethic than past CoDs, which follow the emphasis on "realistic" combat, contrived objectives, and huge set pieces/cut scenes. The story is there but center stage is given to the easy-to-follow missions, satisfying gunplay, and varied action. That's why I like this campaign (and, therefore, feel it's uneccessary to hash out the story).



Heiki said:

Finally an honest review for this game.
Really, I got bored with Black Ops 2 after two hours playing. I don't think a game needs to be realistic to be fun, but CoD makes no sense whatsoever anymore. It's just a "shoot them up" boring game. I can't enjoy just shooting people around, even if it's just a game. I don't dislike shooters, but I'd rather play story-driven ones that actually make sense, like Resident Evil and The Last of Us.

I'll be too busy playing Super Mario 3D World, so I wouldn't have time for this in the coming weeks anyway.



miiandmario said:

I got for the 360 and the multiplayer is an improvement, extinction is good but it doesn't really feel too new.



Quickman said:

I'll pick it up just for the multiplayer when it inevitably gets slashed to £20.



SCAR said:

I'd honestly give it at least a 7. Extinction is more fun than Zombies, IMO. You can custmize your online character beyond that of Black Ops II. The stages being bigger and more diverse is also a plus.

The only thing I can agree on is the respawn faults and repetition of the series, but that should be a given by now.

Also, this is the second CoD game I've ever owned, so perhaps that has varied my opinion on the game.



SCAR said:

I would say at the very least, that this review should match last year's game. There are improvements that make this game better than Black Ops II, yet it got a lower score from the exact same reviewer here. Also, there are spoilers in the review.


I just think everyone has lost interest in CoD more so this year than any other, and that has somehow warranted a lack of respect, albeit not totally diminished.



Nictendo64 said:

I like the game. He;s right about the respawns, they are insane. Usually I'm already getting shot at 2 seconds after respawn. This was a bigger problem in BO2 though. Love the game, but it's just COD. I'm also baffled that they decided to make gigantic maps then take out big teams. Idiotic.



JustinH said:

I got the game and I think it's pretty good. I absolutely adore Extinction, though. It's Left 4 Dead with aliens. And it's on Wii U. C'mon, guys!

One thing I don't get: this review and the comments say Extinction has a lot of "stages" but as far as I'm aware there is exactly one Extinction map. What are you guys talking about? Anyway, it needs at least one more. I'm not even a big DLC guy but I would definitely pay for an additional one.



Dpishere said:

Can't say I am surprised, there is only so long a formula can stay fresh. Unless they can continue to create new and interesting gameplay experiences the scores the game recieves will start to decline. This surely isn't a bad game per se, but after all the releases in the series it will likely be difficult to find ways to keep players interested. That being said, had this game been the first in the series it would likely be labeled as a great game, but after the success critically of Black Ops 2, the only place it could go is down.



EaZy_T said:

I'd buy this if I could get it via the eShop.
The review/score seems to reflect the opinion that there are too many CoD sequels.
I've only played the first one (and it's expansion pack) on PC and two that were on GameCube, so I think that I might like seeing what they've done with the gameplay in this iteration.

P.S. to Activision: put CoD Ghosts on the eShop, you'll sell some copies on the Wii U that way too.



ICHIkatakuri said:

@JQuest no as Goldeneye is the perfect fps! I wish someone would allow it to be released again with nothing more than a lick of paint here and there.



SCAR said:

I think you have to beat that single level to get to the next. It's pretty hard, though. I don't think you can even beat the first level without losing a few times and getting ahold of better equipment.



JustinH said:

@SCAR392 I beat it. Still just have the one map. I looked at a bunch of reviews online. They all say there's only one map. Are you sure there isn't? It's not like I haven't looked.



Emblem said:

"one of gaming's most consistently entertaining franchises". >.> Surely you jest?

BTW there is only one Extinction map, however it does not get boring fast due to the way missions and objectives are done. It's a decent game and to be honest if you want a shooter on your Wii U you don't have much choice, however if you not a shooter fan i'd wait for a price drop.



Subie98 said:

I dont generally take this sites reviews too seriously to heart. I find they are rated too low usually when it comes to anything third party. I come here for other news. The game is more of a 7.5



JetForceSetGrind said:

Nintendo always relies on well-established formats as well..surprised this site went with 6/10 like SonyLife instead of closer to it's average of about 7.5

Game plays like more of a 7.5 but is too similar to COD 2 and beyond. If this is your first COD though, pick it up.



SCAR said:

I'm assuming they plan on releasing more levels as DLC. It does say "chapter 1", afterall.

Definately. Like I said, this is my socond CoD game. If you've only owned 1 prior, or this is the your first, I'd say this should keep you playing for a while. I rarely play FPSs, so 1 CoD out of 10 is enough for me.



creative92 said:

I would give it a score ranging in the 8's.

Now if the game falls below 360/PS3 standards in comparison, then I would question the publisher and the efforts THEY put into it. The Wii U has four times the ram available than these two systems, and therefore is more than capable of handling more data.

Overall, regardless of any system, the COD brand can feel like another copy of previous iterations, but again, what else would one expect? It's the same overall story about fighting in wars, and it has the same FPS mechanics that all FPS games share. Regardless of this and if you are aware of this, this game can still be fun, as I had with it.



Urbanhispanic said:

The only CoD I ever played was World At War on the Wii. I got bored of it rather quickly and plan to but the Wii U soon. After reading the review for Ghosts, should I get it or pick up Black Ops 2 instead as my first shooter for my new Wii U?



Mallard said:

If your in the UK BLOPS 2 can be picked up for £4 in the Blockbuster closing down sale. (in store)



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@sdelfin CoD was realistic........dude ask the Military can you recruit you and see how realistic it is because this trash of an FPS isn't NO WHERE near realistic. Arcade action shooter confirmed though.



Mooj738 said:

I like the review, but it actually has some serious faults.

First of all the pick ten system is still in the game, if you remove a gun or both you have more slots for perks, flawed point which is misleading.

Also the extinction map is a different game all together like left 4 dead with a class system and the ability to play with people online usually a 1000 at least everyday!

Also the game modes are not explained in any way Blitz and Search and Destroy are not the only new game modes, I play everyday with over 1500 on a day its a great mode that has a great fan base.

I think it would be safe to say this is the best First Person Shooter on the Wii U which is also the only one that has a great online system that you can get into games quickly. It is unique in the sense that Nintendo has nothing like this other than the Call of Duty series. It is a shame that people are not open to this on most review websites, however with so many people playing this online and the only competitive game on the Wii U I am shocked to see a 6/10!

Disappointed with the lack of embracing the series which is actually pushing the Wii U the most with a huge online, most modes in a single game, lots of different control schemes, off tv play. It is the only complete game on the Wii U that actually is like this generation. Shame most Nintendo fans don't see this!

BTW I love Pikmin so its not a troll its just an opinion!



Mooj738 said:

@SCAR392 Would love them to release DLC, its the only worry with buying this game on the Wii U. The hopes are that Infinity Ward would like to support the console as the fan base is quite large!



Laxeybobby said:

Just visited my local and only Game Store on the Isle of Man, and it was full of COD Ghost advertising and games for all the consoles accept the WiiU.
In fact in the run up to Christmas I struggled to find the one small shelf for WiiiU which also contained Wii software. I already have Ghosts and enjoying it, but wanted to ask why there wasnt any for WiiU. The assistant looked at me upon asking the question and stated "Its because Nintendo are no longer making or selling the WiiU so we are no longer supporting it, can I suggest a PlayStation 4 or the XBox One".
I was taken a back at that statement and laughed, politely refused the sames pitch to buy the other consoles and left the store saying I'll stick to buying online in future.
If that sales assistant has said that to anyone else not game savvy, they would no doubt believe him and abandon their planned purchase of the WiiU and buy one of the other consoles.. No wonder the WiiU is not selling!



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Mooj738 Your opinion is few million laughs the only reason why people is playing this online on the Wii U is because CoD is the ONLY FPS online games on the system and EA turned down BF4 for it. So no crap this going to have a bunch of players playing this on the Wii U.



Mooj738 said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 was anything I said incorrect? Glad to make u laugh twat.

lol think about what u said mate I have a ps3 and xbox360 and getting a ps4 its not the point at all simple as the people who have a Wii U should buy it why not. What was the point of buying the new console if you don't want to use it



vio said:

Well, people are already starting to complain big 3rd party titles are skipping over the Wii U(see GTA 5 for a great example...) and here's a big 3rd party game on the Wii U and yet you guys say "Forget this crap! I'm gonna go play Super Mario 3D World!" Well it's no wonder 3rd parties don't want to support the Wii U with that kind of mentality... Perhaps we should be grateful that Activision is still releasing CoD on the platform. It's not like the Wii U has a crap ton of FPS' either. I'm not saying CoD: Ghosts is a great 10 out of 10 game, but it's still nice to have on the Wii U and I hope you guys go buy it to show 3rd parties we want their games on the Wii U.

I never owned a 360 or PS3, so I'm enjoying these proper HD CoD's. The Wii versions were always inferior watered down ports IMO.



GuyMan said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 Not true at all. The multiplayer is more balanced and strategic than ever, the art direction is more beautiful and lively than any other Infinity Ward installment (BOII still takes the cake though), the motion controls are absolutely phenomenal, and it's jam packed with content. It's easily a 9, and one of the best Wii U games ever.

On top of that, it's the only AAA FPS (unless you count the Mercenaries from SC: B's SvM's mode) out for the Wii U this year, with Battlefield 4 skipping it. It's either Call of Duty or nothing. That alone should bump up the score, along with it being a mature rated 3rd party game for the system. Gratefulness should count in.

Also, this guy has given Just Dance games 7-9 scores, and those games are milked like all hell. This same site also gave the sub-par Sonic: Lost World a 7 out of 10.



GuyMan said:

@vio Great post. I see where you're coming from. Sites like Nintendo Life keep giving great AAA Wii U titles like Splinter Cell: Blacklist (the Wii U version sits at a 75% on Metacritic, despite looking and running better than the PS4 & 360 versions) lower than average scores, and fans listen to these sites too, as odd as it is. There's also the "screw this game, I'm waiting for [insert first party title here]" mentality that basically makes 3rd party developers not care any more.

Honestly, these people have it coming.



XingHua31 said:

The textures look like donkey. Haven't played a COD since MW2. Doesn't look like I've missed much lol.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Slayer said:

I'm definitely grabbing this for Xbox One. My friend got the 360 current gen version and I'll be sad to be unable to play with him. But honestly life (or other games) get(s) in the way and I end up at a low level lol. Look at me in Black Ops II, I'm level 22 as of now.
But Ghosts really looks like it changes some things and really looks like a MW4 with a much cooler title. I'd prefer it be called Ghosts anyway. But I've never seen a Call of Duty game like this. It even kept the whole zombies mode thing despite previously being announced as a new Modern Warfare game. And I heard of an aliens mode. Trippy.
This truly has gone where no CoD has gone before, even though you hear this from someone who played the first Black Ops game as a first CoD game.



Russel said:

@vio Alright people, Keep trashing cod& wonder why we get no third-party support. If the biggest selling multiplayer game (Every year!) can't get support from Wii U players Then, How do you expect Wii U to get more 3rd Party support? Myself i'd love to get destiny & The division for my Wii U! (Even signed petition for them.) But, Why should Activision care about Wii U gamers If We don't care about their biggest franchise? U Can't live by Mario alone! CoD is shaping up to be The last major third-party franchise Wii U is getting. EveryBody who complains about lack of 3rd Party Titles on Wii U needs to go buy CoD:Ghosts & CoD:Black Ops2. (&Play Them!) or soon the Only 3rd Party games we'll be getting will be Raymen & Skylanders!



Russel said:

@S7eventhHeaven I'm sure it is! In fact I may get it in the future. My Point is I shouldn't have to Buy a competitors console alongside my Wii U just so I can have Mario/sonic/Zelda & CoD/Battlefield/Grand theft auto! I want more then just Famly games. Every Multiplan available for both last GEN and next GEN XBOX & PlayStation should be available on Wii U! If We DON 'T support CoD/Assassins creed/Watch Dogs/Batman on Wii U Will end up going the Hey GEN with LITTLE to NO support from 3rd Party's. As if Nintendo players don't deserve the same treatment as PlayStation and Xbox players. I DON 'T WANNA SEE THIS HAPPEN!!! .....And BTW, Rayman legends should have stayed exclusive to Wii U! This is another part of the poor treatment by third-party of Nintendo and it fans that I'm talking about.



OneBagTravel said:

I was done with the series after MW3 but i might end up getting this in the bargain bin based on the aiming system alone. Looks cool.

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