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Witch & Hero Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A curse upon the eShop

CIRCLE Entertainment has been a prolific publisher on DSiWare, bringing to the fore its own titles and also helping small developers share their work with the DSi/3DS audience. With so many titles against its name there are some that are excellent, as well as others that we'd sooner forget. Witch & Hero arrives on the 3DS eShop and falls firmly into the latter category, and feels dreadfully misplaced on the platform.

The basic concept of Witch and Hero is that you progress through a number of one-screen stages both protecting and utilising the Witch — who has been turned to stone — under your care. From a top down perspective, you try to prevent creatures from attacking the fair lady and, after a few stages, have the opportunity to collect blood that revives her for a short period — during which she does her best to assist you. It's a form of action tower-defence in that sense, and the levels end once you defeat boss monsters — typically just blown-up pixels of standard enemies — after a couple of minutes of battling.

If first impressions count as much as some say, then this one gets off to a very bad start. Despite being named a hero, your character doesn't actually use his sword and shield in any meaningful way, but rather bumps into enemies to kill them. You don't use any buttons to attack, but just run with the Circle Pad or D-pad and bash into enemies, and if you have time you can bash them in their weak-spot for a quicker kill — typically from behind. There's some strategy to picking what enemies to push first, but in later levels you're just fudging the Circle Pad against enemies, hoping they die before you do.

Because that's the thing about our hero; not only is he so incompetent that he doesn't swing the sword, but his health goes down every time he bumps into an enemy, so he's guaranteed to faint. You are tasked with reviving him by wiggling the Circle Pad around, bringing to mind the greatest stick-busting sins of Mario Party and athletics games on the Nintendo 64.

So there's a bit of strategy to dying, too. In addition to aimlessly shoving enemies with your shield — there's no animation when you hit an enemy, so we assume that's what he's doing — you collect as much money and blood as possible from fallen foes. As already mentioned, if you give the blood to the witch she comes alive briefly and uses one of two magic abilities to help in the battle; the storm ability is wide-ranging but fairly weak, whereas the fireball is more powerful and the aim can be moved with the shoulder buttons. In later levels she is absolutely invaluable, though the screen becomes so congested with enemies that your hero simply bounces around like a pinball when you try and get back to revive her.

But getting to those later stages is painful. The most egregious sin of this game is its balancing; you don't have the tools to be particularly skillful, and so you're left to grind and level up. Experience that you collect levels up your character's health, while money is spent in a shop to strengthen five key powers: the sword (which boosts attacks despite the fact it isn't visibly used), the shield, the hero's speed, and finally the witch's two special powers. You level these up, and unlock a "Holy Sword" power up that can be activated in battle, but in order to do this you grind, and you grind, and then you grind some more.

Grinding is an acceptable part of some games, but not when the gameplay is this redundant. In some stages the odds are simply stacked against you with masses of powerful enemies. You can try everything but the witch will be destroyed and you have to start again. You still retain half of your experience and money in a failed mission, so you repeat until you've bought enough upgrades and boosted your character sufficiently to overcome the odds. Despite our best efforts we had to repeat some stages around a dozen times, all the while improving our abilities, before progressing. When all you're doing is running around a screen bouncing off enemies or treasure chests — in some cases flying to the opposite end of the screen, for reasons we're not entirely sure of — there's little motivation to push on and unlock the Trial and Infinity modes at the end of the campaign.


Witch & Hero is a bad game, and in some senses reminds us of the worst of DSiWare's legacy. Even if a title tries to sell over-simplicity and crudity by adopting an 8-bit aesthetic, that doesn't excuse lazy, unimaginative design and execution. This lacks strategy and skill, and is as mindless as they come; playing Witch & Hero feels like a chore, and it would be served better as a free PC flash game than a paid-for 3DS eShop release.

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User Comments (104)



schizor said:

I actually like this game a lot. Played it for about 3 hours. And no I wasn't drunk or high while playing...



Geonjaha said:

Well, I wasn't expecting much to be honest. All the same it's too bad it didn't turn out well. :/



RetrogamerFan said:

Thanks for the review, sounds like it was a real chore to play.
I wasn't very impressed by the trailer and was expecting this to get a bad review. My thoughts on seeing the trailer were that someone had copied the combat style from Y's I & II, which is very simple, and then built a whole action game around that one gameplay mechanic.



XCWarrior said:

Darn, thought this game had promise. Guess not. I could have swallowed some pride with a 6/10, but 2/10 means extra stinky!



gurtifus said:

I knew it ! Unfortunately there's nothing to expect from Circle Entertainment.



Jarod said:

i think it actually looks like a really fun play on the toilet game



Spoony_Tech said:

Too bad as the first trailer look like it might be good. At least its a game I can cross off my long list.



pixelman said:

lol, the trailer looks terrible ya'll. Moving around at a snail's pace and bumping into enemies? Yeah, that sounds... thrilling.

The pixel art and music is great though. Shame it doesn't have gameplay to match.



schizor said:

1 bad review and over half of the Nintendolife peeps won't play it... tsk tsk..



KnightRider666 said:

I had a bad feeling this would be the case. I may still give this a go depending on the US pricepoint.



6ch6ris6 said:

turning blocks and make them fit a line doesnt sound thrilling either.
yet tetris is a blast. even decades after it's first release



Hong said:

I thought the trailer looked horrible and I can't say anyone should be surprised.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Reading the review it doesn't sound as bad as you say and the hero "bumps into enemies to kill them" that reminds me of YS I that you had to bumps into enemies to kill them too and YS I was not a bad game.



HeroOfCybertron said:

@Adhrast That's good to hear that you liked it a lot because the trailer made it look good and the review sounds like it's being to harsh on the game I'm thinking of picking it up once it comes out for NA eshop.



Dpullam said:

It doesn't seem that this game received all of the developmemt time that it needed. It'll be a pass for me.



V8_Ninja said:

I don't know why, but the review just wants me to play the game even more. That great pixel art doesn't deter me either. I'm sorry?



Windy said:

Such a Bummer.....I'm still going to pick this up because I happen to like that attack method which was used by one other famous Hero of the Ys book 1 and 2 games which were pretty darn good (adol Christian). Not saying this will be good. But I do like the Pixels. I do have a question if anyone can answer. Is this DSiWare or is it a 3d game? If its 1.99 when it hits the Eshop in NA I will pick it up and give it a go. To bad they just didn't try and make an Ys clone with this



ThomasBW84 said:

@Windy It's on the 3DS eShop, not DSiWare. Aside from the wider ratio on the top screen, it could easily be on DSi — there's no 3D effect.



AVahne said:

So combat system is the same or similar to the first Ys game.
There will probably be people who appreciate that.



TeslaChippie said:

I think this might have been better received if it were $1.99, but as a full $6 eShop title it sounds pretty disappointing >:

...I actually think the gameplay sounds fun from a sort of endless challenge sort of standpoint o.o



BakaKnight said:

What a bad surprise... Thinking I bought today a e-shop card for download this O.O;

Still I think I will download it anyway, I really have a good feeling about this and last time I trusted more my feeling than a review I was right XP

No disrespect to the reviewer of course, it was surely a well written review and all the points were expressed clearly, but damn, sometimes I love to crush personally against walls for see if they are really that hard ^O^



KnightRider666 said:

@BakaKnight: If you do, post your thoughts here. I want to see if this game gets any more positive reviews from player's personal experiences. I'm still not completely sold on abandoning this title...



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: I wouldn't count this game out yet, Windy. It looks like it will cost $5.99 in the US. As I said above I'm going to wait for more people to try this and post back their thoughts before making a final decision on this, and I think you should too:)



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 I will probably do that if it's 5.99 I can think of a couple other 5.99 games I haven't downloaded which just might be better. But I will keep an eye out for peoples thoughts on this. It looks to me to be an arcade type of game with Ys 1 and 2 gameplay. which just sounds neat to me



zenarium said:

The game looks good. I thought it was going to get a better review. I don't buy it just because you play it on the bottom screen and I don't like to play games on that screen.



Giygas_95 said:

Well...not every new retro style game is good I guess. I wonder if the devs ever bother reading the reviews. It might have been somewhat good if they had made the hero use his sword instead of mindlessly bumping into the enemies and taking damage. I mean...what were they thinking in giving him a sword but not letting him use it?



TwilightV said:

As HeroOfCybertron said, reading the review made me think of Ys. And I loves me some Ys.



RR529 said:

Too bad. Oh well, it's not out over here yet, anyways, and I still need to download a couple games that I haven't already.



Dark-Luigi said:

Meh. I knew this would be the worst classic ever released. Thankfully, I didn't download it or I would've been ticked off!



Linkstrikesback said:

@ gurtifus

Hey! The Castle Conqueror: Heroes games are pretty good, and Bookstore dream was an interesting management game.

No need to drag down the good efforts (admittedly, not great) that they have made because of one(or several...) turds.



GraveLordXD said:

Am I the only one who thought hylide when looking at the screen shots ? And that was a terrible game also



gurtifus said:

@Linkstrikesback Sorry but I bought Castle Conqueror: Heroes after reading the review but I didn't get into this game as it's gameplay seemed not very deep to me so I deleted it from my SD card.
Same thing for Bookstore dream that I bought before reading any reviews but after a few hours spent on it, it got boring and repetitive so I deleted it from my SD card as well.
So, I think Circle Entertainment games are not for me if these are the best they can do.



SheldonRandoms said:

And this looked good, oh well

Also, in this part of the review reminded, it me of something

"your character doesn't actually use his sword and shield in any meaningful way, but rather bumps into enemies to kill them."

Could that Hero guy be the same knight person from Hydlide?



Tmdean said:

It really bugs me when people call their games "8 bit style" but are obviously using 32-bit color in their palettes, alpha channel effects, hundreds of active sprites, and occasionally have graphics that leak into using the full resolution of the screen instead of always using doubled pixels (sort of like the US Super Mario Bros. box art).

If you want to go for an 8 bit aesthetic, I'm all for it, but at least pretend to only be using effects that might have been achievable on a realistic 8 bit computer. Otherwise you're just being lazy.



BakaKnight said:

@KnightRider666 Downloaded and already almost complete it, so I will be glad to share my impressions with everyone ^_^

I'm very sorry (or I guess very glad?) to say that I fully disagree with this review now that I played the game.
For be correct, many of the things the review said are true, but, with all the respect, really exaggerated.

The gameplay despite the apparent simplicity is really addictive and fun. Considering the game small size the variety of enemies is almost surprising and seeing the hero getting stronger and the witch’s magics more powerful gives a classic RPG thrills that help the overall experience.

I have to say that I absolutely disagree about the game feeling a chore and the witch system becoming useless in the latest stages.
It is true that the difficulty of the stages is… “unpredictable” for say it kindly. Easy stages and hard ones alternate with an unclear logic and grinding is necessary for going on; however the grinding the game ask is really minimum; the stages requires few tries for be beaten and keeping part of the gold and experience collected in the level even after a failure helps a lot in make all easier ^_^

In other words I personally always reached enough power for beat a stage before getting annoyed, quite the opposite the grinding was too fast for be able to lower the fun.

Regarding the witch I personally keep had to count on her magic till the end, having to take care of both her and the hero not only works, but is necessary for beat the stages. The only bad note I could say about the witch is that of her two spells only one really appear useful and able to allow some winning strategy.

Anyway I admit the game is undoubtly unpolished… apart the “unpredictable” difficulty mentioned before there are also other minor details that could annoy or frustrate the player.
A little example are the treasure chests. In normal games you are just happy to see them, but here… gosh… chests are more obstacles then prizes @o@ They can require many bumps for release their goodies and meanwhile they can act as walls, protecting enemies and blocking your path.

A bigger matter is the bouncing system, as said in the review too, when the hero bump against the enemy… well, here comes again an “unpredictable” aspect of the game, sometimes the bump is normal, sometimes the hero fly backward like hitting a spring and no logic appear to be behind it.

However the problems mentioned above are minor issues, the game is fully playable and perfect for little sessions of fun. It can also really drag you in as for example I played it till reaching the final stage when all I wanted was to just start to try it XD

And I would like also to add that getting to the end is super worthy, I won’t spoiler details, but the last stage (which is really giving me troubles @o@) is really the best one, challenging, interesting and makes even more worthy to face the whole adventure.

The only really turn down I can see is that the main story is really short, 4-5 hours are the time needed for complete it and, sure I said the game is fun, but it’s clear it will get repetitive soon with the extra modes, but considering the low price why refusing a sweet short experience? ^o^

I’m sorry for the very long comment, but I really feel this game here received a too harsh treatment >.<
I don’t say it’s a gem, but a 2… in my opinion this game could even deserve a 7 ^_^;

All my respect to Thomas and his review, I'm not posting this for the fun of disagree, just I'm seeing too many people ready to avoid this game only cause that "2" and I feel it's a real shame.
I doubt my comment will change much (and my bad english surely doesn't help >O>; ) but after the nice evening I had thanks to this game I owed to the witch and the hero a try ^^

[EDIT] Now that I see my comment posted...How much I wrote?!?! OoO Sorry everyone, hope I won't risk a ban cause of this XD;



HeroOfCybertron said:

@ BakaKnight I read your impression now I can't wait to download once it comes out in NA. I don't think you should get in trouble just because you disagree with them or that you didn't post your impression in a place they think you should of.



Hairmanban19 said:

You could probably make a clone of this on Petit Computer and it would be no different than the actual game.



KnightRider666 said:

@BakaKnight: Thank you! I will give this game a shot when it becomes available in the US. I'm sure many people will appreciate you taking the time to do this game some justice.



Windy said:

@BakaKnight Thanks a bunch for the review. I still don't know if I will download I do like the look but Monster Hunter has been eating up my gaming hours lately. I might consider this one on a price drop later but that would be over a year the way they run their discount system



Giygas_95 said:

@Philip_J_Reed One of the worst games you've ever played? I'll bet it wasn't as bad as having to review Kidz Bop Dance Party The Video Game or Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade!



Boukman said:

I tend to agree with BakaKnight. The last stage however is very very frustrating. Has anyone beaten it already? I get undone with these stupid green lasers.



Justaguest said:

It seems like its heavily based on strategy. You even have to bump into chests several times to open them risking failing the stage. thats perfect! hero getting killed by just defeating enemies is a part of the gameplay. The game seems like its testing your ability to use time efficiently.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'll bet it wasn't as bad as having to review Kidz Bop Dance Party The Video Game or Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade!

Haha fair enough...but it was close! Glad some people are enjoying it but man oh man I'm happy to never pick this thing up again as long as I live.



DarkEdi said:

But the trailer looks like a good tower defense game!

I could try it if it was 5, but no 2.



plainj said:

I was surprised by this game, despite the review. Would have liked to have the action on the top screen with some 3D effects, but nonetheless I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would - still stuck on beating the final boss though. I would give it a solid 4. Or maybe I just want to like it a little, to justify the money I spent on it



60Hz said:

2/10 seems like a BS score, nothing in the review seems to warrant such a low score... now i must buy it.



Windy said:

I bought this game and well......It's not shiny.....It's not massive....It's gameplay is simplistic and involves one thing......GRINDING! You level grind on stages until you are able to move onto the next stage. Have any of you ever Item camped in an MMORPG like everquest or WOW? You will be right at home here. I'm actually finding some enjoyment from the game I was a level/item Camper from way back. LOL I'm even enjoying the Ys book 1 and 2 attack scheme and powering the witch to take down bosses. Now don't get me wrong I'm having a goodtime with the game and Would rate the game a 5 out of 10. They could have done so much to make this an absolutely wonderful game. It's repetative Grinding and if that's your thing you might like this as well. Really most RPG's are just repetative grinding this just removes all that's in between and makes it an arcade RPG. I like this better than Planet Crashers....Sorry Renegade Kid



Windy said:

Worst game I ever played and consider my cursed game is Street Smart on sega genesis just an awful game and this game is much more fun



Windy said:

I made it to the Last Stage last night. This game has been great fun. If your interested in getting it I would recommend it. 3.99 is slightly a steep price for this one. It should have been 1.99 or 2.99 max. The game will always be in the Eshop if you can wait it out for a sale or price drop. I love the level grinding to get to the next level gameplay. The levels play different every single time you play them. I feel there is definately some replay on each level. You will wipe out a level and feel like your all that, then play the same level again and have your butt handed to you LOL For me the 3.99 was worth it since I enjoyed the game so much.



ICEknight said:

Man, this game would have been bad on an NES.

It's like people nowadays don't even care about quality anymore, as long as "it's retro"!



Gregor said:

@Windy they also used that attack method with Hydlide. And that game was better than Batman Arkham City.



Blathers said:

Well I can't speak for all you guys, but I loved the game. Activity Log says I've spent 6 hours on it.



Thulfram said:

This game has really gotten under my skin and I love it. I didn't understand some of how it worked for a while - when you die, you don't lose your weapons and armor, and you keep half of your money. So dying isn't such a problem, and you will die a lot! I also didn't realize (until I read this review) the hero can regain hit points faster if you wiggle him around fast.

I still can't figure out the "magic sword". I have beaten the "Get the Magic Sword" level several times but I still don't have the magic sword. Is this a problem of translation/presentation? Do they just mean you'll want to get the magic sword eventually, or what?

The game could definitely be improved upon but is still fun and addicting, in an RPG masochistic way. I stayed up half the night last night just doing that "one more go" kind of thing. Brilliant!



KillerGBH said:

such a funny and addictive game lol i love it , cant believe u gave it 2/10 that ridiculous



LordGeovanni said:

Recently, there was a demo of this released in the NA eShop. While I don't know about the EU region, I decided to avoid this game due to this review. I was actually a little upset - I had actually planned to get this.

After the demo's release, I found myself quickly drawn into the game. It actually caps your level in the demo to 25. I actually found myself playing the game well past that and realized that not only did I want to buy this, but that I was HAPPY to buy this game... not to mention that I was wasting experience that could have been used to level me up further.

Let me be plain about this. The game is Simple, Repeated like crazy, Mindless, Repeating, Effortless (in part), Basic, and Repetitive. The "bouncing" mechanic is upsetting-bordering-on-BAD. The way around that is to use the outside of the screen to "hold" you close to that which you are attacking. While the treasure chests are also annoying (things that bounce you around), they also hold the Life Medicine which restores your HP immediately - this plays out well if you "save" the Life Medicine until you need it. The spells take time to "level" up... but they become great when you use them twice and the lesser enemies start dying from that alone.

What could improve? I hate the fact that you lose the "experience" that you did not pick up. I also would not mind killing the remaining enemies after each "boss" is killed. Possibly some other "pick-ups" would work too. That is about it for what I think. While $3.99 is a tad pricy for this game, I still was happy, HAPPY I SAY, to pay that. Even after I got the free demo and could play half the game without the cost. I would give this around a 6.5 - Mediocre, but worth a play. The demo alone gives everyone that for FREE.



sillygostly said:

When a Circle Entertainment game doesn't receive an Australian release, then you know that they know it's bad. =P

I switched to a UK account to download the demo and I thought it was horrible. I wholeheartedly agree with the review. The game is a prolonged exercise in tedious, mindless repetition (and I've played some pretty awful games in my time). I initially had no idea what to do as none of the buttons were triggering the sword, and I quickly figured out that simply grinding against the enemies was enough to make them weary.

I suppose there is a market for this kind of basic, non-cerebral experience, but it just ain't for me.



FJOJR said:

Poured an hour into the demo. Really enjoyed it. Sometimes mindless fun even if it's repetitive is ok now and again. It's like watching some dumb comedy movies that you know isn't Oscar worthy but is still getting you to sit and watch with enjoyment. That's the feeling I get from this game.



Bass_X0 said:

I enjoyed the demo. A 2/10 game is one I expect to be broken and little fun to be had. But I'm enjoying it. A little confused at the beginning but once I understood how the game is supposed to be played, it became a lot better to me. The gameplay isn't broken, its just simplistic and a little weird. Doesn't make it bad. I've played and enjoyed Ys so I could accept the combat method here. I think swinging a sword to hit enemies would have negated a lot of the risk in combat. You have to get behind them to reduce damage to yourself.

Do I call it good? No, but only because its simple, repetitive and not at all ambitious. But it does well what it wants to do. I'll keep playing the demo for now, I may get frustrated by overwhelming enemies later but I'm thinking grinding for EXP and GP enough will beat almost any stage.



PekoponTAS said:

Witch and Hero is a tough game for me to recommend because it was a great time waster while taking the cat outside and waiting for food to cook and so on, but that final boss is ridiculously unfair. It's not difficult in a "man this is tough! kind of way, but in a "how is any player expected to do this?" kind of way. I've lost to that final boss countless times, and I have max upgrades, so the only thing I could possibly do is grind my health up. I could do that, but I decided to abandon the game because it's completely unreasonable to expect a player to beat that. I can beat Ninja Gaiden on my NES, I can get to stage 9 in Battletoads on NES without warps, and I got every netherworld award in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero, but the final boss of Witch and Hero is too flippin' hard.



grimbldoo said:

For getting stuck on the lack of a sword animation, you're not one to complain about repetition.



Morpheel said:

I played the demo. It's a fun little time waster. I'll get the full version eventually.



Kid-Yoshi said:

@PekoponTAS I have full health AND upgrades, that cheap as all can be lazer attack still hurts me badly. I'm with you on "how is any player expected to do this?".



Kid-Yoshi said:

I really don't like giving games bad reviews, but Ill be damned... Ill just leave this game on "Great time killer" and be done with it.

Update: Normally I wouldn't give this away as its obvious and I don't like ruining games, but press L and R while fighting the final boss. Trust me you'll laugh, I forgive this games difficulty for that little trick.



DerpSandwich said:

@LordGeovanni I just played the demo and actually enjoyed it a surprising amount. But are there really only ten more stages left in the game after the demo? Even with the EXTREME simplicity of the gameplay and with that enormous map left to explore? I might have bought it if it had a hundred levels, or maybe even fifty, but twenty? Say it ain't so.



Terrible_Majesty said:

i played the demo too...the intro alone deserves a 5/10. i give this a solid 6/10. its a unique premise and i havent played a game like this before. it has the same charm that nintendo games and dragon quest have. i strongly recommend the demo. i got hooked and was pleased i could transfer my data. its a very good demo, its essentially half of the full game for free. a sequel with various improvements like more weapons can make this game a cult classic.




LordGeovanni said:

Sorry for not replying quickly. You ended up encouraging me to play the Hard Mode.

As it is, Yes, there are only 20 levels. The final level is a Colossal Final Boss that is insane to deal with. The trick to the boss is the L and R buttons (sorry to those who don't like spoilers). Then, the game invites you to the Hard Mode. All you need to do is hit these buttons on the Title screen.

Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, X, Y.

Shortened: Up x3, Down x5, Right x2, Left, X, Y.

This makes the game MUCH more difficult and last even longer. Especially for such a "Horrible" game, I still have 76 minutes on the demo and 15 HOURS on just the main game alone. But I do take my time playing games so that is not nearly as accurate as will be for others.



DerpSandwich said:

@LordGeovanni Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'll probably have to pass, even with the hard mode. I really can't see why they couldn't include more. It's like the simplest game in the world. Oh well!



ferrers405 said:

I bought the game today and the mechanics are simple, you get tired if you play for a long time, but it's simple, fun and i'm enjoying, i give a 6/10 easy.



LordGeovanni said:

For anyone still thinking about this, the Price Drop is still active until the 8th! (In NA at least.) If you Really think that $4 is too much, it is currently only $2.79. Cannot get much better than that without it being free! (And you got the demo to play too! That IS free)



onlyaman said:

I have to say, I am enjoying this game much more than the review would have you believe. In some ways it feels like a simpler version of 'half-minute hero' combined with a top down shooter like geometry wars. There is actually quite a bit of strategy and skill required, and I find the grinding addictive for short burst on my train commute. It feels great to master the skill of efficiently guiding the hero while simultaneously aiming the witches fireballs at different parts of the screen. I would give it a 7/10 (especially considering how high most nintendolife scores are). I agree more with this review: http://squallsnake.com/review-witch-hero-3ds-eshop/



TrueWiiMaster said:

I don't think I could disagree more with this review. Yes, the game is simple and repetitive, but I've thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I'd probably give a 6 or 7. I'm glad the game went on sale. Otherwise I might have never gotten it based on this 2/10 score.



MeloMan said:

Interesting... IMO, I call this game a simple time waster, meaning it's likely to be a bit mindless. I see the game for what it is, and again, I'm neither against nor defending, but the game takes the basic RPG premise, grinding, and believe it or not, strategy, of using a stationary character that can cover a wide area attack-wise (albeit for a limited time) and another character that is completely mobile to attack but you have to manage his endurance. I have to give credit to the thought put into this strategy to make it not just like "every other game". Final Fantasy it is not. Tetris it is not. A 60hr game this is not. BUT... if you just want to waste a few mins. out of your day, I'm sorry, I think this is a worthy game to play. At $2.79, I think I'll pick this up



Ichi said:

Ridiculous! You guys really hate Circle, for some reason unknown to me.

Let's put it like this: the game was released late NES or early SNES, VC now double the price. Yes, it was not the best game but it was fun and challenging, despite the simple mechanics, and based on your fondness of the game and your memories of it, it might even have gotten a 7/10.

So, it was made in modern times, but appealing or not, the review should consider the experience and the challenge, not the willingness of the gamer. Super Mario Bros. made today exactly the same, I would love it, but it might not be as appealing to try it.

Yeah, it not very special, but it's kinda fun and a challenge, somewhat additctive, and the music is pretty good too, a bit of humor as well... 5,6/10 easily considering the price.

I know alot of games you are very generous to, and if there's any reason for hating Circle besides making "ok" games, I think you should share it, maybe I'll even agree, but these superficial reviews are very disappointing considering the general quality of in-depth in most of your reviews. If your just tired of reviewing mediocre games, that's ok, but many 3,4,5 and even 6/10 mediocres are hurting my brain playing, so maybe you should skip reviewing them all together, cause making Circle the scapegoat is not fair to them or the consumers.



xanloveless said:

I bought this game about 2 weeks when it was $0.99 or perhaps $1.99. Regardless, about a week ago, I decided to check it out. I've already put a few hours into it and I still haven't finished it. It is a simple game with simple mechanics, but the later stages get tough quick, making you either grind for gold and exp or figure out the right strategic approach for that level.

Personally, I really enjoy it because it tends to encapsulate what a mobile game should be. Short, simple, and then eventually frustrating, but not too frustrating to force anyone from wanting to play any further.

Is it worth the $5.99 price tag? I honestly don't know. But it is worth checking out the demo and waiting til it goes on sale again.

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