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Tue 7th Aug 2012

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TeslaChippie commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

@russellohh LMAO every time someone lists a game for the Wii U they like, you say "okay well tell me any game that isn't Mario or Bayonetta or (game that person mentioned) or (game the person before that mentioned)." Sorry dude but that was hilarious to read Sure enough the Wii U doesn't have the best library in the world, but it sure as heck has enough games to have justified its entry price in my eyes



TeslaChippie commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Promotes 2DS Pric...:

I have a New 3DS, but the 2DS is probably my favorite system in the line up. The only problem is that it can't play New 3DS games ;-; And I did a system transfer to the New 3DS from the 2DS, and you can't do a system transfer back after that (for some stupid effing reason). Really wish there was a New 2DS



TeslaChippie commented on Rumour: Nintendo and DeNA Will Be Revealing th...:

I will eat my own face if they don't make a WarioWare for mobile, eventually. Out of all Nintendo properties, it's the most likely to work on mobile platforms in its original form.

As for the others, I'm quite uninterested. I have a low-performance Android device and I don't think I'll be upgrading for these games... unless they're AMAZING.



TeslaChippie commented on Yo-kai Watch Release Date Moves Up to 5th Dece...:

I'm so GOSH DARN excited for this one. Level 5 might be one of my favorite developers this entire generation (Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Fantasy Life, LBX, the Guild01 and 02 games, and now Yo-kai!!). I hope the rest of the series makes it over here.

Although, side note, I'm a little peeved that Fantasy Life 2 is only confirmed for mobile devices right now >:



TeslaChippie commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

I'm going to get it and love it every bit as much as the first one, I'm sure... But I'm also pretty sure it's not going to be a hit >: It sucks if this is the last we see of the character. In a similar vein, whatever happened to Elebits?



TeslaChippie commented on Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed to be Headed to 3DS:

Dual Destinies had some big flaws, but I think the presentation was incredible by any standard. That sort of "grand finale" deduction thing during all the trials was awesome (and, for the Nine-Tails Vale trial, actually worked like it was intended for me: I hadn't actually figured out the twist before then, so it was kind of a cool reveal)



TeslaChippie commented on Preview: Getting Inside The Curiously Undemand...:

Weirdly, this is one of my most anticipated 3DS games this year (although I still have Persona Q, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 to get to... like jesus christ, atlus). There's still nothing around that's remotely like Animal Crossing, so more is always better



TeslaChippie commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

I dunno. Would Viva Pinata have even existed if Microsoft hadn't acquired Rare? Because honestly, that's one of my favorite Rare franchises. Yeah it's a shame we won't see a similar collection on Nintendo systems with Donkey Kong 64 and Star Fox Adventures... but frankly I think the way MS is going about this is phenomenal. Especially the pricing.



TeslaChippie commented on Guide: Master Splatoon's New Tower Control Mod...:

The squelchers/dual squelchers are great in this, if you have good aim. In particular, the Custom Dual Squelcher with the killer wail is excellent for both Tower Control and Splat Zones.

Also, when using a Blaster or other weapon that does not build up your special very fast, I recommend using gear with Tenacity, which will make your special gauge fill whenever anyone on your team is killed~



TeslaChippie commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

@Kirk I guess I never encounter the issue much because I'm always either playing Turf War (in which case your "target" is really to big to miss ) or in ranked with a long distance weapon (dual squelcher ftw), and the reticule movement is much less dramatic at long ranges. I imagine it would be a little tougher for those using short range weapons (although that doesn't explain why those Aerospray masters keep splatting me left and right)



TeslaChippie commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

@Kirk Hmm. You have a point; I would prefer the cursor stayed in the center of the screen. And I can't honestly the say that the current setup has never screwed me over...

That said, I find it's functional enough that I can still enjoy the multiplayer ^-^~



TeslaChippie commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

@Kirk Actually, it isn't auto-aim. The reticule in Splatoon shows where your ink will land, if it WILL hit a surface. Keep an eye on the color of the middle of the reticule: if it's gray or colorless, it means your ink will begin its downward trajectory BEFORE it hits whatever you're aiming at. If the center of the reticule is red, it means your ink will hit whatever you're aiming at. The location of the reticule changes based on the distance between you and the target, and reflects exactly where the ink will land. The reason it seems to "jump" when you aim at an enemy is because the enemy is obstructing the path of the ink, and so the reticule location updates.

I actually think the reticule in Splatoon gives you a lot more information than a lot of other shooters It takes a little to get used to, but it's worth it.

BTW, I'm listening to the soundtrack to Star Trek II right now. RIP James Horner.



TeslaChippie commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America):

Art Academy for me :3 All the games have been fantastic (I was especially impressed by Pokemon Art Academy. It starts simple enough for a young child to grasp the basics of drawing before moving on to some decently complex scenes)



TeslaChippie commented on Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK ...:

I'm telling everyone I know how awesome Splatoon is :3 Like Souflee said, it's an experience reviewers are having a hard time getting across. It just FEELS like a great game, and I'm sure anyone who gave it a shot would have a great time. This is the game Nintendo needs to have in their Target/Best Buy demo systems, because it's their ace in the hole at the moment. What a success.