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Male, 26, Canada

Been playing games since the NES, but got super into it during the DS and Wii days. After 2010 I got a bit burned out on gaming, and I usually don't get super excited for game releases anymore. I think this is overall a good thing as I find myself enjoying games more than I was a few years ago.

Fri 7th May 2010

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PekoponTAS commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

I think people are overly concerned. You can keep DSiWare games forever so long as your system doesn't break. Considering the original DS was released 10 years ago and there are still countless of them that work just as well as they did at launch, it shows the DS systems are durable. Even the battery life is a non-issue since the charger doubles as an AC adapter, meaning that you'll never really need to replace a drained battery so long as you have an electrical socket. And even if you wanted to argue that the chargers will all vanish, third party companies will always continue to make replacement adapters for retro game systems, much like they do for NES/Game Boy Micro etc.

By the time a DS system could eventually die, you'll probably be too old to play video games effectively anyways due to your reflexes not being as good as they once were.



PekoponTAS commented on Review: Witch & Hero (3DS eShop):

Witch and Hero is a tough game for me to recommend because it was a great time waster while taking the cat outside and waiting for food to cook and so on, but that final boss is ridiculously unfair. It's not difficult in a "man this is tough! kind of way, but in a "how is any player expected to do this?" kind of way. I've lost to that final boss countless times, and I have max upgrades, so the only thing I could possibly do is grind my health up. I could do that, but I decided to abandon the game because it's completely unreasonable to expect a player to beat that. I can beat Ninja Gaiden on my NES, I can get to stage 9 in Battletoads on NES without warps, and I got every netherworld award in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero, but the final boss of Witch and Hero is too flippin' hard.



PekoponTAS commented on The Combined 2DS and Pokémon X & Y Launch Was...:

I have large hands and long fingers, so the other 3DS models were too cramped. While the 2DS doesn't completely melt into your hands flawlessly like a DSi XL does, the 2DS is easily the most comfortable 3DS model. I've played through all of Mario 3D Land on it, and I never once needed the 3D, or even thought about it. The great thing about the 2DS is that since the 3D isn't even an option, you pretty much never think about it while playing a game. If anything, I can get engrossed in a game on 2DS more easily because I don't have that constant thought of "should I turn the 3D on?" that disconnects me. I hope Nintendo makes an effort to make the 2DS successful, and ignores the people who say the 3D is important. The 2DS is exactly what the follow up to a DS should have been in the first place. A more powerful DS with better online functions.



PekoponTAS commented on Review: Angry Bunnies (3DS eShop):

Easter Eggstravaganza scored higher than this. A holiday cash-in with an egg pun in its title was more critically acclaimed than this game.

I think this would be the point in any programmer's life where they start questioning their life goals, and what they're doing with their lives.



PekoponTAS commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Wii U Holiday Target Aud...:

If you ask me, the answer to Nintendo's financial problems all rests upon the eShop. I've totally been converted to an eShop player, and I haven't looked back since. The eShop is really awesome, but most websites don't even cover it. Nintendo should make an effort to pump up support and advertising for the eShop, and add more Club Nintendo eShop games to redeem each month.



PekoponTAS commented on Review: Splash or Crash (3DS eShop):

I downloaded this game a while back and disliked it, but tonight I tried it out again, beat all the levels, but still felt like I didn't quite understand what the game was going for. This review helped me understand the game a bit better as a memorization type thing, and soon enough I was chasing top times with the starting rock since it's the one I can control the best. Getting through a well without hitting anything is a truly awesome feeling. It's the one game I wish I could play in 3D since buying my 2DS though. Still totally playable without the 3D, but I can tell just by looking at the game that it would look impressive in 3D.



PekoponTAS commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

I spent five bucks on this and am loving it. No glitches so far. Reading this review I get the feeling that the way you were playing the game was making it glitch up. From what I gather you say it's too easy because you can randomly smash the touch screen and get matches. It could be that by doing that, you're entering too many commands into the game at once, and causing it to get confused and lock up. Similar glitches even exist in big name games such as the void glitch in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl caused by mashing the D-Pad on the bike too quickly and messing up the game. If you don't do that and simply wait for the hints to pop up, that not only fixes the difficulty, (waiting for the hints too many times is the quickest way to game over) but it may also fix your glitching issues.



PekoponTAS commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

I have a Wii mini and quite like it. I still play games on a big CRT TV, so I've never had to worry about component cables or input delay. (Never been a huge stickler for video quality) I never play games online on the Wii, and the Virtual console games I played the most on the Wii I can still play on Wii Mini due to Kirby's Dream Collection. SD card slot has never been an issue for the games I play either, and I've never once needed a Game Cube controller for my Wii.

I'm that one guy that the Wii Mini is suited for. I'll probably give my old Wii to my brother for Christmas. I'll start worrying about composite cables and such as soon as there are affordable modern TVs that fix the problems they have with playing games.



PekoponTAS commented on Molyneux: Wii U Is Good, But It's Not Great:

Personally I don't really agree with the idea that a game system has to do "everything". I'd rather game systems just be cheaper and get rid of the features that other devices can do. If there's one thing I miss about retro gaming, it was the simplicity of it. You'd buy a game, and you'd play it. You didn't have to worry about hooking things up to the internet or having a friends list or system updates or options for DVDs and a whole bunch of other stuff cluttering up the reason you actually buy a GAME system. It also meant you had to get your butt outside and make some friends to play multiplayer games, and those multiplayer experiences were always so much better.

I'm not saying games were overall better in the retro days, but I think the act of actually buying and playing games was a whole lot better. A game's replay value came from the quality of the game, not from the fact that more levels would be released later on.



PekoponTAS commented on Review: Skylanders Giants (Wii):

I enjoyed it quite a lot. Sprocket is awesome, especially the one I found today in a 3 pack that has a paint error that makes her look super angry. XD (Btw, this is DinoHex from DarkSpyro for any fellow darkspyro users in this comments section.)



PekoponTAS commented on Hey Now, Kirby Wii Might Actually Be Happening...:

I've been a Kirby fan long enough to know that Kirby will only appear on a console in platformer form in the last 2 years of a console's life. In fact, the Game Cube one was SO late that it didn't even make it out the door.

Also I've been a Kirby fan for 15 years, and never once have a heard Nintendo Power consider a Kirby game "a huge new title" I'm expecting the June announcement to be Pikmin. No way would Nintendo Power ever make a huge tease like that for a Kirby game.