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Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Super Mario Kart, Mega Man, Murasame, Cybernator and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, to see what treats are in store in this week's Nintendo Download update. There are plenty of enticing retro options, with three quality entries on Wii U and a North American début on 3DS; elsewhere there are two new download titles on the home console along with a handful of discounts.

Missed the European Nintendo Download Update news earlier this week? Good grief! It's fine though, the details are still waiting for you right here.

Wii U eShop

Jett Tailfin (HR GAMES, $34.95 / $32.50CAD) — This title has had a fairly lengthy route to the Wii U, having previously been announced a couple of years ago; it's now swimming onto the eShop, with 16 underwater races to take on and support for up to four players. We'll take a deep breath and dive in for our review.

SHUT THE BOX (RCMADIAX, $0.99 / $1.09CAD) — The latest quickfire Wii U experience from RCMADIAX, this challenges you to roll the dice and then select more than one tile to match the number; it's high-tempo mental arithmetic. It's a case of a good idea, well executed, as we explain in our SHUT THE BOX review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Super Mario Kart (Nintendo, $7.99 / $7.99CAD) — This was actually released on 6th August to join news of upcoming DLC and an update for Mario Kart 8, bringing to an end a peculiar wait for North American gamers. This is an absolute classic, as explained in detail in our Super Mario Kart review.

Mega Man 5 (Capcom, $4.99 / $4.99CAD) — Capcom kicks off another month of Mega Man goodness with the fifth 'classic' entry from the NES era, which has been on the 3DS already for a few months. We rated this one pretty highly in our Mega Man 5 review, so it's worth blasting through.

Cybernator (Konami, $7.99 / $7.99CAD) — Much loved in Nintendo Life HQ, this SNES title incorporates a mix of run and gun, platforming and shooter sections. Oh, and you play as a rather large, powerful robot. We'll jump back in for a review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Internal Invasion (Bear Box Media, $1.99 / $1.99CAD until 9am Pacific on 8th August, normally $4.99)

3DS Virtual Console

The Mysterious Murasame Castle (Nintendo, $4.99 / $4.99CAD) — Now hitting North America after its recent but welcome surprise inclusion in Europe, this is the first time that this NES title has ever been released outside of Japan; it's not entirely unfamiliar, as it was that IP hardly anyone knew in Nintendo Land — remember the star throwing game? Yep, that one; this action game is deserving of your attention, however, as we explained in our The Mysterious Murasame Castle review.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Johnny Impossible (UFO Interactive, discounted from 12th August until 2nd September)

Samurai Sword Destiny (UFO Interactive, discounted from 12th August until 2nd September)

Zombie Slayer Diox (UFO Interactive, discounted from 12th August until 2nd September)

That's your lot this week. Let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (297 votes)

Jett Tailfin (Wii U eShop)


SHUT THE BOX (Wii U eShop)


Super Mario Kart (Wii U Virtual Console)


Mega Man 5 (Wii U Virtual Console)


Cybernator (Wii U Virtual Console)


Internal Invasion (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


The Mysterious Murasame Castle (3DS Virtual Console)


Johnny Impossible (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Samurai Sword Destiny (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Zombie Slayer Diox (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (99)



SMBSS said:

I'd get The Mysterious Murasame Castle but I just bought the FDS version, talk about timing



ikki5 said:

Well. Megaman five is my favourite one (probably because it is the one I owned on the NES) so I'll be getting that for sure.



Maelstrom said:

UFO Interactive. Isn't that the company with half the one star reviews on the site?



MKCustodial said:

I'd love to hear from Nintendo why Brazil STILL does not have access to the Nintendo eShop. Yes, everything Nintendo down here is an import, which means everything Nintendo is way more expensive than Sony or M$. But still, there WAS an official Wii U launch last year, so what gives?
Just another item on the list of things that Nintendo apparently doesn't get or doesn't care. I'm Nintendo for life, but the company REALLY makes it difficult sometimes.



Azaris said:

I don't see murasame on eshop is this an error?
Oops sorry derp moment



bezerker99 said:

I've been trying to update my 3DS all morning. My 3DS eShop keeps giving me an error message and won't let me access anything.

Still, this lineup looks like a good solid week for Nintendo Download.



Porky said:

Off topic, but why doesn't the European Download articles have a link to the previous North America Download article as well?



Krambo42 said:

Super Mario Kart, Mega Man 5 and Cybernator in the same week...more Mega Man each of the next few weeks, and according to another article I saw, Double Dragon 2 next week and Life Force the week after that. Things are looking up!



MKCustodial said:

@RCMADIAX That IS weird. I know there are ways to go around it, but I just wish they'd get on with it. Although I do fear that, when they do, they're just gonna charge online the same price stores ask for a retail game.
I mean, right now the console is going for the equivalent of 830 dollars, a game oscillates between 80 and 90 dollars, a Wii Remote is around 45, and don't even get me started on accessories like the Disney Infinity items…



LztheQuack said:

@MotorTCD The eShop does not update until 9:00 AM PDT/12:00 PM EDT

Anyway, what was this about Nintendo not adding more than one VC game per week?



Azaris said:

@WaLzgi Yeah sorry I forgot I was gonna delete my comment because I just rememebered and I saw your reply so It's too late now.



MKCustodial said:

@xj0462 What do you mean? SEGA had its day in the 80s and 90s. In fact, I had a Master System and then a SEGA Genesis and a SEGA CD, choosing those over the systems that were our version of the NES and SuperNES probably because their marketing was more aggressive. I only turned to Nintendo on the N64. And by then SEGA was pretty much dead.



Beau_Skunk said:

"The Mysterious Murasame Castle" for me, been waiting for this one.

Now to wait for "Bubble Bobble," "Kung-Fu Heroes," and the DK Land trilogy. (All out in Japan.)



Stu13 said:

I'm really intrigued by Murasame, so I'll probably pick that up. Or, alternatively, I could buy all three of the UFO games and then throw my 3DS in the trash.



Falchion said:

I wanted the scram kitty discount for NA... O well I will get Murasame. It looks pretty good.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Finally, time to play Murasame Castle to completion!!

I'll also be picking up Super Mario Kart and Cybernator.



Ralek85 said:

I hope the 3DS holidays line-up will deliver, otherwise Bravely Default will have been my only purchase this year :-/



sinalefa said:

I will support RCMadiax for the third time. I may check Murasame too, although I would rather have that on Wii U.



daveh30 said:

I have Super Mario Kart on Wii VC, so I'll get the upgrade... other than that, another slow week. need some new 3DS games!

(and I still wish Nintendo would give us an achievement/ Trophy system for 3DS/ Wii U. I feel so dirty spending all my time on my Vita and PS3/4, but i have a horribly unhealthy trophy addiction. )



2Sang said:

Finally a really good week. I think this is the first really good week since e3. Takamaru for me fo sho and maybe a discount game by ufo depending on how much they're discounted.



Krambo42 said:

@ SOD1459 @XFsWorld A Nintendo classic, an 8-bit Mega Man game, a well-reviewed Konami game and a fast-paced action-oriented game using the Zelda engine that has never been available in the US? What exactly are you hoping for?



3DSfan134 said:

Super Mario Kart and The Mysterious Murasame Castle since these are the games I've never played. Also, does Takamaru look like Samurai Jack?




dwain said:

What controller do I need to play Mario Kart on my Wii U? I only have Wii U contoller and a remote. Do i need another controller? By the way I also ordered 2 Wii U Pro contoller for smash bros. They are on the way.



Whopper744 said:

Good week! Grabbed Super Mario Kart yesterday... can't decide on this Castle game. Looks a bit frustrating and I'd honestly prefer it on the Wii U.



argh4430 said:

Nice. Going for Super Mario Kart for sure. Might grab RCMADIAX's third game later on, I got some enjoyment out of the other two after all.

I'm still torn n getting any Mega Man games on Wii U, since I own both Mega Man Collection games on my GameCube. Is the restore point feature worth a "double-dip?"



argh4430 said:

@Krambo42 I have no problem using the GameCube controller, nor the switched A-B configuration that mess other people up. So far, I would only get them for restore points and off-TV play, I could use those on my 3DS instead. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me if there are emulation differences that would make the Wii U (original NES) versions better.



Zobocop said:

Come on people, show some love for Cybernator. That game is awesome. Better yet, now it has the restore point feature available so it won't be so hard to beat.



B3ND3R said:

Murasame and Cybernator for me!! You have no idea how excited I am to play these, especially Cybernator!



MKCustodial said:

@xj0462 There are Mega Drives (Genesis) and Master Systems being sold with, like 50 games preinstalled, but they're from TecToy, which is the company that represented SEGA back then. I had no idea it was still considered a SEGA production thing.



vonseux said:

@MKCustodial nao sao aparelhos da sega. Sao mesmo licenciados pela tectoy. E sao emulacoes muito ruins cores borradas e clock lento. Quando tiver eshop no brasil vai ser cobrado o mesmo preco de jogos que o mercado local. Isso é regra. Vantagem apenas em titulos download only.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Wow, this update reminds me of 2008. Keep weeks like this up, Nintendo. Please.

And get Sega aboard already.



ricklongo said:

@MKCustodial It probably has to do with the recent conundrum about banks not allowing Brazilians to make international purchases using BRL as a currency. The 3DS has had a Brazilian e-Shop for a while, I believe the Wii U would have one too at this point if not for external factors.

Oh well, I'll keep being "Canadian" on the e-Shop and Club Nintendo.



MKCustodial said:

@ricklongo Good point. That issue is just one of many recent decisions by our government to make us not spend money abroad. I bet they would outright ban it if they thought they could get away with it, so ridiculous it's become recently.



ecco6t9 said:

Downloaded Mysterious Murasame Castle hopefully it encourages more import games on the Virtual Console.



Robo-Knight said:

@ThomasBW84 Also, I've been having trouble contacting the person who wrote the Article about the 3DS having a 300 Game Limit, I was actually the first too hit the limit of 331 'Boxes' on my Home Menu back around the time when Pokemon X & Y came out. I'm hoping for some help with my problem please.



Gold said:

SMK & Murumase when I get home. NOA steping up their VC game w/ revealing line-up for next week and a MM each week.



PigmaskColonel said:

I've never played Super Mario Kart (and that'd be my obvious choice), but I also don't own a Wii U.




Daruncic said:

Finally get to upgrade it from the wii menu... Now I just need them to release N64 games so I can upgrade those!



River3636 said:

This is a good Virtual console week. There are 3 and 1 3ds . I want Mario Kart for a 1.50 and I want to try Murasame too. I'm getting both. It's too bad all weeks can't be like this



theberrage said:

I'm so glad I bought a Wii u so I can download games already released for Wii. It's mind boggling why Wii U will go down as the worst system in Nintendo history.



Agent721 said:

Nothing for me, but maybe I'll pop in mk on my snes to celebrate its release.



theberrage said:

Subtracting GBA titles from Wii U VC library, 98% of Wii U VC games have already been released on Wii.



speedyboris said:

Nice to be pleasantly surprised for once. Already downloaded SMK and Mega Man V, will play both tonight.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Sweet! Been wanting to pick up Johnny Impossible for a while now! Can't wait until the 12th!!

Love the Johnny series! XD have both Johnny Kung Fu & Johnny Hotshot!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



B3ND3R said:

Hey Nintendo Life, I have a friend who's had a game in development for quite a few years (even made a YouTube series documenting the development), and they went into kickstarter a couple days ago with Wii U and 3DS as a stretch goal. It's a "next-gen 2D RPG" kinda like secret of mana.. I've seen it in person, it's pretty dang cool. Here's the kickstarter link.. Also I hope you don't view this as spam haha! Only reason I'm sharing this with ya is because I think it'd be a huge hit amongst the Wii U/3DS communities..



joey302 said:

holy poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople!! 3 wii u virtual console releases???? for north america???? in the same week??? i must be dreaming!!!! now keep it going damn it!!!!!!



LztheQuack said:

@B3ND3R You might want to try the Contact Form below (see: "Contact"). I can't promise anything since I'm not a writer, but that would give you a better shot



B3ND3R said:

@WaLzgi I thought I'd throw it on a recent article and didn't really have time to go onto the forums.. Kinda rushed haha
I have now sent it directly to em



WinterWarm said:

Cybernator sounds like a good time, I hope it'll come to the 3DS sometime in the near future.

I might pick up Samurai Sword Destiny, given its' discount. The reviews were a bit to harsh to justify its' price tag, IMO.

Thanks for the great article!



B3ND3R said:

@ikki5 they do news on indie titles going through kickstarter with Wii U/3DS as a goal.. Because why wouldn't we want to support getting more cool indie titles on our favorite consoles?



B3ND3R said:

@ikki5 I also forgot to mention that they partnered up with Watermelon (people behind Pier Solar) and are making the game for the Dreamcast as well as (if the goal is reached) Wii U and 3DS



NickBRCM said:

@xj0462 The "SEGA Brazilian Console" is a Master System with 150 games. Doesn't have internet connection but have Sonic 2 ! Cost about $70.



XCWarrior said:

Lots of VC love this week. Picking up Shut the Box, liking all of RCMdaix (not easy name to remember) offerings so far.

And that Murasume VC game sounds like a winner too.



VIIIAxel said:

I actually just got Murasame, and I'm loving it so far! My thumb hurts, though. It's much more difficult than I'd expected!

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