WayForward has announced through a tweet that it will be bringing its first Game Boy Color title, Xtreme Sports, to the eShop on 7th August. The game, described as "crazy ambitious" by the studio's own Matt Bozon, has players competing against 200+ individual AI-controlled adversaries in a variety of different sporting challenges — skateboarding, surfing, and skyboarding all make appearances. In the game's Xtreme Island Adventure mode, characters Guppi and Fin even explore an island, collecting ability-boosting drinks and finding different events to compete in for coveted medals.

WayForward hasn't been specific about the regions that will be getting the game yet, but if the Australian Classification Board spotting of the game back in May is to be believed, both North America and Europe should get a shot at this retro title.

Are you interested in checking out WayForward's first foray into the world of Game Boy Color? Let us know if you'll be trying one of Shantae's GBC kindred in the comments below.