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Update 2:

This update and DLC has now been confirmed in North America, with Super Mario Kart now also available on the Wii U eShop.


This update has now also been confirmed for 27th August in Europe.

Original Story:

Nintendo has updated its Japanese website with the following details about the latest Mario Kart 8 update (translated by Google, then edited), which will be available from 27th August 2014 in Japan. Whilst there is no mention of a release date for other regions, given the almost simultaneous release of the original game we expect the update to be available around the same time in the West.

  • Added new feature that can display the course map on the TV screen.
  • Changed default choice to "Next Race" instead of "View highlight" in the menu that appears after the race of the Grand Prix.
  • Remember the vehicle parts to be used later / next boot.
  • In "Mario Kart TV", added ability to copy & edit the highlight video of other players.
  • "Scoreboard" screen can be viewed and the number of characters that win-loss total number of coins, online play, etc.
  • Improving the stability of communication during online races.
  • Fixed some (other) problems.

The update will also include the previously announced Mercedes (free) DLC pack that adds three new vehicles to the game; the brand new 'GLA' accompanied by classic models 'W25 Silver Arrow' and '300 SL Roadster'.

Looking at the changes this update makes it clear that Nintendo has been listening to its fans, especially considering the first three update items. We can also hope that some of "fixes" address issues raised in our recent tournaments. Was there anything else you were hoping for?

[source nintendo.co.jp]