As we've seen recently, PDP is planning to release some officially licensed controllers based off the classic GameCube design that so many fans of the Smash Bros. series have come to love; they'll work on Wii and Wii U, due to the fact they function as Classic Controllers.

Many people have been rather taken in by the vibrant colours based off classic Mario characters – although the lack of a Luigi-coloured controller is frankly a sin. The finer details about the controllers such as the shoulder buttons have so far eluded us, but luckily we've managed to get our mitts on some much better images from lots of lovely angles.

Interestingly the boxes for these controllers explicitly advertise their compatibility with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It appears PDP may be banking on this latest entry in the series to be a flagship for the console, which is not all that surprising.

According to Amazon UK the controllers themselves will be released within the United Kingdom on 14th November. No word on a North American release date, but we'll let you know when we get one.

Remember to click on the images to see them in all their high resolution glory.

Which one do you like the look of? Will you consider one of these over the GameCube adapter and/or a Pro Controller?