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Mon 26th Sep 2011

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Babybahamut commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the GameCube-Inspire...:

Those d-pads- I hardly dare say it, but they look like they might be quite decent. It'd be a stretch to make them worse than the original GC d-pads, though

Now if only the Wii U had some gamecube games that could use this too, eh Nintendo?



Babybahamut commented on Feature: Let's Take A Look At The Crazy Suppor...:

It's a shame, F-Zero has a really kooky cast of characters (phew, say that 5 times fast) but Nintendo seem unwilling to really do much with them. The Falcon Densetsu anime was a step in the right direction, but apparently it was a bit naff. A saturday-morning kids cartoon kinda show with a different focus each week would give the cast time to shine in the kind of super-cheesy way they need.