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Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Still Has Plenty to Reveal 'Directly' to Fans

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Keep the hype train running

While Nintendo's appearance at E3 — widely regarded as a success — was only a little under a month ago at the time of writing, in modern consumer and internet terms that is an age. Since that time we've had some updates on key releases on the way this Fall, and a lot of focus on the wider picture of eShop games and releases coming our way later this year. Nintendo itself has been reasonably quiet, drawing breath and overseeing a typically quiet Summer line-up of retail games.

There's still plenty for Nintendo gamers to enjoy, particularly in terms of download titles, but we're getting to the stage where we all start shuffling in our seats, twiddling our thumbs and wondering when the next Nintendo Direct is coming. What surprises does the Kyoto company have for us? How much can we reasonably expect?

Looking at what was missing from E3, and at trends from past years, let's consider what Nintendo could bring in the coming months to keep fans and the wider public excited about Wii U and 3DS.

Timing for the next Nintendo Direct

Looking over the past couple of years, the limited trends suggest that we're not far away from the next broadcast from Nintendo. Back in 2012 the gap between the LA show and the first major Direct was just three weeks, as Nintendo unveiled the 3DS XL as the main showcase, along with some other titles. Another hardware reveal seems extremely unlikely — we only just had the 2DS in October 2013, too — though there are remaining questions over Wii U hardware. It seems that Nintendo is managing its inventory of the home console by primarily sticking to the 32GB white model in Japan and the 32GB black system in western territories — whether it'll push the boat out to offer the alternatives in each region or even new models is up for debate. Any hardware-focused presentation could revolve around that white model coming to the West along with an attractive bundle promotion — not a formal price drop — but it seems like a low likelihood scenario.

Perhaps 2013 is more instructive in looking at what's next, and its first post E3 broadcast was a Nintendo Direct Mini over a month after the main event, which provided updates on confirmed titles and also unveiled EarthBound for the Wii U Virtual Console as its grand finale. It was relatively light on exciting moments yet had some useful details, and the company allowed itself a blockbuster finish — this broadcast wasn't hyped or presented live, either, but rather just dropped onto YouTube. A full length Direct followed another few weeks after, which went into greater depth on more games though, again, was short on wow moments.

That's the challenge for Nintendo in its next Direct. Assuming we're looking at a broadcast between 1-2 months after E3, it'll be interesting to see what surprises Nintendo can throw up to keep momentum going. Let's consider some possibilities...

Expanded details on the 2014 lineup

Unlike its low-key E3 2013 efforts, Nintendo went all-out this year and, through its Treehouse shows in particular, showed a lot of footage of announced games. Though wonderful for that big week, it makes the company's job harder now in its follow-up efforts. That said, there's a decent volume of major retail and eShop games coming in 2014, so there's scope to reveal much more on each, not to mention solid release dates.

The second half of 2013 brought us four broadcasts specifically branded to focus on either one or two specific titles, rather than promising a broad range. There was a Pokémon Direct, and that seems likely again with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire hitting 3DS this November. There were a few examples focused on Wii U, as well, and obvious candidates for this treatment are Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2, as they could both feasibly take over a 20 minute broadcast on their own. Super Smash Bros. has already had its own Direct, so would more likely be featured as a headline act in a broader presentation. One major product that seems destined for its own themed broadcast, meanwhile, is the amiibo range of toys — release dates, pricing, details on functionality within multiple games: key information that needs to be shared to build excitement ahead of their Holiday arrival.

Overall, there are quite a few titles confirmed for 2014 yet don't have firm release dates, so these seem like candidates to fill out the next Directs. Surprise features, playable characters and DLC are also factors that can be shown off.

Firmer release details for 2015 E3 reveals

One perfectly fair and critical observation that could be made of Nintendo and its rivals at E3 was the reliance on 2015 games. The big N was perhaps a little more generous in its 2014 line-up than some, but key games like Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, Star Fox for Wii U, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M and more besides all down for next year. Star Fox was the most mysterious of those games, targeting 2015 yet only visible in prototype form to limited press in LA. That aside, some of these titles have been in the works and confirmed for 18 months or more, and those due in the first half of 2015 are likely to feature in broadcasts over the rest of this year. Devil's Third may get plugged a fair amount, too, as a beacon of third-party exclusive 'mature' support for Wii U.

Beyond early demos and release windows, then, titles such as these will likely be headlining broadcasts from Fall and into Winter. Will we see another Hyrule Warriors-style shock at the end of the year for a 2015 game? We'd be surprised if we don't.

More eShop surprises

It's difficult to spring retail game surprises, and it's likely that Nintendo's used up the majority of its major reveals on that score during E3. The second half of last year was big on eShop surprises, however, kicking off with that mention of EarthBound launching the second half of 2013. As for this year, there are plenty of enticing downloads due this year and beyond, and we'd hope these are given some air-time by Nintendo.

Late last year also brought us NES Remix, and it wouldn't surprise us if Nintendo steps up to the SNES to keep that mini-franchise going. Some 'available to download after this broadcast' announcements would certainly be welcome, and there are easy wins for Nintendo in the Virtual Console stakes — Nintendo 64 has to arrive on Wii U at some point, and some may still dream that the Smash Bros.-related release of the GameCube Controller Adapter will also open the door for GameCube on the service, though that's a little more fanciful. As for the 3DS Virtual Console, it's been relatively quiet recently and needs a boost.

Download efforts from small developers on Wii U and 3DS will deserve official attention, then, though we'd like to raise, again, another 'easy win' for Nintendo. If it can assign a small team to digitise manuals and produce the necessary files, the reveal of Wii and DS retail games available for download could generate some buzz, especially if there's a focus on rare games or affordable prices. There's an audience that still wants to experience last-gen classics and is building a collection of download titles — it'll need a sensible pricing model from Nintendo, which brings us to our almost-final major focus for upcoming Direct broadcasts.

System updates, that smart device 'service' and customer loyalty pricing

Some latter-half 2013 broadcasts focused on system updates and improvements to firmware for Wii U and 3DS, with Nintendo Network ID integration and Miiverse on 3DS being integral last Winter. On a defensive early this year after grisly financial results, Nintendo talked up its plans for more system updates — we've had a major Summer update on Wii U — and one or two more may come. Smart devices were a hot topic, too, and assurances were given that Nintendo would reveal services on smart devices that would promote Nintendo and drive consumers to Wii U and 3DS; lips have been sealed, beyond hints, at what this will mean. If this app — or multiple apps — are ambitious, it could be a centre-point for a Direct.

Pricing and customer loyalty schemes may be a recurring theme, with Nintendo not only experimenting in models such as free-to-play but also stating that pricing structures to reward loyal gamers may be implemented. We have Club Nintendo and the Wii U Deluxe / Premium Promotion along those lines, yet a more formal and wide-reaching scheme would be welcome, particularly as selling Virtual Console or smaller experiences at relatively high prices becomes more challenging. Cross Buy also seems like a potential change, with creeping examples such as Squids Odyssey in Europe leading the way — the calls for unified purchases of Virtual Console games between Wii U and 3DS continue to be heard. Promotions for dual releases such as Super Smash Bros. also seem like a sensible way forward to reward fans.

We'll also mention, in hope more than expectation, that a move of the Nintendo Network ID to the cloud, lifting that limitation of content being tied to hardware, would be an appreciated development. Noises from Nintendo seem to point to this being utilised in future hardware, though we'd hope there's still scope in the Wii U / 3DS generation, in order to lift any lingering concerns some have over 'going digital'.


Quality of Life. It seems likely that this mysterious health-focused platform will be revealed this year. Whether it'll be in Nintendo Direct or through other means is up in the air, but we'll surely learn more before 2015 arrives.

There's plenty to potentially look forward to this year, in any case, and we certainly hope for some Nintendo Direct thrills. What do you expect in terms of major reveals for the rest of the year? Let your imaginations run wild.

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User Comments (102)



gojiguy said:

Maybe I misheard, but I was pretty sure Itagaki said Devil's Third would be coming out this year?



James1993 said:

Thank you for the news. I`m glad Nintendo Will reveal more.
I`ll be especially interested on hearing any news on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console service.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

QOL must get it's own Nintendo Direct whether the QOL of a gaming related project or not i don't want to see announced any other way
And Nintendo Directs for the most part have been successful in keeping up and building hype definitely hope to hear more about Fire emblem x SMT



TwilightAngel said:

@gojiguy Well nobody know's cause the game does not have a release date yet, maybe next year it will come out when it's polish and ready.



Tops said:

Wow already more speculation for what's next? Reggie's right, gamers are insatiable.

I can live without any new announcements until more 2014 titles have been released but I'm a patient person as well as already being overwhelmed with the number of upcoming purchases.



TwilightAngel said:

I think they should save the announcement's for next year cause my wallet can't handle this year.With all the games that are coming, god knows how im going to buy them all.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The things that were announced really should suffice for now, unless it's really important. E3 covered almost everything we need to know about upcoming projects, so only previously unannounced stuff would make for a justified Direct - or a dedicated Hyrule Warriors Direct, since it's right around the corner.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I want N64, Dreamcast and Saturn games on VC soon or I will be too busy with other games.
I want unreleased but completed/localised games such as Star Fox 2 to be an Earthbound style surprise after the next ND.
I want support for Gamecube games on the Wii channel.



Kirk said:

Despite a great E3 overall I think Nintendo has still failed to do enough to convince most people the Wii U is worth picking up. It's upcoming lineup for the test of 2014 and other few other bits and bobs aren't really serving that end imo.



Captain_Toad said:

After that wonderful E3 press conference I don't think there'll be another direct for at least another 2 months. Heh, unless it's OS fixes and VC.



Savino said:

I am expecting more surprises for this year... because my WiiU is starting to get dusty again... and there´s nothing announced for this year except Captain Toad in october!



TwilightAngel said:

@Savino Except on september there is hyrule warriors, october bayonetta 2 november project cars and the dreaded port of watch dogs and finally december smash bros. I don't know man if you're wiiu is gathering dust this year then its you're fault.



IceClimbers said:

I think it's a bit too soon, as E3 covered a lot. The next Direct will mainly give more details on the upcoming games. However, will we see things like Hyrule Warriors, Bayo 2, Smash, and Captain Toad bundled into one Direct, or will we see them in individual Directs? Hyrule Warriors could get its own Direct, and Captain Toad will probably be bundled into an amiibo Direct. Smash can easily get it's own Direct, while Bayonetta 2 could just have a release date announcement outside of a Direct with a trailer just dropped on us.

The only major thing that could warrant a Direct soon would be VC stuff and system updates.

On a side note, anyone else think Nintendo will pull a Tropical Freeze on Captain Toad?



Dj_Joey said:

I would like another Mario Kart 8 Direct focusing on upcoming DLC if there is anything planned...



Naoiko said:

Would be nice if another direct came out soon with more stuff to reveal but It seems a bit soon...but who knows, maybe they will keep the hype train running.



Savino said:

@midnafanboy only that Hyrule Warriors isnt my cup of tea! i dont like Dinasty Warriors! Bayoneta is a maybe because looks to me a lot DMC and, for some reason, reminds me of DW due to the senselless beating and combo focus! Watch Dogs I already playied on my PC!

Project Cars is a PC game, where I can use my Wheel, so I will pass the WiiU version! I have multiple systems, so it is hard to see any advantage in picking multiplat games on the WiiU!



Gold said:

You made me think a new Direct was coming. Don't do this to me.



DreamOn said:

Don't care about any more directs or "surprises" until Zelda U is out. Nothing tops the anticipation for that game so what's the point



Grumblevolcano said:

All I'm hoping for is more info for SMTxFE, a release date for SMTIV on the 3DS eshop and fingers crossed for MK8 DLC in the form of new tracks and characters.



zool said:

Nintendo can only talk for so long and then we want to see games, proper Wii u games.

eShop games, game cube games and Gameboy game could all have been released on the Wii. Nintendo would have sold a lot more of these games because more people have Wii's.

We want games that were designed for the Wii u and we want them soon. To be drip fed news about games that have no release date is just hype. Last year we were told about a Smash Bros game for 2014....... and that turns out to be the end of 2014 and so will some of the games with a 2015 tag.

I can't see the Amiibo range of toys being of much interest to proper gamers but I guess the toys will be in the shops in time for Christmas and the kids.

I have played Mario Kart 8 and just about finished my free download so I guess my Wii u is just about redundant now and will gather dust until the summer is over.



Inkling said:

I want a Direct with Captain Toad, Splatoon and MK8 DLC, and that's just the start. There's so many things to be shown



Iggly said:

Please understand, we're going to continue the hype train throughout every year.



AG_Awesome said:

GBA Virtual console support for the 3ds. SNES titles for the 3ds VC. Or at least make some more 3d classic SNES games like Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country



sinalefa said:

Last week alone I picked up Armillo, Guacamelee and Cloudberry Kingdom, while I still need to pick up Shovel Knight and Stick it to the Man. By the time I am done with all of those, Hyrule Warriors will be around the corner.

If people want to ignore all these games because they are downloadable, then it is their call, but there are games out there.



IceClimbers said:

@unrandomsam Yeah, but I don't think details on those games warrant a Direct so soon. Not until August at least. Also, those details could be split into individual Directs instead of one big one.

Anyways, watch the next Direct be a Pokemon Direct, pissing off certain people on the internet like Shokio. Then we get all those "Nintendo didn't learn a thing" videos because the first Direct after E3 wasn't something about the Wii U, even though the 3DS needs it more after not getting a whole lot of attention at E3.



Datasun_7 said:

I'm not gonna complain about when the next direct will be, I couldn't have asked for a better showing at E3 than the one we were given. So I'm pretty content until more info is needed on the remaining 2014 titles. Tbh I'm not made of money I can barely afford the games I want that they have already announced xp hopefully not too many more games thati want will be announced for 2015 xP



unrandomsam said:

@zool That is the thing before E3 Smash Bros 3DS was supposed to be Summer - Which then became October. I think lots of the 2015 stuff will first be Q4 and then end up being 2016. Thats is why I am not bothered about knowing until it is less than a month or two away. (Then its quite likely it will actually happen).



Megumi said:

Was surprised they didn't say anything about DS games on the Wii U at E3. Ready to hear when those will happen for us.



JaxonH said:


Well, you have to remember your region is not the only region, nor is it the primary region. When Nintendo says "summer", they mean last week of summer in Japan. And, Smash Bros is coming the last week of summer in Japan. It's only like 12 days past the summer deadline for the west. Not exactly a major complaining point.



IceClimbers said:

@unrandomsam Only game that might happen to is Star Fox. The rest are solid 2015 releases.

@Superstick 3rd party support won't sell the Wii U at all. Why would people get a Wii U for 3rd party games when they already have a PS3/360, PS4/XB1, or a PC? Exclusives are what sell the system. Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors may not do much individually, but in combination with other games like Smash Bros, Captain Toad, and the numerous games coming next year, they will do a lot.



TwilightAngel said:

@Superstick Oh yeah watered down ports of games are totally going to save the wiiu yeah we need third party support that no one is going to buy. And as i recall the 3ds was failing, but then nintendo turned it around with there exclusives.And who in gods name told you zelda is not a system seller that name alone will help sell the wiiu.



Captain_Toad said:

@Superstick Marketing, bundles, marketing, that old nintendo magic on each game and especially marketing is the key here on dem exclUUUsives if third parties were to return to the WiiU espically if the WiiU is gonna keep dat momentum. I'm not going to go into major detail but Nintendo has a lot of work to do to get the 3rd parties back on the U's side and have the 3rd parties not half-bake their games or make some BS excuses (minus money..maybe) for games not making it over to the U. Though I'm betting we won't be seeing that for another year (Heh, unless the 3rd P's has a bit of a ego it could take a bit longer.......or not at all).
@8BitSamurai Heh, well that was an interesting read for that link you posted. I think that drives the point home as the Third parties wont come back via flick of the switch, Nintendo, 3rd parties and more importntly us has to make an effort to show why we care about third parties and not just be a mario machine. I guess we have to put our money where our mouth is, Speaking of that, harsh much?



JaxonH said:


What makes you think 3rd party is so important? Because it's vital on other platforms you think that's the case for Nintendo too? Nintendo platforms haven't been dependent on multiplats for 20 years. They have 3rd party games. In fact, I think Nintendo gets just as many IF NOT MORE 3rd party exclusives than Sony and MS combined. The only area they lack is in the multiplats. But nobody buys those! They don't sell! So how can they be important?

Take a look at the top selling games on Wii, the top selling games on Gamecube, or even N64, and you can count the 3rd party games on your fingers. That's because they're not vital to sell Nintendo hardware. They're vital on other platforms because those are 3rd party dependent platforms. Nintendo is not. Not only does Nintendo provide as many "must-buy" games as the entire 3rd party industry combined, but the fans just aren't interested.

The 3rd party games that DO come to Wii U are the ones that fans actually care about and will actually buy more than 90k copies. Games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, ZombiU, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Boom, Wonderful 101 and Hyrule Warriors (even though Nintendo owns the properties). The only 3rd party games that even REMOTELY have an impact are 3rd party exclusives. And, Wii U is getting those.

Nintendo has always, for years, sold based on their exclusives. Nintendo does not go by the same rules as other platforms. Their products do not sell from 3rd party games like other platforms. Nobody buys Nintendo products thinking "now I'll be playing all the great 3rd party games". People know good and well if you want 3rd party games you buy a 3rd party console. Been that way for decades.

Again, go look at the top selling list of software for any recent Nintendo platform. Ya, it's the 1st party games that people buy and buy the system for. ALL OF THEM help sell the system, not just Mario Kart. It's the accumulation of 1st party games, and individual games people happen to be fans of. Of course 1st party games sell the system. That's the business model Nintendo's been banking on for years. Make games people love and want to play enough to buy the console. It's a Mario Box. That's what Nintendo hardware is. It's just a means to play Nintendo's software.

They could have 90% of every multiplat on PS4/X1, and still not a soul on earth would buy a Wii U over those systems. Why? Because if those are the games they want to play, then PS4/X1 has 10% more. Why go with just 90%? Unless Wii U can get ALL the multiplats, they might as well have none. And even if they DID have all, convincing people to break from brand loyalty is the next hurdle. If they've been buying PS/Xbox for years for 3rd party games, they're not gonna up and run to Nintendo all of a sudden, EVEN IF all the same games were offered.



faint said:

@Savino so no smah, bayonetta, warriors, or third party's of any type? Wait..... Did you mean nothing you want to play? You see that's very diffrent than nothing anounced but.



Sakura said:

How about improving QOL by releasing special miis in EU!!! Yeah, I'm on about that again! Seriously, just release 2 more and I'll shut up because both my consoles will have the accomplishment. P.S. My mii's pants had best turn gold if I ever manage all those accomplishments. 100 000 mii encounters is years away...



WinterWarm said:

I predict the next Direct to be sometime around Thanksgiving, mainly focusing on Legend Of Zelda and the other 2015 titles.



Bolt_Strike said:

I'm more or less satisfied with what was revealed at E3, so there's not much else they need to reveal for the time being. The QoL platform would be interesting to see, but I have a feeling it won't be revealed through a Direct, it'll be some larger, probably not even gaming related venue. More details on amiibo would be good too, I don't think they did a good job of demonstrating the in game benefits of using them with Smash Bros (since they basically play the game for you). Other than that, maybe some eShop stuff would be nice. I don't think they're going to be sharing much more info on retail games for a while and most of the crossbuy and service related things I think they won't get around to implementing for a few years, maybe not until next gen.



MrMario02 said:

I think there needs to be a 3DS-Centric Direct soon 'cause there wasn't NEAR enough 3DS Goodness at E3.



Rezalack said:

@Nintenjoe64 I want Saturn games on VC so bad.. bring Bug to the Wii U alongside Rayman and Shining Force 3. There are tons of Saturn titles I'd like to see.



JaxonH said:

I'm happy with E3 so I'm just patiently waiting for the fall. It's a couple months of relatively few games, but if indies like Shovel Knight, Armillo and Guacamelee keep coming then I'll be in good standing.

Wii Sports Club hits retail later this month, although I already own the games digitally. But once September hits, it's ON. Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros 3DS, Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 all hit within a 30 day period. That's what's up right there. Bayonetta 2 is looking like GotY, and Captain Toad will be following a month after that with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. And then, of course, Smash Bros on Wii U with amiibo.

2014 will long be remembered by me for DKC Tropical Freeze and Bayonetta 2. 2015 will long be remembered by me for Yoshi's Wooly World and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Nothing like a good platformer and an in-depth game alongside it Gotta love that Captain Toad and Splatoon though. And that Devil's Third- I hope Splatoon and Devil's Third become the new multiplayer playground for Wii U owners.



Peach64 said:

I would love to see a premium pack in white come to Europe. I'm pretty certain I'll be picking up the console in the next 6 months, but I have this dilemma. I'd like the white console, as so far all the ones I've played on have been the black consoles, and the fingerprints make them look awful. The problem is, pretty much everyone sells the white console at RRP. You can't really get one under £249. At the same time, you can often get a premium pack and 5/6 games for that price as they get discounted so hard. I'd like the white one, but it just doesn't make much financial sense right now.



Geonjaha said:

I'm hoping for Nintendo to stop treating their Virtual Consoles horribly, although I'm not expecting much.



D33K0 said:

Ideally I'd like a serious Watch Dogs Direct highlighting to Wii U owners why it's great on our console, show a Treehouse Live-esque set-up with Ubisoft's Bucharest team playing through a section of the game and showing functions only the gamepad can give it with a couple of mario easter eggs teased with the same season pass content as other versions.

Or a 3rd party games and eshop reel with Watch Dogs, Skylanders, Just Dance, Disney Infinity, Project Cars, Sonic Boom, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2, LEGO Batman 3, Devil’s Third (or is thay a 2nd party, like Bayonetta 2?) and the endless qulaity and miriad of indie games coming.

Personal whythehellnotI'dlovetoseeithappen suggestion for a direct is anounce Yakuza HD for the west, Dreamcast and Gamecube games on VC in untouched retro goodness, no HD facepaint, with my favourites Sword of The Bezerk Gut's Rage and Freedom Fighters among them.



Windy said:

I'm actually getting real tempted to buy a Wii-U with games like Xenoblade, Zelda and Hyrule Warriors coming out. Money has been an issue lately though and will more than likely pick up a Refurbed system from the online Nintendo Store for 200.00 bucks when I can.



rjejr said:

Wrote this a couple of days ago, I've been wondering about the next ND for a couple of weeks now
Really looking forward to the late Aug Nintendo Direct when we can finally get some actual dates for these games. Just hope Iwata doesn't want us to "please understand" about SSB and the amiibo being delayed. That 2014 holiday schedule looks awesome, but SSB is still the ACE. And toys sell best around the holidays.

Last year the late Aug ND was the price cut and Zelda bundle. Not expecting a price cut this year - too many games out or coming out - but a SSB bundle and release date are a must by late Aug/early Sept if they are going to be on sale before Christmas. And street dates for the amiibo, Gamecube controllers and adaptor.

So much is riding on SSB this holiday, it needs a dedicated ND. Not soon, but a month or so from now. Sorry Captain Toad, but you're no system seller. Neither is the 1-2 punch of B2 and HW, both of which ALSO NEED DATES.

How can anybody say we don't need another ND?



ikki5 said:

and here I thought this was a direct announcement... then I read the title... lol



Smooty said:

Yo guys.. i think they are taking AGES to put N64 games on the eshop because they are working really hard on making them run on 60 FPS and in HD, i believe that is incredibly hard, so we should just wait more
and they had N64 on wii cause that was alot easier.... games didnt need a huge resolution bump to look good in Wii's 480p... now... 1080p is a whole other story



DiscoGentleman said:

@Tops this.
Why are people expecting anything big? Nintendo should be focusing on their line-up for the rest of the year. Let's hear more about amiibo, system updates, and the inevitable account linking.



GreatPlayer said:

Hope that nintendo allow fans to redeem Nintendo Club loyalty coins to discounts on Nintendo eshop. Lately the games that fans can redeem in Nintendo Club have been mediocre. If it continues to be so, what is the point of having this loyalty club?



World said:

@GreatPlayer For real. The lack of anything to spend the coins on means that I've stopped doing surveys and also I've stopped buying games I kind of want on sale to get a few points closer to the thing I want.



IceClimbers said:

@rjejr Hyrule Warriors is September 26th in North America, September 19th in Europe. Captain Toad could be shoehorned into an amiibo Direct that we all know is coming, while Smash will probably get a Direct as well.

@DiscoGentleman I hope it doesn't get delayed. We'll see though.

@Peach64 Have you looked at the refurbished systems on Nintendo's online store? They might have a white one there.



8BitSamurai said:

Once again, the apathy, and often even disgust towards third-parties by many Nintendo fans (Not all, but too many) continues to disappoint me severely. So much some, I would assume some of the users here were joking if I didn't know better.

Yeah, if you're going to just talk sales, then you forgot to mention the parts where third-parties were almost exclusively on NES in the console realm, and then many moved to SNES. Also the part where the N64 was crushed by the newbie Sony's PlayStation (SEGA could have as well if they weren't so badly managed), and then the part where the GameCube not only continued to be crushed by Sony, but also outsold by the new newbie Microsoft's Xbox. Both primarily due to, you guessed, losing all of their third party support. Nintendo had to take a monumental gamble with the Wii, and if that hadn't worked, there would be no 1st party Nintendo at this point. And now we're back to the point where Nintendo is getting beat yet again (Which couldn't possibly be because no third parties support Nintendo?), and the slippery slope set by the Nintendo 64 is once again in motion.

"Nintendo is not. Not only does Nintendo provide as many "must-buy" games as the entire 3rd party industry combined, but the fans just aren't interested."
Nonononononono. If fans aren't interested in 3rd party games, then how do they know if Nintendo is making better games than any of them, let alone all of them? This statement, is by nature, made from ignorance.

"The 3rd party games that DO come to Wii U are the ones that fans actually care about and will actually buy more than 90k copies. Games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, ZombiU, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Boom, Wonderful 101 and Hyrule Warriors (even though Nintendo owns the properties). "
So fans care about games like ZombiU and Wonderful 101 that they didn't even buy? And if they didn't buy W101, why would they buy Bayonetta?

"Nintendo has always, for years, sold based on their exclusives. Nintendo does not go by the same rules as other platforms. Their products do not sell from 3rd party games like other platforms. Nobody buys Nintendo products thinking "now I'll be playing all the great 3rd party games". People know good and well if you want 3rd party games you buy a 3rd party console. Been that way for decades."
So I guess exclusive games don't sell the other systems either? Gamers buy Nintendo systems with not being able to play games from any other than one single company in mind?

What's a 3rd party console? Are you tying to imply the other consoles don't have any 1st party support? Because they do, but they also have hundreds and hundreds of other developers working on making games for the systems as well, it's called variety, and it's a good thing.

"That's what Nintendo hardware is. It's just a means to play Nintendo's software."
This here, ladies and gentlemen, is the mentality that will one day kill Nintendo's 1st party ambitions. Not an insult meant at anybody, just a general statement. This statement is not even remotely true for Nintendo's Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, GameCube, and even some others had much better 3rd party support than some will give them credit for. All of the consoles I listed had a game library where the vast majority of the quality titles came from 3rd parties. Almost all of the very great systems of history have been been like a sundae, where 3rd parties made up the base, and the 1st party library was the cherry on the top. This "3rd party games suck and just give me Mario and Zelda" that spawned with the rise of the monstrosity that was the Nintendo 64 is the equivalent of telling an ice cream parlor server to hold everything but the cherry on top.

What I'm getting at is what this brilliant writer wrote, here. Nintendo will not survive 2-3 prolonged generations without third parties (Which has happened to them before, like I said, and they had to take a huge risk with the Wii) without a miracle. And if Nintendo machines are only for Nintendo software, then most gamers won't mind if they can play the software on Xbox and PlayStation anyways. I'll leave that there and end rant.

/ Rant



JaxonH said:

I'll keep this brief (compared to your post). This aint the 8-bit era anymore, nor is it the 16-bit era, or even the 64-bit era. The reasons Nintendo's consoles performed or didn't perform in the past is irrelevant to their situation today.

Nintendo ALREADY HAS survived 2-3 console generations with minimal 3rd party support. This didn't happen yesterday. And when I say it's a 1st party machine, not only is that statement backed by Nintendo themselves, but also by fans through sales numbers. If fans wanted AAA, we wouldn't have over 2 dozen top-tier, GotY worth AAA ports on Wii U, and not a single one of them sitting at over 250k.

Ya, Nintendo needs 3rd party ports, so they can flop just like the last 20+ 3rd party ports did. Right.

And sure, other consoles have 1st party games, with maybe 1 or 2 good ones. Nintendo has 50+ excellent 1st party games they pump out each generation. That's the difference. Nintendo has built an empire of quality 1st party titles. The other consoles pump out a few extra games here and there- might see a good one every now and then. Like you Last of Us and Halo's. But they're not putting up anywhere near the numbers Nintendo is, and they da** sure ain't putting out the consistent quality.

And no, W101 didn't do that great. Which befuddles me, because it should have. BUT, it did just as good as any 3rd party AAA port did. The point is, ZombiU, MH3U, Sonic, these games sold 500-750k. a far cry from the 10k of Splinter Cell or the 90k of RE Revelations.

I'm not just spewing nonsense. Take a look at reality. No one buys multiplats on Wii U. For the 100 million Wii owners there were, VERY few bought multiplats last gen, and the same can be said for the previous generations.

There's a reason they don't bring those games. It's cause they don't sell! Nobody wants them! And for 3 generations, Nintendo has not only survived, they've FLOURISHED without them! Yet, this is somehow the pivotal missing link?

You can pretend 3rd party games are the answer all you want. But I suggest you take a look at the scoreboard. Take a good, long look at just how "impactful" traditional 3rd party AAA multiplats are.



maceng said:

New announcements for this year:
For the 3DS:

  • Metroid 2D game
  • NES Remix version
  • Some GBA titles.
  • Finally, something of a remake along the lines of DKCR. Maybe Paper Mario, maybe Majora's Mask, or even Galaxy 2.
    I think that for the life of the 3DS no more Mario games are coming, except for something like Baseball or another Mario & Luigi's game (with Bowser taking the main spot).

For the Wii U:

  • More VC stuff, specially (and sadly) more GBA games.
  • More support for indies.
  • A very few DLC for Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World.


JaxonH said:


And btw, here's a list of all the games I'll have bought for my systems by the time 2014 is over, just so you can get an idea of just how many "must-buy" games Nintendo puts out compared to the competition:

Wii U:
DKC Tropical Freeze
Scram Kitty
Mario Kart 8
Hyrule Warriors
Wii Sports Club
Shovel Knight
Armillo (fantastic game btw)
Child of Light
Watch Dogs
Bayonetta 1
Bayonetta 2
Project Cars
Captain Toad
Pushmo World
Fast Racing Neo (fingers crossed it still comes this year)
Super Smash Bros
***And 30+ VC titles including NES Remix 1 + 2

Tomb Raider
Infamous Second Son
Trials Fusion
The Last of Us Remastered
Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate
Lords of the Fallen (is this even still releasing in 2014?)
Valiant Hearts
Metro Redux
Far Cry 4
Assassin's Creed Unity (MAYBE)

Sunset Overdrive
Halo Masterchief

Well, from where I'm sitting, Wii U is pretty much going pound for pound with the 3rd party consoles in terms of producing games I'm willing to buy. So it's not a CONTENT issue Nintendo is facing- they produce just as many GAMES WORTH BUYING as every other platform. Nintendo platforms can afford to get half as many games because the games are consistently better! Nintendo releases 10 games I'll buy 9 of em. It takes 2-3x that on other consoles for me to find 9 good enough to buy.

Regardless of "what Nintendo needs" which seems to be a hot topic around here lately, I as a gamer don't need anything else. I'm getting just as many games for my Wii U as other consoles. If I were to have a reason to complain, it would be with the X1, seeing as it's purely for exclusives (I buy all multiplats on PS4) and the GOOD exclusives are far and few between (just like PS4). But I'm not complaining. Because that's what I bought it for.

My goodness if you wanna play 3rd party games buy a 3rd party console. You wanna play Nintendo games buy a Wii U. You wanna play both buy both, AS I HAVE DONE. But you ain't gonna get it all in one place. You want the top half of the list get Wii U. You want the bottom half of the list buy a 3rd party console. Either way, you'll get a good chunk of fun games.



IceClimbers said:

@8BitSamurai Don't expect the 3rd parties to EVER actively support Nintendo's home consoles, or at least the western ones. Would full multiplat support be nice? Sure. It's not gonna happen though. It makes no business sense for those developers when their games don't sell on Nintendo's systems.

Exclusives are what sell Nintendo systems.

Nintendo can build relationships with third parties by doing collaborations like Hyrule Warriors or funding/publishing games like Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third. That's what they are doing with Japanese third parties right now, and the success of Japanese third parties on Nintendo's handhelds certainly helps as well.

It's actually smart that Nintendo is trying to build relationships with Japanese third parties. Why? That side of the industry is in a major rough spot with Capcom's imminent buyout or bankruptcy. Developers are also fleeing the major publishers like the Titanic. With Sony focusing the PS4 almost completely on the west, Nintendo is basically a safe haven for these developers as far as home consoles go. Especially for those Japanese developers that want to make Japanese games and not have to adapt to western (primarily US) culture. Nintendo has a golden opportunity there, as they are the closest thing to stability.



JaxonH said:


In 20 years, when Nintendo is still here and still making games and still making hardware, and still doesn't have major 3rd party support, there's gonna be quite a few people on this site eating crow lol... Just sayin.

I try to tell em, sit back and learn a thing or two young grasshopper, but they don't wanna listen.



bizcuthammer said:

I doubt we get any more big surprises this year. They seem to have used them all at E3, which is okay for me. I would be happy getting a Direct with more details on games we still know very little about, like Captain Toad, Codename STEAM, Pokemon OR/AS, Mario Maker, Zelda U, Star Fox, Splatoon, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Also we still have no release dates for Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros WiiU or Captain Toad, even though all are due this year. And I'm sure there is still a ton of stuff we don't know about Smash.

Honestly, E3 was more than enough in terms of reveals. Now i really just want more info on what was shown. Although i wouldnt complain at all if any of the following happened:

Mother 3 on WiiU VC
New Metroid game reveal
N64 and/or GCN games on WiiU VC



lerobadey said:

All I have to say is: I can't stand how the whole gaming community has turned out to be nowadays (not excluding myself). And I'm going to dare to blame the one thing that is making me really sick in the past few days: the internet. Good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night, ladies and gentlemen.



AshFoxX said:

Realistically, I am hoping for more details on Amiibo such as what putting Pikachu's figure in Mario Kart 8 would do.

In my perfect world though, announce Wii U GBA VC Multiplayer using combo of gamepad, tv, and 3DS linking and cross play, give more details on Star Fox Wii U, announce incentives to buy both Super Smash Bros. games through discounts and linked content, and start releasing N64 games on VC at a regular basis. I'm hoping when/if Nintendo does release N64 VC on Wii U, the final library will be more than the 21 games available in my region on Wii.

Hey, a gamer can dream...



8BitSamurai said:

This sad mentality of "Screw third parties, Nintendo makes better games than hundreds of talented developers combined" never ceases to make me lose just a little more faith in humanity.


You're using examples of poor selling games, on a system that has been floundering for over a year and a half, thereby further proving my point. Nintendo barely survived the N64-GameCube era, due to this anti-3rd party developer mentality. The Wii would have easily have been Nintendo's last home console if their huge gamble with the motion controls didn't pay off. Now the Wii days have gone, and they're pretty much back to where they were at the end of the GameCube days.

The notion that Nintendo produces more worthwhile content than literally thousands if not, tens of thousands of developers spanning hundreds of companies is just beyond absurd. The problem is, again, the mentality that started with the disastrous Nintendo 64, and was the focal point of the article I linked.

"And sure, other consoles have 1st party games, with maybe 1 or 2 good ones. Nintendo has 50+ excellent 1st party games they pump out each generation. "

Sony puts out 4 Ratchet and Clank games, 3 Uncharted games, 2 InFamous games, Journey, the best baseball sim franchise on the market, 2 Gran Turismo games, Sly Cooper 4, numerous God of War games, 2 LittleBigPlanet games, among dozens more games, and now this equates to 1 or 2 games? Same thing for Microsoft, dozens upon dozens of games that went with hundreds of quality 3rd party titles.

And if you want to talk "Consistent quality", let me just bring up Sticker Star, Other M, Wii Music, Mario Sports Mix, Wii Play, Wario: Master of Disguise, Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Rumble U, the recent Mario Party games, etc.

ZombiU was a failure, and Ubisoft has publicly admitted it has no chance of getting a sequel at any time in the future, unless something drastic happens.

"It's cause they don't sell! Nobody wants them! And for 3 generations, "
^ The problem. When Nintendo leaves the console space, this will be the reason why.

"And for 3 generations, Nintendo has not only survived, they've FLOURISHED without them!"

Is this a typo? For the last 3 generations, counting the current, only one has seen any large scale success for Nintendo in the home console market. The GameCube barely turned a profit, and could have easily been the last one to do so, and the Wii U has been failing since it's release in 2012. What standards consider this flourishing? Gizmondo standards?

And I'm sorry, but I can't take a "must-buy" comparison list by someone who has several times shunned the idea of the Wii U having games that don't feature the Nintendo logo, or fit tightly into a "pro-Nintendo" category with any more than a grain of salt. There are so many high-profile games for the Xbox One in particular not listed it's not even worth commenting on.

If you're content with only playing games from one single company on your systems, where others have games from hundreds, then that's your own problem when you miss out, but don't make out other people to be ridiculous. I don't even have any interest in PS4, or Xone at their current prices, I'm a retro gamer, but when did Nintendo systems gain the defining characteristic of having bad variety? Oh wait, that's right, 1996, but that's a different story. And no, having a variety of developers does not make the other consoles "3rd party systems", it makes them "3rd and 1st party systems[/i]. Last time I checked, 2>1.


"Sure. It's not gonna happen though. It makes no business sense for those developers when their games don't sell on Nintendo's systems."

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the problem that I keep pointing out.

"Exclusives are what sell Nintendo systems."

Exclusives are what sells most systems.

Can Nintendo build relationships with collabs? Sure, but how long are they going to keep relationship building before 3rd parties make or break? Indefinitely?

Capcom is not going bankrupt, and they most likely will not be bought out in the near future, considering gamers have been saying they will be for years. As much as I wouldn't mind them going bankrupt and selling some IPs, I've been hearing it for years now. Not happening. If Nintendo is a safe haven for these developers, they shouldn't need Nintendo to hold their hand all the way through development.

Again, everything I feel was perfectly put together by RezidentHazard over here.



Nintendzoey said:

It would be really nice if one of the things Nintendo could announce would be an EU/AU version of "Disney Magical World". As more time goes by, I am starting think that it may never happen. I am a huge (but extremely disappointed) Disney fan at the moment.



allav866 said:

With all the new games that were announced at E3, there's no need to announce more. Now old games are a different story. I definitely want to see N64 games come to Virtual Console. For that matter, America still doesn't have Brain Age on Wii U.



conman2012 said:

Nintendo didnt mention any old stuff at E3 other than the Mother 3 tease, which makes me hope and think that theres some VC news on the way. surely even just some DS stuff seeing as brain age is now out, as a bit of additional news to pad out the new game announcements.



Artwark said:

@ThomasBW84 You forgot GBA on 3DS dude cause for guys like us, that's really in need. I don't want to play GBA on a big screen man...... :L



ThreadShadow said:

Yes, we need Directs to reveal Kid Icarus Wii U, F-Zero U-turn, Star Tropics 3, Pilot Wings Wii U, Metroid Wii U, and the next 3rd-party Zelda collaboration! Retro Studios, Next Level, Nintendo's collaborations/partnerships/acquisitions. A couple more new IPs. Some great 3DS announcements too. Not to forget the other previously multiplat third-party games Nintendo's fished out of the garbage.
I wonder what they could be. I know I'll be disappointed but I'd like to know. I wonder if it's Darksiders 3, Shenmue 3, 1666, or some other THQ leftover. What if it's Capcoms E.X. Troopers on 3DS?



Prizm said:

Wish the rest of us could get a white 32GB. I ended up with a Premium at a very good price, but the only thing I regret is the colour. Black looks dated. It belongs in 2003.



Darknyht said:

I think Nintendo will find something to talk about. Simply if they don't, they lose what little momentum they have built. I fully expect that we did not see everything they are currently working on at E3.

@8BitSamurai I like third party software. Some of the best games I grew up with were third party (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Contra, TMNT, Street Fighter), but those titles also had something else, quality. I've picked up and enjoyed a lot of games over the years, and the one thing I've noticed switching from 360 to Wii U last year is lack of quality third party releases. Even the third party launch titles were gimped or just old at the time of release. That was at a time when Nintendo wasn't selling games and third parties could have shined and captured market.

Now, I am a strange bird in that I only have a single console in the house. I sold the Xbox to buy the Wii U, but that isn't the case for the majority of the community. If the same game releases on Wii U and anything else, but the Wii U version is inferior what do you expect to happen? Gamers to suck it up and say, "Well this is an inferior product for the same price, but since it showed up on the Nintendo console I better buy it."?

And this isn't a new trend as Wii owners consistently were shafted by companies like EA. Stunts like "Legacy Edition" reskins at full price burn consumer good will and turn them away from your company. I will grant that the console had less power than the competition, but that doesn't excuse outright distain for your customer that used the product.

I've looked at VGChartz, many times over the past year, but see something very different. I see the best Nintendo has offered so far has sold well. Next, I see that a flawed and niche game like ZombiU sold to roughly 10% of the consoles along with a niche game like Monster Hunter Tri (which is an upscale port at that). Then I see that well done multiplat games that depend on communities to thrive sold next best on the system, and probably struggled because the Wii U communities were small while the Xbox/PS3 (even Wii) communities are well established. There are also the well done, niche games that can only capture a percentage of the market (W101 for example). Finally, I see a lot of poorly done or late ports selling badly. (This is assuming that VG Chartz is accurate, which is questionable).

So how does Nintendo move forward? Well it doesn't depend on major Third Parties because they probably are not coming back (unless it is to scrape up cheap cash-ins). I think they need to do what they are doing, create and show compelling reasons that the hardware is good and provide entertainment that covers a wide variety of genres.



IceClimbers said:

@8BitSamurai Capcom is going to go bankrupt. They had $152 million in the bank last September. Some games have a higher budget than that (good example being Destiny and its $500 million budget). If it wasn't for Monster Hunter 4, they'd be bankrupt right now. There's a reason why Capcom's shareholders are stopping the takeover defense strategies. Capcom is dying.

When 3rd parties are giving Wii U owners gimped versions of multiplats, why should they buy those games? The majority of Wii U owners have a PS3/360 or a PS4/XB1, or better yet, a PC. Why buy a gimped version of the game on the Wii U when you can get the version that most likely runs better on the other systems?

Nintendo is a safe haven for those Japanese developers because the Wii U is the only home console platform they can consider stability when that side of the industry is going through such a period of unrest. The PS4 is 99% focused on the west. I never said anything about Nintendo holding their hands through development.

More and more people will switch from consoles to PC this generation. People are starting to realize that there is no reason to pick up a Sony or Microsoft console when you can get 90% of the games on the PC. Xbox and PlayStation exclusives are few and far between. Nintendo on the other hand lives off of exclusives which you can't get anywhere else. People buy an Xbox or PlayStation primarily for 3rd party games. With PC, there's no reason to do that anymore.

Go around other websites. Most people are disappointed with the PS4 and XB1. There's several people who are going PC + Wii U this generation.

Nintendo's consoles have been on a downward slope the whole time in terms of sales (Wii being the exception) as SNES sold less than the NES. So it has nothing to do with 3rd party support. The NES and SNES had 3rd party support because of Nintendo's absolutely cruel policies. The vast majority of those games were also exclusive, not multiplat.

Face reality: Nintendo will never be a place for anything more than it's exclusives. Getting more exclusives is the key. Not multiplats.



8BitSamurai said:

Sorry for my textwalls, this rant was many months in the making, lol.

Think you for writing a sane reply to my rants.

I agree, I don't expect people to buy these garbage Wii U ports or anything. It's one thing when a solid version fails, it's another when EA's trash ones do.

We'll see how things roll down eventually, but I just cannot see any of the big 3 lasting just going on their own.

I have heard the same thing for years, I'll believe it when I see it. What makes this different from the last boys who cried wolf?

What I'm talking about is much of the Nintendo fanbase has come out to turn their Nintendo machines into Mario and Zelda boxes, and shunning the vast majority of anything else.

The Wii U is not a "safe haven" for Japanese developers, the handhelds are.

"More and more people will switch from consoles to PC this generation. People are starting to realize that there is no reason to pick up a Sony or Microsoft console when you can get 90% of the games on the PC."

Again, this is just another thing that I've heard for years, heck, even longer than the Capcom going bankrupt thing. It seems every time people want to discredit other consoles, the easiest way to do it is to bring up the PC.

"Go around other websites. Most people are disappointed with the PS4 and XB1. "

I'm disappointed with them, but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna call these things like I see it.

The NES to the SNES was barely a drop, and it was because of SEGA's competition, and the SNES still edged SEGA out. You get to the N64, though, and suddenly, Nintendo gets curbstomped by Sony, the new third party champ. Nintendo is getting 2nd and last place for 3/4 generations, and just about bit the bullet with the Wii, had the motion controls not worked.

The NES had third party support partly because of the policies, but those were gone by the SNES-era, which is why you saw SEGA take their place. And yes, the games were exclusive, most console games were, I actually miss when all the games were exclusive, personally, but the thing is that the Nintendo fanbase of the NES and SNES just does not have the same mindset as the N64 - present fanbase. Gamers didn't shun anything that isn't Mario and Zelda,

And yes, for the record, I do realize Nintendo getting third party games is unlikely, but it's not going to stop me from calling out these "screw third parties" posts, and I'm not going to justify not getting games.



IceClimbers said:

@8BitSamurai Not much different from Nintendo's handhelds, where many people only use it for Pokemon and shun anything else, including Mario and Zelda.

The NES to SNES was actually a fairly big drop (it dropped by over 10 million units, while SNES to N64 was a 17 million unit drop). Sega was curbstomped by Sony too. Sony curbstomped them because they were the new kid on the block. Sega started to self destruct, while Nintendo took too long to come out with the N64 and screwed up with the CD addons for the SNES, which created PlayStation in the first place, as well as sticking with cartridges on N64.

Anyways, this debate is getting absolutely nowhere. Let's just agree to disagree and enjoy some games



JaxonH said:


That's a WHOLE lot of speculation and misconceptions for one post.

I never said I didn't like 3rd party games. I never said I wouldn't buy them if they were on Wii U. I own every single major 3rd party game on Wii U- every last one of them. I (unlike many others) love 3rd party games. If I had a "screw 3rd party" mentality, I wouldn't own both 3rd party consoles, as you can see here:

I'm not saying I hate 3rd party AAA games, or screw 3rd party AAA games. I'm just stating an observation of, what seems to me, to be pretty obvious- 3rd party AAA multiplats have been mostly irrelevant to Nintendo's business for 20 years, and not just Wii U, but the Wii and Gamecube before it. It's not like these systems never got any 3rd party games. They got a few, but they mostly tanked. And tanked, and tanked some more. For 20 years, a consistent trend of multiplats tanking on Nintendo platforms. The more that tanked, the less games that followed, until here we are now. How many decades of poor sales does it take to convince you they have no substantial impact? 24 AAA Wii U multiplats thus far have made zero impact, so what makes you think the next 24 will be any different?

There's no sense arguing with you about it though. You've got your mind set that you're right, and nothing in the world is going to convince you otherwise. Think what you want. It makes no difference to me. Like IceClimbers said, let's just play games and talk about that.



8BitSamurai said:

Yeah, I don't think any of us are convincing each other. I got that rant out, though, lol. Enjoy yer games, people.



Henmii said:

Since E3 was all about the Wii u, you can bet there will be a event centered around the 3DS in a couple of months.



Yeahman said:

Last year earthbound came out at this time on the wii u so later this month is mother 1's 25'th aniversury it could possibly come out on vc



The_Ninja said:

Nintendo 3DS Direct, 3DS ONLY information! Including Smash information exclusive to that version. We got 0 3DS games revaled at the Digital Event, S.T.E.A.M was revealed AFTER the Digital Event. Wii U has enough info already, but 3DS though...



WilliamK said:

Please please please, Gamecube support! And, also, Wii U tablet controls support on the Wii channel... so I can use the Off-Tv mode without having to hold the bloody thing on my lap while waving the wiimote next to it when I play Mario Galaxy...



TwilightAngel said:

@SnappyJon Here is my list of games this year i have to buy this year for wiiu bayonetta 2, project car, hyrule warriors,smash bros maybe watch dogs if ubisoft actually made the game great i may buy it. For 3ds pokemon alpha sapphire and smash bros. Incuding with those amiibos i want, im not going to have any money to spare.The positive thing is my wiiu is not going to gather dust this year and next year.

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